Turkish Language Test (TYS) Full Guide

If you are interested in studying in Turkey , you must master the Turkish language, because most Turkish universities depend on the Turkish language for their education. These universities also require certificates to prove the proficiency of the
applicant to study the Turkish language for them. As a result, in this article,
we will provide you with all the details about the Turkish Language Test (TYS)
that you can obtain and submit its certificate with the supporting papers and
documents while applying to the university to study there.

What is the Turkish Language Test

TYS is the abbreviation of Türkçe Yeterlik Sınavı, which means Turkish
Proficiency Test. It is a test developed by Yunus Emre Institute for the
purpose of assessing the language proficiency of individuals who are learning
Turkish as a foreign or native language in accordance with the Common European
Framework of Reference for Languages. It is required to demonstrate Turkish
proficiency in students applying to study in Turkish universities in general.
The foreign student who succeeds in obtaining this certificate will be exempted
from one year to learn the Turkish language before starting his basic program.

Test language:

Turkish Language Proficiency Test (TYS) is offered only in Turkish.

Turkish Language Test Sections (TYS):

It is divided into 3 sessions, which are as follows:

First session, reading and listening:

  • Reading: This section contains 40
    multiple-choice or true or false questions, and assesses applicants’
    reading and comprehension skills, and its duration is 60 minutes.
  • Listening: This section consists of 30
    multiple-choice questions or true or false questions, and its duration is
    45 minutes.

Second session, writing section:

This writing section is divided into two different parts, which are
as follows:

  • Part One: It consists of only one question,
    and its duration is 20 minutes to answer it. The total points in this
    section are between 1-10
  • Part Two: It consists of two questions, and
    the time limit for answering these two questions is 40 minutes. The
    overall score in the part is 2-15.

Third session, conversation section:

The conversation section consists of two parts, which are as

  • The first part: consists of a conversation or
    independent verbal dialogues. In this section, one question is based on
    the candidates’ independent speech, and the time allotted to complete this
    question is 5 minutes. The points for this part are 10 points.
  • Part Two: Conversation or Dialogues, where
    candidates are asked to answer 7 questions in 10 minutes. The total time
    allotted for this part is 15 minutes. The points assigned to this part are
    15 points.

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exam mark

The overall score is 100, with each section carrying an equal weight of
points, i.e. 25 points. At least 50% is required in each section, i.e. 12.5
points to obtain the certificate, and the levels are evaluated as follows:

  1. To obtain the B2 level: an overall score
    between 55 – 70 is required.
  2. To get C1 level: an overall score between 71 –
    88 is required.
  3. To obtain the C2 level, an overall score must
    be obtained between 89 – 100.

Test duration

The duration of the Turkish Language Test (TYS) is 180 minutes in total,
with breaks, distributed as follows:

  1. Reading:
    60 minutes.
  2. Listening:
    45 minutes.
  3. Writing:
    45 minutes.
  4. Independent
    speaking: 5 minutes.
  5. Conversation:
    10 minutes.
  6. Breaks: 15

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How to register

Candidates can apply in person by going to the Yunus Emre Institute in
Ankara, or by visiting the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center abroad. You can
also submit your application online through the official website tys.yee which is
determined by the Yunus Emre Institute Test Center unit in Ankara.

You can also find out about Turkish Language Testing Centers (TYS) through tys.yee .

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Registration period

The Turkish language test is held three times a year, in January, May and
September. You can also find out the dates of the exams through exact tys.yee .

Test cost

Test fees vary from country to country. You can find out the fee for this
test for your country at tys.yee .

Test Validity

The validity of the Turkish language proficiency certificate is for two
years, and after two years have passed since the certificate, it is recommended
to renew it by taking the test again.

How to prepare for the Turkish Language Test (TYS):

Below we will show you important links that are sources for learning the
Turkish language professionally to pass the exam successfully the first time.

  • Turkish Proficiency Exam (TYS) Example .
  • Turkish Language Complete Set Istanbul Course .
  • CoLanguage TURKISH TYS test preparation .
  • Turkish Language Center .

Conclusion :

Learning the Turkish language in general will open up many opportunities for
you. Learning a new language can have a very positive impact on your resume and
job application. Also, the Turkish language is very important if you are
thinking of studying in Turkey. As a result, we decided to prepare this article
that helps you master the language, apply and get university admission in
Turkish universities


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