Study guide in Ukraine

Ukraine, located in Eastern Europe, is the second largest country in the European continent, taking Kiev as its capital and it is the largest city. And the number of foreign students wishing to pursue their higher education in Ukraine is increasing every day, as Ukraine offers excellent opportunities to obtain an academic degree in the desired discipline. In this article, we will explain to you about studying in Ukraine in detail.

Why study in Ukraine?

Quality education for all international students

Ukrainian universities have high standards in education. Many universities have English language courses or preparatory colleges to study the Russian or Ukrainian language.

Internationally recognized courses

The educational program of Ukrainian universities is recognized by many countries, the most important of which are the United Kingdom and the United States of America, in addition to Europe, Asia and Africa alike. Before graduation, all students acquire the essential knowledge and skills required for a career of one’s choice.

There are no entrance exams

After choosing a university, do not worry about taking the entrance exam for it because it is not required. All students have to do is present the necessary documents for admission.

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Better job opportunities

Ukraine is a good place to start your career even though many students may move to work in their home country or other countries. Ukraine is officially offering the opportunity to work in one of the many well-paying hospitals and state institutions. In addition, students have a unique opportunity to perfect their skills during training, which greatly helps them improve their careers.

Gain additional experience

A large number of Ukrainian universities have partnerships with institutions in the United States of America , Canada and Europe. Students studying in Ukraine are offered the opportunity to attend lectures and practical lessons of many visiting professors whose experience is known all over the world.

Opportunities for permanent residency after completing studies

If the student proves his diligence and competence, he will not only have a chance to work in one of the government institutions later, but also to stay and live in Ukraine for an indefinite period.

Tuition costs in Ukraine

Tuition fees in Ukraine vary from one university to another, as a student can find courses in engineering, management and law in English with fees starting at only $ 1750, while in good universities the fees are about $ 2,700.

Fees for study programs in Ukraine in Russian are lower compared to studying in English, as tuition fees in Russian are on average about $ 1500 per year.

Study program Annual cost (in dollars)
Preparatory program 1200 – 2000
Medicine – in English) 4000 – 5000
Medicine (in Russian) 2000 – 3500
Engineering (in English) 2000 – 3500
Engineering (in Russian) 1750 – 2500
Agricultural Engineering (in English) 2000 – 3000
Agricultural Engineering (in Russian) 1800 – 2500
Environmental Sciences (in English) 1800- 2200
Environmental Sciences (in Russian) 1200 – 1700

The cost of living in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the cheapest European countries, which makes it one of the best options to study in Europe for international students. You cannot pay in dollars or any other currency, only in the Ukrainian currency “hryvnia”. All foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks, exchange offices, train stations and airports.

Expenses Monthly cost (in dollars $)
Bus ticket 0.17
Taxi 1.34
Communications (per minute) 0.03
Internet (monthly) 3.52
Gym (monthly) 15.58
Cinema (one seat) 3.05
Meal in the restaurant 4.26
Water (one liter) 0.42
Eggs (12 eggs) 1.01
Rice (one kilo) 0.99
Milk (one liter) 0.56
Single apartment within the city (monthly) 288.15
Single apartment outside the city (per month) 173.17

Conditions of study in Ukraine

When choosing Ukraine as a study destination, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Fill out the university application form, which you can find on its website.
  • A copy of the passport showing the basic information.
  • A copy of the high school diploma (baccalaureate) showing the grades obtained.
  • A copy of the student visa obtained.
  • A paper proving that you have paid university fees.
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Conditions for a student visa (study visa) to Ukraine

  • Fill out and print the visa application form.
  • A valid passport.
  • 3 personal photos (3 x 4 cm).
  • The original invitation letter received by mail.
  • Medical health certificate.
  • A medical examination proves that you are not infected with HIV and hepatitis .
  • Certificate of completion of higher and / or secondary education.

After collecting the required documents, they will be translated into Ukrainian or Russian by a sworn translator, and then legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country.

Are there scholarships to Ukraine?

The Ukrainian government provides scholarships for foreign students to ensure their studies in national universities. Despite this, the countries whose citizens are entitled to claim such a scholarship are limited, as there must be an intergovernmental agreement with the student’s home country. Moreover, the student must be explicitly directed to study in Ukraine by his home country government.

These programs target two types of students, namely:

  1. Talented students, outstanding university students who are able to become prominent specialists in various fields of study.
  2. The second category includes students who drop out of school from poor countries who are in difficult financial situations, but who are highly motivated to study.

The scholarships aim to fully or partially pay the student’s education fees at the university and the chosen specialization. The decision to submit the scholarship is made by UIEC after considering the applicant’s documents.

You can explore scholarships and apply for them through the official government website ( click here ).

Student housing in Ukraine

Many students prefer to live in student housing, as all dorm rooms are well furnished and vary in size, amenities and entertainment. Dormitory rooms for teens can accommodate about 2 or 3 students, and cost from $ 500 to $ 2,400 per year depending on each university.

The room includes a bed, wardrobe, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, central heating and lighting suitable for study. When students arrive on campus, each student is assigned specific and appropriate accommodation in a designated room.

In the youth dormitory, the kitchen is provided for students to cook according to their taste, but students will then need to provide and purchase their own kitchen tools, and meals can also be purchased from various food outlets.

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Can I work while studying in Ukraine?

As a foreign student in Ukraine you are entitled to a temporary residence permit, which in turn will enable you to obtain a work permit and is required to work legally in Ukraine. In addition, you need to find an employer who is primarily interested in your services to obtain this permit, but you are entitled to work only a maximum of 40 hours per week.

The chances of landing part-time jobs are reasonably good, with most students working in international call centers and English language schools, as well as restaurants and cafes.

Educational institutions in Ukraine participate in providing students with internships through their colleges, which reduces students’ workload when preparing for their working years. Due to Ukraine’s relatively good economy, most students will gain a significant knowledge of industries and companies at the end of their academic courses.

Recreational activities in Ukraine

River cruises

Each of the Ukrainian river cruises includes a cruise through the magical hinterland, as it sails starting from the course of the “Dnieper” River in the Ukrainian capital, and then to Kiev and the Black Sea. These excursions provide great opportunities to explore the ancient and legendary trade routes of this country.

Short tour of Belarus and Ukraine

Combine a visit to two Eastern European countries, Belarus and Ukraine, in a small group, 5-day tour. Departing from Minsk, you will visit the fortresses of Mir and Nisviz, and discover their ancient history.

You will also explore the best sights in western Ukraine cities such as “Lutsk” and “Lviv” to enjoy watching the fairytale “Tunnel of Love”. This trip is a great option for students with an interest in history, nature and architecture.

Trip to “Chernobyl”

You will take the opportunity to travel to the most exclusive and safest place in Chernobyl , and then transfer to this abandoned area in a minibus. You’ll see Chernobyl and its nuclear power plant as well as the Red Forest, known as the post-apocalyptic city.

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Is Ukraine safe? What about the health system?

Ukraine is a safe country for travelers in general, and in particular the popular destinations in the country such as the capital “Kiev” and the coast of “Odessa”.

Usually minor crimes such as pickpocketing and petty theft may occur, but the previous level of risk can be compared to most tourist destinations around the world and considered within a normal level, which can be minimized by following common sense.

Public transportation in major cities is safe and reliable, while road conditions in rural areas can be somewhat precarious in the middle of the night.

The health system in Ukraine

Under Ukrainian law, Ukrainian healthcare is free, but in reality patients end up paying for almost everything.

The free healthcare system in Ukraine looks great, as studies have indicated that for every 1000 people they are met by 4.4 doctors and 7.8 families in every hospital, more than most European countries, but its system actually suffers from a lack of funding and some cases of corruption. According to recent polls, more than 90% of Ukrainians are unable to bear the costs of treatment due to the high prices.

Difficulties that you will face while studying in Ukraine

Attendance rate 100%

There are no major differences between student life in Ukraine and anywhere else, as its educational system shares many features with other European universities. The student is still required to attend classes, summarize lectures, work on specific assignments, conduct laboratory work and interact with professors, teachers and fellow students.

However, the system includes some difficulties for new students, including a requirement such as 100% attendance, which requires all students to attend all classes and lectures in their annual academic program.

Multicultural society

Although adaptation is part of our human nature, the process of adapting to a new environment and life is not easy for everyone. Living and studying in Ukraine requires the student to learn how to interact with a multicultural society and coexist with Ukrainian culture.

This should be viewed as a great opportunity to enrich one’s culture and generate an understanding of other nations and their cultures.

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