Sweden is a very popular study destination among international students from
all over the world, because study in Sweden of the
continuous progress and development that the has, in addition to the
investments that are placed in higher education in Sweden annually, many
international students dream of obtaining a degree from a Swedish university,
but it stands in front of them The obstacle of high tuition fees at
universities in Sweden, so we offer you the most important scholarships in
Sweden for the year 2021 and study completely free of charge.

Scholarships in Sweden for the year

The Swedish Institute for Global Professionals (SISGP) will offer this world
300 scholarships for a master’s program only, to study more than 600 different
programs in English, and this scholarship lasts for one or two years depending
on the program chosen, and this scholarship is fully funded by the Swedish

The scholarship covers all expenses including tuition fees, return airfare,
stipends, and other personal expenses.

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Fields and specializations available in this scholarship:

About 600 master’s programs are available in Swedish universities and are
taught in English. All academic fields and disciplines are available under the
Swedish Government Scholarship, and the disciplines are as follows:

  1. Computer
    science and engineering.
  2. Agriculture,
    horticulture, forestry and fisheries.
  3. Arts,
    Design and Media.
  4. Business
    Administration and Economics.
  5. Education,
    educational sciences and education.
  6. Health and
    medical care.
  7. Humanities.
  8. Press,
    Communication and Information.
  9. Languages.
  10. Law and
    Legal Studies.
  11. Materials,
    construction and manufacturing.
  12. Maths.
  13. physics.
  14. Religious
  15. Social
    sciences and behavioral sciences.
  16. Social
    work and care.
  17. technology.
  18. Veterinary
    medicine and nursing.

What scholarships cover in Sweden:

The scholarship provided by the Swedish government through the Swedish
Institute for the year 2021 is fully funded and covers the following expenses:

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  1. Tuition
    fees are in full and paid directly to the university.
  2. A monthly
    stipend of 10,000 SEK to cover living expenses for the duration of the
    scholarship in Sweden.
  3. Round-trip
    airline tickets worth 15,000 SEK.
  4. Comprehensive
    health insurance coverage in Sweden.

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Eligibility criteria to apply for scholarships in Sweden:

  1. International
    students from outside the European Economic Area are eligible to apply for
    the scholarship.
  2. You must
    have at least 3,000 hours of full or part-time work.
  3. You must
    be from an eligible country to apply for the scholarship.

Eligible Countries for Swedish Institute Scholarships:

There are 42 different countries eligible to apply for and receive
scholarships offered by the Swedish government through the Swedish Institute,
and they are as follows:

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Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia,
Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana,
Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Moldova, Morocco,
Myanmar ( Burma), Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russian
Federation, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda,
Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Deadline for applying for government scholarships in Sweden:

The last date to apply for the Swedish Government Scholarship is February 8,
2021, and the results will be announced in April 2021.

How to apply for a Swedish government scholarship:

There are some important steps and notes to keep in mind when applying for a
scholarship to avoid being rejected.

The application for the government scholarship is online, the application
must be completed in English, and the application must be filled out correctly
for each document, as we will explain below for the required documents.

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1- Motivational letter:

You need to fill out and upload the motivation letter as a PDF file on the
application portal during the application period.

2- Biography:

The CV should not exceed three pages, and no additional pages will be

3- Letters of Recommendation:

One letter must be submitted on the basis of work experience, it must be
signed by the reference and stamped with the official seal of the organization
referred to or through a notary, the letters must be written, then printed,
signed, stamped and uploaded as a single PDF file.

4- Prove your work and leadership experience:

The work and leadership form must be signed by the referee and stamped with
the official seal of the indicated organization or notary office, the form must
be written, then printed, signed, stamped and uploaded as a single PDF file.

5- A copy of a valid passport:

You must provide a copy of your valid passport and indicate your personal
details including your name, nationality and photo, and a copy of the passport
must be attached to your CV as the fourth and last page and that page will be

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How is the evaluation and selection process:

  1. Screening process: All applications that do
    not meet the requirements, or candidates who submitted the application
    incorrectly will be excluded.
  2. Evaluation before admission: All eligible
    applications are evaluated and graded.
  3. Post-Admission : Evaluation Final evaluation
    of applications that have been accepted into the eligible master’s
  4. Compilation
    of a shortlist of the best qualified candidates.
  5. Final Selection: Scholarship recipients are
    selected, and the evaluation and selection process concludes.

For more information about Swedish government grant visit official website si.se the grant.

Conclusion :

Sweden is known for the educational value it offers through its
universities, so obtaining a master’s degree from a Swedish university is
really profitable for you, and if you are suffering from the problem of not
having money to support you financially and pay the tuition fees for the chosen
program, do not worry.

There are a lot of public and private universities that offer a lot of
scholarships in Sweden annually that you can search, but Dirasa Abroad offers
you the most important government scholarship funded by the Swedish government
to study a master’s degree, you can apply in the way mentioned in the article
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