The Government of the Netherlands offers scholarships to international
students from outside the Netherlands and the European Economic Area to study
bachelors and masters at universities in the Netherlands. The Holland
Scholarship from the government is also one of the best and most popular
scholarships in Holland which many international students apply to every year.
As a result, in this article we will know about all the details of the Dutch
government scholarship and how to apply for it.

Why choose Holland Scholarship in particular:

There are many reasons why you should choose the Dutch government
scholarship in particular over the rest of the other government scholarships,
because it includes all the advantages as follows:

  1. There are
    more than 2,100 programs taught in English at Dutch universities with the
    Holland Scholarship.
  2. You will
    get very great educational value of high quality.
  3. You will
    also become one among a global community of many international students
    from other countries.
  4. Develop
    your personal skills and you will become more successful.
  5. The
    Netherlands is considered one of the safest and happiest countries in the
  6. You can visit
    many other European countries on holidays etc.

Holland Scholarship Details:

  1. Host country: Netherlands.
  2. Host universities: Dutch universities.
  3. Funding: Partially Funded (not a full
  4. Funding entity: The Ministry of Education,
    Culture and Science together with Dutch research universities and
    universities of applied sciences.
  5. Who can apply: International students from
    outside the European Economic Area.

What the Holland Scholarship covers:

The scholarship amount is 5,000 euros. You will receive this amount in the
first year of your studies. It should also be noted that the Holland
Scholarship is not a full scholarship.

Grant period:

The scholarship is awarded for one year and can only be received once.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. You must
    be a student from outside the European Economic Area.
  2. You must
    also be applying for a full-time Bachelor’s or Master’s program at one of
    the participating Dutch higher education institutions.
  3. You must
    meet the specific requirements of the institution of your choice (you can
    find it on the official website of the institution).
  4. You do not
    have a degree from an educational institution in the Netherlands.

The deadlines :

  1. Applications open for the year 2021-2022: November
    1, 2020.
  2. Application deadline: February 1, 2021 or May
    1, 2021.

Please check the website of the institution of your choice to confirm the
correct deadline.

For more details and to for the Holland Scholarship, visit the official
scholarship website at apply studyinholland .

Conclusion :

characterized by Studying
in the Netherlands is international quality and institutions that are among
the best
universities in the world on an annual basis. Therefore, the Dutch
Government Scholarship is among the most famous scholarships in the world.
Don’t waste time, meet the eligibility criteria and start applying now



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