How can I get a full scholarship in Canada?

Canada Scholarship Program 2021 to Study in Canada Scholarships Program
provides students from post-secondary institutions located in new eligible
countries and territories with short-term exchange opportunities to study or
research at Canadian post-secondary institutions at college, undergraduate and
graduate levels.

This student exchange program replaces the study in Canada full-degree
scholarship program that piloted in 2020. A minimum of 50 scholarships will be
offered in the next competition, with the number increasing each year.

Canada Scholarship 2021:

Scholarships to study in Canada aims to increase opportunities for Canadian
post-secondary institutions to welcome international students from a wide range
of countries and territories on short-term exchanges of study or research.

Successful candidates will also receive scholarships for 4 months, semester
or one academic research at college, undergraduate or postgraduate level or for
5-6 months of study or research at postgraduate level.

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Deadlines for Canada Scholarship 2021:

Deadline for Canadian Institutions:

The deadline for Canadian institutions to submit online applications on
behalf of candidates is 11:59 PM EST, on March 30, 2021.

It is also the responsibility of the Canadian institution to ensure that
supporting documents are received by the deadline. You should know that
supporting documents, other than those requested, will not be accepted.

Canadian institutions are advised to set an early deadline with candidates and
their local institutions to ensure timely receipt of supporting documents.

Deadline for Non-Canadian Candidates and Institutions:

Interested candidates are encouraged to review their home institution for
the internal deadlines for Canadian institution and parent institution.

Local institutions are also required to send the supporting documents of the
candidates to the Canadian institutions by their internal deadline.

Arrival in Canada:

Scholarship recipients begin their studies and research between June 1, 2021
– February 1, 2022 at the latest.

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Eligibility criteria to apply for the Canada Scholarship 2021:

To be eligible to apply for the Canada Scholarship 2021, you must be
from one of the following countries or territories:

  1. Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal and Taiwan.
  2. Europe: Turkey and Ukraine.
  3. Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Egypt,
    Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia.
  4. Sub-Saharan Africa: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia,
    Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda.

Other eligibility criteria that must be met in addition to the residence

  1. You must
    be a full-time student at post-secondary institutions in eligible
    countries and territories and pay any tuition fees required by these
    institutions at the time of application and for the length of the
  2. Students
    who hold Canadian citizenship or permanent residence or who have a pending
    application for permanent residence in Canada are not eligible to apply
    for the Canada Scholarships 2021.
  3. Those
    already participating in the Government of Canada funded scholarship
    exchange program are not eligible to apply.
  4. Those
    already enrolled in a program at a Canadian post-secondary institution are
    also not eligible.

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terms and conditions :

The following terms and conditions must be met during the scholarship period.

A Canadian post-secondary institution must:

  1. Be a
    Designated Educational Institution (DLI).
  2. Waiver of
    tuition and/or administrative fees for scholarship recipients, whereby
    selected students must be registered full-time and pay tuition fees to
    their home institution.
  3. Inform
    both the candidate and their home institution of any mandatory fees that
    cannot be waived, in exceptional cases, prior to applying for a
    scholarship on behalf of the candidate.
  4. Entering
    into an agreement with the recipient stating the following:

    • Scholarship
      funding is provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and
      Development (DFATD).
    • The
      recipient must also provide the Canadian institution with records to
      account for major expenses such as travel and accommodation.
    • The
      recipient agrees to share their contact information with DFATD, for
      reasons such as: being invited to join the Government of Canada Alumni
      Association (GCSAA), to attend events organized by the Canadian Embassy,
      ​​High Commission or Canadian Trade Office in their home/territory and
      DFATD in Canada, or for purposes of Promotional and statistical.
  5. Submit
    qualitative and quantitative reports during the scholarship period.

Scholarship recipients:

  1. You must
    be involved in full-time studies or research as specified by the Canadian
  2. They must
    be proficient in the language of instruction at the Canadian institution
    (English or French) prior to their arrival in Canada, as the scholarship
    does not cover language training. Language requirements are set by each
    Canadian institution.
  3. He may not
    hold any other scholarship awarded by the Government of Canada.
  4. Undertaking
    a semester-based exchange must arrive in Canada by September for the fall
    semester or by January for the winter semester.
  5. The
    research undertaking must arrive in Canada to receive their award between
    June 1, 2021 but no later than February 1, 2022. Failure to arrive during
    this time may result in the scholarship being cancelled. In exceptional
    cases, and with the prior approval of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Trade
    and Development, the deadline for arrival may be extended to March 1,
  6. Those
    enrolled in pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, or other health fields are
    excluded from clinical training or clinically directed research involving
    direct patient care.
  7. You must
    ensure that they have adequate health insurance for the entire duration of
    the scholarship, in accordance with the policies of the Canadian
  8. They must
    also focus primarily on full-time studies or research during their stay in
  9. They are
    expected to return to their home institutions after the scholarship period
    to complete their studies.

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How to apply:

  1. You must
    contact the local organization first.
  2. A letter
    of intent must be submitted explaining the nature of the studies or
    research to be conducted, the rationale for studying in Canada and the
    choice of institution, program and supervisor, and how the proposed
    program of study or research relates to their future employment.
  3. Applications
    are not made through the candidate or their local institution, but all
    applications are submitted by Canadian institutions on behalf of

home establishments:

Responsible for identifying strong academic candidates who meet the
admission requirements of the partner Canadian institution and for submitting
the candidates’ documents to the partner Canadian institution.

Canadian institutions:

  1. Must apply
    on behalf of the candidate by submitting the online application form and
    uploading all supporting documents before the deadline.
  2. They may
    submit multiple requests and will be asked to rank their requests based on
    their strategic priorities.
  3. One
    employee responsible for managing the program should also be identified.

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Documents and Supporting Documents:

  1. You must
    provide a copy of your passport or personal identification with valid
  2. Proof that
    you are enrolled in a full-time program from your local institution.
  3. A letter
    of intent from the candidate in English or French explaining the nature of
    the studies or research to be conducted.
  4. A letter
    of support from the local institution.
  5. A signed
    copy of the memorandum of understanding or agreement with the partner
  6. Invitation
    letter from the Canadian supervisor.
  7. Privacy
    Notice Statement for Non-Canadian Participants.

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Grant amount and duration:

The Canada Scholarship 2022 is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs,
Trade and Development (DFATD).

The Canadian institution will receive DFATD funding for all successful
candidates in the form of a contribution agreement and will be responsible for
providing funds to scholarship recipients.

The scholarship value varies according to the duration of study, as

  • $10,200 CAD
    for college, undergraduate or graduate students (Masters and PhD) for a
    minimum of 4 months or one semester or research term.
  • 12,700 CAD
    for postgraduate students (Masters and PhD) for 5-6 months of study or

In addition to funds allocated to recipients by DFATD, the Canadian host
institution may also request CAD 500 per scholarship recipient to assist with
administrative costs once the scholarship recipient arrives in Canada.

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Eligible expenses

Canadian institutions will disburse scholarship funds to scholarship
recipients to contribute to the following costs:

  1. Visa fee
    or study/work permit.
  2. Air
    travel, for scholarship recipients only, to travel to Canada in the most
    direct and economical way and return price upon completion of the
  3. health
  4. Living
    expenses, such as accommodation, utilities, and food.
  5. Ground
    public transport, including a public transport permit.
  6. Books and
    supplies needed for the recipient’s study or research, excluding computers
    and other devices.

For more details about the Canada Scholarship 2022, you can visit the
official website of the scholarship through educanada .

Conclusion :

Canada Scholarship 2022 is a scholarship to study in Canada funded by the
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD), and is awarded
each year. If you are interested in studying and conducting research in Canada,
do not hesitate to meet the admission requirements and apply directly before
the application deadline each year


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