American Board Certification (ABC) Full Guide

The board certificate is a mark of distinction for medical students, as this
certificate indicates the training that the doctor obtained and exceeded all
the standards and skills required in the chosen specialty.

It also means that this student has demonstrated mastery in the medical
field chosen by the medical student applying for the degree. It also not only
identifies the most qualified doctors, but also suggests who would be a good
fit to work in hospitals or medical centers.

What is a board certification?

Medical board certification can be defined as special training other than
medical licensure. It is a voluntary process that demonstrates a physician’s
commitment to meeting higher standards after graduating from medical school, in
which medical students complete additional academic years of training in
accredited programs and pass one or two exams to earn expert specialist status.
The duration of this certificate is between 3-5 years, depending on the chosen
specialty, after which the doctor will be a specialist doctor.

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The most important information about the board certification:

If you do not know much about the board certificate, we will learn
through the following lines the most important information about this
certificate in order to know well what its benefit is. 

  1. This certificate helps holders of professions such as doctors, pharmacists,
    engineers, lawyers, business administration, media, etc. to acquire the
    necessary skills and knowledge through practical training and simulation-based
    exams in the field of work and specialization.
  2. Board word
    means equivalency exams as a first step to obtaining a license to practice
    the profession from America, Britain, Canada, Australia and other about
    206 countries. It is also called the board exam because it follows the
    council that regulates that profession, specialization, and job in each of
    these countries.
  3. The second
    meaning of the word board is a specialized professional certification
    exam, which is issued by a board of specialists, who set the standards
    upon which the exam is designed, which gives those who pass the status of
    an expert specialist in his field.
  4. The board
    for holders of medical, pharmacy, business administration, law, languages,
    and other degrees, is a mark of distinction for them, indicating the
    extent of the training carried out by the specialist, which exceeded all
    the standards and skills required in the chosen specialty.
  5. The board
    certificate for the leaders of institutions in general is considered a
    sign of the success and distinction of this person. It demonstrates the
    mastery he showed in his field.
  6. Board
    certification provides another benefit to government and private agencies.
    It not only determines the most qualified, but also suggests who will be a
    good fit for the job.
  7. Board
    certification represents special training other than the license to
    practice the profession granted.
  8. Accredited
    specialists also complete additional years of training in accredited
    programs, provided they pass one or two tests to obtain the status of
    expert specialist.
  9. The board
    is the period of work and training in a specialty such as medicine and
    pharmacy, and often extends from 3 to 5 years, depending on the specialty.
    Then you will be a specialist and a consultant.
  10. The
    American Board of Quality, Science and Technology (ABQST) in the USA, for
    example, is specialized in the fields of languages ​​and translation,
    business administration, law, education and literature, safety and
    security, economics and political science, information technology,
    journalism and media.

Conditions for applying to the American Board:

  1. Success in
    medicine equivalency (medical licensing exam).
  2. Enrollment
    in teaching and university hospitals.

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Admission requirements to study the American Board:

  1. The
    applicant must be a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine.
  2. The
    applicant must have completed between 3-4 years of medical training.
  3. English
    language proficiency must be demonstrated by submitting a certificate TOEFL or IELTS .
  4. If the
    student obtains a US passport, this increases the chance of admission.
  5. Get high
    scores in the American equivalency tests.
  6. Work, even
    for a short period, in an American hospital.
  7. Apply
    early for the test.
  8. Also,
    recommendations from American consultants increase your chance of being
    accepted into the certificate.

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The stages a student goes
through to reach
 the Board  American 

The student passes through a number of stages and years of studying
medicine to reach the American Board Certificate, and these stages are as

  1. The first
    stage is the pre-medical stage, in which the student obtains a bachelor’s
    degree in one of the scientific disciplines.
  2. Then comes
    the stage of studying international medicine, in which the student studies
    for 4 years and graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in General Medicine.
  3. The specialization
    stage, which lasts for another 4 years to work as a doctor under the
    supervision of specialized doctors.
  4. The last
    stage is the board stage, in which the student applies for the board
    certificate and obtains it and becomes a specialist doctor.

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Features of  the Board  American :

Studying in America
in general is famous for its quality and distinction from studying in any
other country in the world in all fields and programs, in addition to that,
here are the most important features of the American Board:

  1. You do not
    need a scholarship or mission from a specific entity if the procedure has
    been completed and accepted.
  2. Resident
    medicine earns a stipend while training.
  3. After
    passing the USMLE Step 3 exam, you can work in America.
  4. It is also
    considered one of the best ways to achieve professional and scientific
    excellence, obtain job promotions and increase salary.

The costs of studying the American Board Certification:

The costs of studying the American Board range from 700-850 USD only.

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Conclusion :

You can now develop yourself by obtaining the American Board Certificate in
your field of specialization and obtaining the degree of a specialist or
consultant, and enjoy the advantages and value that you possess in this
position. If you meet the requirements to apply, do not hesitate and start
obtaining them immediately


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