Goethe-Institut Scholarships for the year 2022

The Goethe-Institut provides 10 free scholarships in partnership with the Sawiris Foundation and covers the tuition fees for ten outstanding Egyptian high school graduates for the academic year 2022/2023. The Goethe-Institut, in coordination with the Sawiris Foundation, carries out administrative and marketing procedures, selects students, and supervises the teaching of curricula qualified to pass the German university entrance examination.

Goethe-Institut Scholarship Details:

This program qualifies preparatory year students, graduates of secondary, private, government and experimental schools, and STEM schools in Egypt and the Middle East, to study technical specializations at German universities.

The Goethe-Institut scholarship in partnership with the Sawiris Foundation is generally based on excellence, academic merit and financial need. It also depends on the student’s contributions to extracurricular and social activities.

The scholarship application starts from the beginning of March until the end of June. The scholarships come within the framework of an agreement signed by the Goethe-Institut in Cairo with the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, to provide scholarships for preparatory year students to study technical disciplines at German universities.

To encourage girls to apply for the preparatory year program and to study technical majors, the agreement included that girls would have a greater chance of receiving a scholarship if they were equal to other applicants.

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Information about the preparatory year at the Goethe-Institut:

There are some important questions about the preparatory year that many students want answered. Below are all the details about the preparatory year at the Goethe-Institut.

Who can join the Preparatory Year Program:

All high school graduates with certificates that are not eligible for direct entry to German universities, such as the Egyptian General Secondary School, and who have proof that they have obtained a B1 level in German according to the GERS standards.

Program time period:

Courses begin annually in September in the fall semester and end at the end of May of the following year. The final examination is held annually in June and will be conducted by the Technical University of Berlin.

Conditions for applying for the preparatory year program at the Goethe-Institut

  1. Provide proof of German language proficiency through a German language certificate: B1 level as a minimum for application.
  2. The applicant must also have a high school diploma that is not eligible for direct admission to German universities, such as:
    • General Secondary School, a scientific division of science or scientific mathematics (in the case of obtaining a scientific division, the entrance examination in mathematics must be passed at the end of July).
    • Those with an American high school diploma can also apply, but there is some information that should be found through anabin .
    • Holders of Al-Azhar High School Certificate can also apply, but the approval of the ZAB – Central Office of Foreign Education is required before applying. For more information visit uni-assist .
    • International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma) holders can also apply, but some information must be found through daad first .
  3. Holders of GCSEs and IGCSEs may not be eligible to study the Preparatory Year, known as the Studienkolleg. You can see all the details through daad .

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Documents required for submission:

  1. Registration request through the uni-assist portal.
  2. A photocopy of the passport.
  3. Photocopy of the Goethe-Institut B1 certificate.
  4. A translated and notarized copy of the secondary school certificate must also be submitted (you can submit it later once it is extracted and after it has been authenticated through the student’s educational department through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then the German embassy in Cairo through the TLS office).

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Study exams:

  1. All subjects are taught in German.
  2. Teaching the German language at an average of 15 lessons per week, in addition to mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science, a total of 34 lessons per week.
  3. Classes are daily from Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  4. Classes start in September and end in May.


  1. Conducting 3 written exams in 3 stages in all subjects.
  2. Take the German B2 level test.
  3. Take the German language proficiency test, the TestDaf, which is held annually in April.
  4. Take written exams in Mathematics, as well as Physics or Chemistry (optional).

After passing the final exam and the TestDaf, you can apply for a bachelor’s degree in technical and scientific fields from all German universities, while it is not possible to apply for a bachelor’s degree in medicine. In order to study medicine, you must first pass the M-Kurs course, which is available for example during the preparatory year at TU Berlin.

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Grants of the Goethe-Institut in partnership with the Sawiris Foundation:

In order to be able to apply for grants from the Goethe-Institut in partnership with the Sawiris Foundation, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The applicant must have Egyptian citizenship (also dual citizenship is not accepted).
  2. Submit a German language proficiency certificate for level B1.
  3. A high school diploma must be obtained from public schools, STEM schools or experimental schools, but with a total of at least 85% of the scientific major (mathematics or science).
  4. You must pass the application test for admission to the preparatory year, and you must also pass the personal interview.
  5. Applicants must also have many soft skills through academic excellence, extracurricular activities, social behavior, and financial need.

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Goethe-Institut Scholarships for Girls

The Preparatory Year Program in Egypt Studienkolleg Ägypten offers scholarships to female school graduates from the fields of mathematics, engineering, natural sciences and technology, who wish to participate in the T-Kurs course. Girls participating in the T-Kurs technical course will receive a 50% discount provided by the Department of State.

However, girls applying for this scholarship must have a German language certificate level B1 as a minimum. This scholarship aims to support and motivate female students who wish to study in Germany to be able to achieve their goal in the fields of natural sciences and technology.

Conclusion :

The Goethe-Institut provides many annual scholarships to study at the best universities in Germany , you can meet the admission requirements and apply to study in one of the best countries for education in the world, and you will definitely get a world-class certificate


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