With luxurious first-class standards of education, Malaysia has taken its first steps into the global arena, becoming one of the most preferred study destinations for international international students. Its educational institutions are among the top 200 universities around the world, attracting students from more than 150 countries. In this article, you will learn about studying in Malaysia in detail

The rapid pace of improving education qualityAlthough it does not share the same academic rank with Hong Kong and Singapore, Malaysia’s universities are scientifically highly developed and progressive, and are not far-fetched from the parity of other international universities.

Some universities offer training courses in computer science and engineering, which in turn are ranked among the top 100 courses in the world, all thanks to the Ministry of Higher Education and its close monitoring of national education standards aimed at transforming Malaysia into a center of excellence for higher university education.

A destination for global certification

The Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia allocates a large part of its budget to the growing investments with universities in other countries, as many Australian and British universities have branches in Malaysia. For example, Monash University (Australia) and University of Nottingham (Britain), both of which are among the top 100 universities in the world.check    Study in Latin America

The costs of studying and living are low

Study and living costs relatively less compared to Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States of America, as the expenses of studying within the university in Malaysia are about 7000 US dollars annually. The quality of the study is at a high level and includes the same curricula and standards as those used in Britain.

In addition to the fact that the cost of living in Malaysia is low, as the monthly expenses in this regard are about $ 250, it is considered a suitable place for foreign international students to complete their studies due to the low expenses of daily life.

Wide job opportunities for students

After completing your higher university education, the potential employment opportunities are expanding. Here are some popular courses that give the student a unique advantage over the rest of the students when it comes to your employment and work:

  • Engineering : mechanical engineer, electronic engineer, communication engineer, quality assurance engineer.
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) : Systems Analyst, Software Developer, Database Analyst, Network Analyst.
  • Business Administration : Sales Director, Marketing Director, Management Consultant and Human Resources Director.
  • Finance : Corporate Finance Advisor, Financial Planner and Financial Implementation Manager. Study in Denmark-Universities,Scholarships
  • Accounting : auditor, tax advisor, financial controller, management accountant and goods and services tax specialist.
  • Graphic design : web and website designer.
  • Architecture engineering : interior designer and architect.

The study visa procedures are easy and smooth

International students wishing to study in Malaysia benefit from easy and hassle-free immigration procedures compared to other countries that have more stringent and difficult student immigration procedures.

Tuition and accommodation costs in Malaysia

Tuition costs in Malaysia

Malaysia offers you many study options to complete a Bachelor’s degree program, for a period of 3 years and at a very competitive cost. We will show you the costs of studying a bachelor’s degree in Malaysia.  Study in Australia-Universities,Scholarships

Expenses Monthly cost (in dollars $)
Student residence (single room) 80- 300 $
Student residence (double room) 80 – 200 $
Rent an apartment (individually) 100- 700 $
Renting an apartment (co-housing) 50- 250 $
Laundry and ironing 15 $
Public transportation 9- 16 $
Telecommunications 9- 25 $
Books and school necessities 16- 32 $
health insurance 16 $
Personal fees 64 $

Accommodation costs in Malaysia

The main advantage of international students wishing to study in Malaysia is the relatively reasonable cost of living, as the total accommodation expenses, whether inside or outside the student residence, are affordable and affordable. Here is the following table showing some of the living expenses in Malaysia.

 branch name Cost of school years as a whole (in dollars $)
Business Management 10،000 $
Engineering 15،000 $
Informatics Engineering 11،250 $
Medicine 80،000 $
the pharmacy 30،000 $
Rights 6500 – 11،000 $
Tourism and Hotel Management 7500 $
Postgraduate studies in public universities 5,250 – 6,500 $
Postgraduate studies in private universities 6,250 – 9,000 $

What are the conditions for a student visa (study visa) to Malaysia?

In order to be able to study in Malaysia, you will need to apply for a student entry permit, which serves as a student visa (study visa). You can apply for a visa online ( click here ).

If you intend to apply for a student visa yourself, you will need the following documents:

  • A copy of a valid passport that includes all its pages.
  • A printed copy of the identity card.
  • A recent color photo in the size of the one in the passport (number 6).
  • Certified translated and certified birth certificate.
  • A bank statement to cover your expenses during your stay in Malaysia.
  • A paper proving your residency in your home country.
  • A copy of the flight ticket with which you will return to your home country after spending a certain period in Malaysia.

Conditions of study in Malaysia

Applying to study in Malaysian universities is simple and easy, you just have to fill out the international student forms related to the study program you have chosen, and then send them back to the target university with the following documents:

  • Certified copies of all previous academic exam results and certificates, translated into English.
  • A recognized certificate in English TOFEL or EILTS.
  • A complete residency form.
  • A copy of a valid passport that includes all its pages.
  • A printed copy of the identity card.
  • A recent color photo in the size of the one in the passport (number 6).
  • A medical report stating whether you are healthy or afflicted with some diseases, in addition to the vaccinations that were taken during the previous years.
  • Pay the application fee between $ 160-250, and it is usually non-refundable.

Scholarships to Malaysia

You can study in Malaysia through fully funded or partially funded scholarships. The Malaysian government and universities offer scholarships for international students and local citizens alike, which in turn include the best doctoral scholarships, masters scholarships, and scholarships at the bachelor level.

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If you wish to apply for a scholarship to Malaysia, we recommend that you visit the following official websites for applying for grants funded by the government and universities:

  • Scholarshipsads
  • Studymalaysia
  • INTI University

Features of student housing in Malaysia

Proximity to the university

Distance can be a concern for you if you live far from the university, as you may have to deal with traffic jams, in addition to being unable to wake up in the morning will make it difficult to get to the university on time.

Most of these things will disappear if you live in the student residence, as the residence is a 15-minute walk or less away from the college.

A suitable environment for studying

It is clear that the distraction factors surrounding you when you are at home significantly reduce your productivity levels, while living in a dormitory means that you are mainly surrounded by other students. The university is a stand-alone environment designed to help you complete most of your homework, and staying on campus guarantees an atmosphere free of negative factors that will affect your academic productivity during the semester. Therefore, the choice of your student residence will be the first step in achieving high and impressive grades.

An experience of college life

Many students agree that living in a dormitory is part of the greater university experience, as this experience can teach you things about yourself that you did not know before. For example, what type of person you are, are there skills (such as cooking, cleaning, washing, etc.) that you have not learned yet, and how compatible you are with others and your ability to assimilate them. University life can teach you to live alone, rely on yourself, and prepare a better version of you for the future.

Also, this experience has a major role in making more friends due to your proximity and mixing with many students on a daily basis.

Can I work while studying?

International international students studying in Malaysia are permitted to take up part-time jobs and businesses, but there are not many vacancies due to the high competition. The Malaysian Immigration Department has set guidelines regarding foreign students working in Malaysia, which are as follows:

  • Students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • Before taking up the job, students need to consult the Student Visa Officer at the International Office of Study Visas.
  • There is a possibility of canceling the student visa if he is involved in informal work.

International international students studying in Malaysia are permitted to work during the following times:

  • Festive feasts.
  • weekend.
  • End of semester holidays.
  • Holiday duration of more than 7 days.

International students are not permitted to undertake the following jobs in Malaysia:

  • Physical therapist.
  • treasurer.
  • Singer.
  • Musician or instrumentalist.

Recreational activities in Malaysia

White water rafting in the river “Kampar”

Navigating the cascades on rowing boats is a unique activity to do in Malaysia, but it also requires a lot of teamwork. You will also be able to stare at beautiful orchids along the river as you work your way to its end.
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Hot air balloon in Putrajaya

This is perhaps the only and unique way to fly in Malaysia. Since there are flights to ride this balloon throughout the day, you can choose the place of take off, but the landing place will differ depending on it. Whatever you choose, you are sure to see the most stunning and beautiful scenery in Malaysia.

Explore the caves of “Mirabeau”

This city includes three prehistoric caves, you will definitely get a beautiful experience exploring and carefully examining them. In addition to feeding the fish in the caves and hiking to explore the stunning beauty of the “Mirabeau” mountains.

Is Malaysia safe?

Malaysia is a relatively safe country with a low crime rate, so being exposed to theft, kidnapping or assault is unlikely. But some odd incidents are bound to happen from time to time.

Be careful and follow the advice you hear from the authorities and the local population, as is the case in most countries of Asia, there are areas that are best avoided, such as most of the islands located off the eastern coast, due to their danger and distance.

The health system in Malaysia

Public health care fees and costs are paid by citizens in Malaysia through monthly taxes imposed on their income, as comprehensive public health care is available to all legal residents of Malaysia with government funding, in order to provide comprehensive and low-cost services.

Government healthcare is the cheapest option compared to private care, but private hospitals have their unique advantages. For example, many public hospitals are overcrowded and overcrowded due to the high number of patients in them, while private healthcare has more doctors because it offers them higher salaries. In addition, private hospitals provide faster services to their patients because the ratio of doctors to patients is three times higher compared to the government health system.

Difficulties encountered in studying in Malaysia

Stay away from home and family

Perhaps the most important problem you may face during your trip to Malaysia is being away from your family, friends and the social environment that you are accustomed to. At first, you will feel a longing for your homeland, but rest assured that you will get used to it within a short period.

the culture

At first, you may face the problem of difference in culture, customs and traditions, or what is called culture shock. If you make several friends and are open to other cultures, this shouldn’t be a big problem for you. The Malaysian people respect others and accept diversity and diversity, as it comprises a mixture of ethnicities and religions coexisting in peace with each other.

The language

The Malaysian language is the official language in Malaysia and is spoken by most Malaysians. You may experience difficulty in communicating when you travel to Malaysia for the purpose of study, but do not worry about the language, as most Malaysians speak and understand English.

the food

Each country is distinguished by its own food and its own traditions that distinguish it from the rest of the countries in the field of cooking, one of the difficulties you will face is the difference in the type of food used to it in your country and that in Malaysia


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