Study Interior Design. unleash creativity and make change

Are you someone who can’t just wander around IKEA without pointing out which items and color schemes would look beautiful in your home?
Or do you walk into a new place and immediately evaluate it in terms of the
design or the atmosphere in which it was created? If you answered yes to any of
these questions, there is a good chance for you to study interior design.

There are some amazing study opportunities abroad to enhance
your learning of this dynamic and ever-changing subject. But before talking
about opportunities to study interior design abroad, let’s get to know what is
the Interior Design major?

Specialization in Interior Design:

Look around in the room you are in right now. Is it well
lit? How does it make you feel? Are the wall colors in harmony with the colors
of the furniture? Interior designers ask questions like these about interior
spaces where we spend a lot of our time. If you choose the Interior Design
major you will learn more than just choosing wallpaper and matching it with
curtains. You’ll learn how to transform anything from living rooms to corporate
meeting rooms into a wonderful space.

The Interior Design major is a program in applied visual
arts that prepares individuals to apply artistic principles and techniques to
the professional planning, design, fit-out, and furnishing of residential and
commercial interior spaces, and includes instruction in computer applications,
drawing techniques, interior lighting principles, acoustics, system
integration, and color coordination of furniture and furnishings in addition to
Basic structural design, building codes, and applications for designing
offices, hotels, factories, restaurants, and residences.

Interior designers differ from interior designers, in that
the latter focus mainly on the appearance of the room or building.

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The courses you may take when studying interior design
vary widely between universities. Here is a list of the courses you might take
if you major in this field

Top Nine(9) Interior Designing Courses

Computer Aided
Drafting and Design

History of
Interiors and Furniture

Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design Professional Practice

Interior Lighting

Structures and Materials

Interior Design

Space Planning

The best countries to study Interior Design abroad:

Since there are many styles, theories, and applications for
the Interior Design major, students looking to study interior design abroad can
choose from the many diverse countries that offer distinct programs.

1- Interior design in the country of art and fashion:

Study Interior Design in Italy:

Italy seems to have it all; Stunning landscapes from coast
to mountains, impressive history, influential thinkers and artists, remarkably
varied and delicious cuisine. Not to mention all of that, the first university
in Europe was founded nearly a thousand years ago.

Italy is a special country when thinking about studying
interior design abroad, as there are many Italian institutions that are among
the top universities in Europe. While cities like Milan may be well known in
the fashion world, influences of art and culture have also influenced interior
design. Where you can study at the Istituto Marangoni School of Design.

Rome and Florence are also good options to indulge in the
use of elaborate frescoes, diverse materials and distinctive use of colors in
Italian design. Where you can study at Istituto Europeo di Design Rome ,
Florence Design Academy

The duration of the Bachelor of Interior Design study in
Italy is 3 years, and the tuition costs in the aforementioned institutions
range between 17,000 – 21,000 euros per year (equivalent to 21,000 – 26,000
dollars annually). Most of the programs are offered in English alongside
Italian. You can read this list to learn more Bachelor’s in Interior Design
programs in Italy.

2- Unique interior design: Japan

Study Interior Design in Japan:

Inspired by the rich and natural rural landscapes catering
to the innovative urban lifestyle, Japanese interior design has a unique and
exquisite style. The Japanese style can be very simple, futuristic, and modern
or it can express a more traditional aspect through contrast, color and use of
rich patterns.

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Either way, the Tokyo Design Academy in Tokyo is an
innovative place, where you can learn about and apply the different influences
that shape elements of Japanese interior design. The duration of the study for
interior design at the Tokyo Academy is two years, and the cost of about $
12,000 per year. The official website can study in Japan Study in Japan to help
you access more information offering large number of Japanese universities
programs majoring interior design.

3- Nordic minimalist interior design: Denmark

Study Interior Design in Denmark:

If you are a fan of minimalist Scandinavian interior design,
heading to Denmark will be a dream come true. The use of elegant lines,
contrasting and complementary materials, and a neutral color palette are all
hallmarks of the Scandinavian design style.

Capital Copenhagen, is home Royal Academy Danish Fine Arts (
The Academy Royal Danish Of Fine Arts ) . The city itself is also full of
interior design shops and beautifully styled cafés where you can immerse
yourself in your studies – both figuratively and literally.

How to choose an interior design study abroad program:

When choosing an interior design study abroad program, there
are a variety of factors to consider. One of the most important aspects
involves knowing which universities or institutions offer accredited programs
to study interior design. Check out program reviews or comments from former
students to help guide your decision, if available.

Another thing to think about is the style of the program
because it must fit your learning style and meet your educational goals. If you
are a hands-on learner, consider a program that gets you out into the field or
creates decorative pieces. If you are more interested in design theory, you may
choose more semester-based programs.

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Finally the tuition fee, it is definitely important to take
it into consideration, as well as the total cost of living for the city and
country you plan to live in / study in.

Study interior design from a distance:

It’s amazing how much life has changed because we are all
becoming more mobile dependent. Online education is entering people’s lives
effortlessly. It can fit work schedules, family needs and widely spaced
geographic locations of students.

But wait, what if you’re studying a subject like interior
design where you need to work with real spaces and test samples of textures,
floors, and paints? Good question! First, not every study on an online course
has actually taken place online.

Sure, you will be using your computer to access educational
materials and communicate with your teachers and classmates. But you will also
need to work with your hands and learn manual design, or what is known as the
” ” method old-fashioned.

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And offers many prestigious universities programs enable you
to study interior design online.

5 reasons to study interior design:

Choosing to study interior design can be a life-changing
decision, so what are your reasons for studying it?

1- Promising opportunities:

Studying interior design offers promising opportunities

Choosing to study Interior Design will open the door to
tremendous career opportunities for you. There is a large and growing demand
for designers in every industry. Where will arrive interior design services to
global market four billion US dollars between 2020 and 2027, annual growth rate
of 7.8%.

An interior design study provides many career options. Jobs
directly related to your degree include:

Interior and spatial designer

exhibition designer Exhibition designer

Production designer, theater / TV / Film Production
designer, theatre / TV / film

Visual Trader Visual merchandiser

There are also a number of jobs where your degree might be
beneficial such as architect, architectural technologist, furniture designer,
graphic designer, product designer, fashion designer, and textile designer.

2- Entrepreneurial potential

The construction industry is growing rapidly in both the
rural and urban sectors. This endless potential for growth gives in-house
designers enormous potential for entrepreneurship. So by studying interior
design you can dream of a bright future as an independent businessman.

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If you choose to work alone, work as a freelance interior
designer and create your own company, you can enjoy the freedom of being your
own boss. Hence, the interior design program becomes a smart career move.

3- Creativity, imagination and innovation

Study Interior Design: Creativity, Imagination, and

If you think you have a creative, futuristic, imaginative
and artistic approach to things around you, then you can definitely consider
interior design as a career path. The field of Interior Design will help you to
professionalize your creative skills. And since interior design is an active
profession, you will never be bored of it.

4- Diverse sectors and industries

As an interior designer, you can get opportunities to work
in a variety of sectors and different types of industries. This diversity may
include homes, offices, restaurants, education sector, health industry, public
spaces, libraries, and religious places such as mosques, temples, churches,
resorts, galleries, museums, etc.

5- Making a difference and positive change

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Study Interior Design: Making a Difference and Positive

Choosing to study interior design can also be considered as
choosing to make a difference and positive change in the world we live in, as
interior designers can influence the lives of people in a particular
environment. As an interior designer, you can consider a project designed only
to house an oppressed or impoverished segment of society. This way, you will be
a cause for change in the way they live, by designing an affordable housing
project, for example


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