Many foods can be used to get rid of toxins in the body. Modern life
is triggering the body getting barrage of foreign objects around. For
example, free radicals, viruses, bacteria, and so on. They can be toxic
to the harmful effects to the body. Quoted by the Times of India, here
are some foods that can be used to fight these toxins carrier:

1. Garlic.

These herbs have substances that can fight viruses and bacteria. He
is a natural detoxifying foods. Detoxification enzymes in the digestive
tract also be produced when the body’s liver to consume these foods. As
for the case of inflammation of the skin, garlic effective to ease it.

2. Green tea.

This drink has a high content of antioxidants beneficial to repel
free radicals that enter the body. Substances known as free radicals
that trigger the formation of cancer cells. In addition, green tea can
boost immunity and stamina. This is capital for attacks against foreign
substances that enter the body.

3. Ginger.

This spicy flavored herbs have anti-inflammatory benefits. Just like garlic, ginger may help the heart to fight free radicals.

4. Cabbage.

These vegetables have fiber which is good for digestion. Cabbage is
also useful as a diuretic or facilitating drainage of natural art.

5. Water.

Drinking enough water is understood to provide real benefits for the
body. He is the universal solvent. Water can cleanse the kidneys, liver,
and other systems that work in the body. Therefore, ensure that you are
always hydrated. To increase immunity, you can try to drink warm water
with lemon.

6 Fresh fruits.

A great selection of fruits that provide good nutrition for the body
as well as toxic waster media. For example, you can eat oranges to clean
up toxins in the liver.


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