The medical profession is considered one of the best and
oldest professions in history, and it is also considered one of the most
important professions throughout the ages. This profession helps relieve
people’s pain and makes them live a better life without diseases. The salaries
for the medical profession after completion of study and practice of work are
very rewarding. As a result, many students want to study medicine. Therefore,
in this article, we will present to you what are the stages of studying
medicine in order to be fully aware of what you will enter into it.

Stages of studying medicine:

As is the case in most countries of the world, studying medicine takes between
6-7 years, depending on the country in which you are studying. The stages of studying medicine are divided into 4 stages that include all academic years. You can click here to know more about this in depth.

Of course, there may be a difference between some countries in the medical
education system, but in general, the stages of medicine agreed upon between
many Arab and foreign countries are as follows:

1- Preparatory year (first stage):

Of course, you must have enough high school grades to be accepted into
medical school after completing high school. In any case, the preparatory year
(first stage) is the year that immediately follows the secondary stage and is
the first year of medical school.

During that year, you will study a number of scientific subjects, including
biology, physics and chemistry, and you will also study statistics and English.
This preparatory year can also be considered as a prelude to studying medicine
with its various specializations and special concepts.

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2- The second and third years (second stage):

The second and third years are devoted to studying the basic sciences of
medicine, in which the subjects are studied as follows:

  1. Physiology.
  2. Anatomy.
  3. Pathology.
  4. Microbiology.
  5. Biochemistry.
  6. Pharmacology.
  7. Histology.
  8. She also
    studies the anatomy of certain organs, and identifies appropriate
    treatments for diseases.

Thus, you have formed a solid base after studying all these basics so that
you can enter the next stage.

3- The fourth and fifth years (third stage):

These two years are called clinical years. During this stage, you will begin
to study some medical specialties in the form of a course dedicated to each of
the following:

  1. General
  2. Internal
  3. Pediatrics.
  4. Women and
  5. Orthopaedic
  6. Emergency
  7. Ear, nose
    and throat surgery.
  8. Eye
  9. Neurosurgery.

You will also be able to start working life as a doctor, where some patients
are followed up to apply what has been studied. You will also attend some
surgeries with the consultant doctors to benefit from their expertise and learn
faster and more accurately.

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4- Franchise year (fourth and final stage):

Now, after 6 years of study; I became a doctor of excellence who is able to
handle the medical work in the hospital and deal with and treat patients. Then
you have to define your path however you want. During that year, you can apply
to specialize in one of the medical specialties you prefer, taking into account
the extent of the demand for specializations and not others, which makes the
chance of acceptance almost non-existent.

You can also visit the specialties
of human medicine to know all the details and help in choosing the
specialty that is right for you or that you desire.

Residence stage:

After completing an academic study at the university. You are now about to
study the specialization you want with greater precision and comprehensiveness.
This stage is called the residency stage, and this stage takes between 3-6
years, depending on the desired specialization. After you pass this stage with
all its assessments, you will be a specialist.

Fellowship stage:

To become a consultant, you can join the fellowship stage. It is a
specialization study with greater accuracy and more comprehensive detail. This
stage takes between 2-3 years and then you will be a consultant in the relevant

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Academic study:

This is a completely different path from the previous stages. The path of
academic study leads to studying a master’s degree and a doctorate after
completing a bachelor’s degree and starting to teach at the university. The
master’s and doctoral degrees in your chosen major are studied in the year you
chose the major when you were studying for your bachelor’s degree.

These are all the stages of studying medicine that you can use when you want
to study medicine. You can choose the route that suits you as explained

The best universities to study medicine in the world:

There are many universities in the world that offer medicine of very high
quality. You can also visit the best
medical universities in the world and the basics of their classification to
find out what are the best universities in which you can study with high
quality and obtain international certificates through which you can work
anywhere in the world.

Cheapest countries to study medicine in the world:

There are also many countries that offer the study of medicine at the lowest
possible costs along with a very great quality of education. It is also found
in Austria, Germany, Russia and many other countries. You can see the cheapest
countries to study medicine in the world for international students and choose
the country that suits you and in which you want to study at the lowest
possible costs.

The best countries to study medicine in the world:

There are many countries that offer high quality medical education. With
medical certificates provided through these countries, you can also work and
practice medicine anywhere else in the world. For example, you can study
medicine in America, Australia or Britain and get the highest quality medical
education in the world.

You can also visit the best
countries to study medicine and the basic admission requirements for each
country separately in order to choose what suits you from these countries
and know all the details and conditions for admission to medical studies in

Conclusion :

These were the most important details that help any student wishing to study
medicine know the stages of studying medicine, what are the best countries to
study medicine and also the best universities to study medicine. In addition to
the cheapest countries if you want to study medicine abroad but do not have
enough money to study it in a large country.


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