Is studying medicine really Hard?

Many students, from their childhood, want to study medicine
because of the high social status, humane behavior, and aid for the sick,
needy, and injured. But many people say that studying medicine is one of the
most difficult and longest studies in terms of study period. The subjects
taught in medical school are also among the most difficult of all colleges. As
a result, we will discuss in this article a very important topic, which is
whether studying medicine is really difficult, or are these false beliefs
believed by many and have become transmitted from one generation to another and
from one person to another.

Is studying medicine difficult?

Graduates of the College of Medicine say that studying the college is not as
difficult as some think. All the student has to do is to have a great state of
ambition and optimism, and the student’s ability to bear the pressures of the
college. All of these matters have a major role in making medical school easy,
as some doctors say that there are two types of doctors, the first type, who
spends most of his time studying solely based on ambition and focus, and the
other type is the one who lets fear control and influence him.

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Misconceptions about studying medicine:

Because of the surrounding society, the modern medical school
student begins to take the wrong beliefs from them and that there is no more
difficult medical school on earth. Certainly, all of this causes pessimism and
fear for the student, which certainly brings negative results to the student. I
these beliefs are as follows: 

1- Length of study period:

The duration of studying medicine varies with different specialties. But in
general, the period that most students will spend to finish the bachelor’s
stage will be divided into 3 different stages, which are as follows:

  • Preparatory
    stage: the first year.
  • Academic
    foundation stage: the second, third and fourth years.
  • Clinical
    science stage: the fifth and sixth years.

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2- Nature of work:

Of course dealing with autopsies, blood and surgeries will be difficult at
first. But, of course, after getting used to it and practicing a lot, the
student will get used to not being afraid and completing his homework to the

3- Difficulty of the material:

Because there is a lot of talk about the difficulty of subjects in medical
school, which also leads to fear and pessimism, students will be sure that
these subjects are really difficult without starting to study them. That is why
students who have passed these subjects say that what makes it difficult is to
listen to what these people say and believe that it is really difficult, and
this makes it more and more difficult for you despite its ease. So don’t listen
to this kind of people.

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4- Medicine is memorization, not understanding:

Another common mistake among students about to enter medical school is their
belief that all medical school subjects are only memorization, not
understanding. But this is one of the most misconceptions that can lead its
owner to death. But you must learn any subject in any college that must contain
laws whose principles must be preserved and then understood. Therefore, medical
school is not only memorization, but the largest part of it is understanding.

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The hardest things about medical school:

There are some things during your study in medical school that you
cannot balance like any normal person, and these things are as follows:

1- Balance:

He is hard on the medical school student to achieve a normal balance in his
life in general. As a medical school can be compared to a marathon. Every hour
you don’t spend studying can be a huge blow to your ability to keep up with the
material. So free time during medical school is not easy to create, and even
maintaining simple habits like exercise or other can be difficult.

2- Time management:

On the website studentdoctor one of the posters has been written that says
that one of the hardest things about medical school is accepting the fact that
you can absolutely do your best and study just to barely break a class average
in exams. Another wrote that one of the challenges is accepting the fact that
you will never cross everything off your to-do list.

3- Life outside medical school:

Another common problem is social isolation. Free time often becomes a thing
of the past when you start studying medicine, so relationships can be affected.
If you’re used to getting a lot of social support, have plenty of time to go
out with friends and family, and attend a lot of parties and events, you’ll
probably miss it after starting medical school. Medical students also have to
deal with a lot of change and uncertainty. Going to medical school often
involves moving to a new city. Then, just a few years later, residencies mean
moving again (again and again). It’s not a good formula for a lifetime of
constant stability.

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4- Board exams:

One of the most difficult parts of medical school is the board exams to
become a globally certified medical doctor. The first test, USMLE Step 1, is
one of the most difficult. Fortunately, your knowledge of basic medical science
will be as good as it would be at this point. You will have the ability to pass
the test if you have studied hard, and you will be able to move forward. The
Step 2 exam (usually taken during the third or fourth year) and the Final Step
3 exam (usually taken during the fourth year or after graduation) will present
serious challenges as well.

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5- Starting the clinical stage:

The third year is a big transition for most medical school students, as you
will likely transition into being a working student and will interact with
patients extensively for the first time. This brings a whole new set of
challenges around communication, career and relationships in the workplace. The
third year is almost certainly going to be a humbling experience in which you
spend a lot of time listening and learning from those who are older and more
experienced than you.

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6- Save:

The amount of knowledge one is supposed to learn in medical school is huge.
Many chapters will come with 1,000 or more pages of material that you’re
supposed to memorize. But as we mentioned before, understanding also has a big
share while studying in medical school. But you will also have to save. So this
is a big challenge.

Opinions of distinguished doctors about whether studying medicine is
difficult or not:

Most doctors who have completed the bachelor’s level with all its difficult
academic subjects with distinction see that studying medicine and its subjects
is not difficult, as ambition, optimism and the ability to withstand academic
pressure all play a key role in facilitating the study of medicine, and
graduating with distinction and in a timely manner. Where some doctors compare
a number of diligent students who spend most of their time studying, and you
find one of them excels and the other only gets the result of success, and the
reason for this is that the outstanding student studies with high ambition and
focus without fear affecting his mind, while the other student is on the
contrary. Exactly, as he left space for fear to affect his results and his
educational attainment.

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General advice about studying medicine:

In order to be able to complete the bachelor’s stage well and with
excellence, there are some tips that you should work on, as follows:

  1. You should
    always be ambitious and optimistic, try to stay away from everything that
    causes fear and pessimism, and be very careful to stay focused during your
  2. Dividing
    the time in an organized manner that ensures intensive study and great
    effort, and making sure to enjoy practicing some recreational habits so as
    not to get bored of the continuous study hours.
  3. Also,
    mastering the English language and memorizing frequent medical terms will
    help you a lot in your advanced years of studying medicine.
  4. References
    should always be used extensively, as medicine contains lots and lots of
    information. In order to see most of them, references must be used

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Conclusion :

After discussing whether studying medicine is difficult or not, and what are
the misconceptions held by many students who are about to start studying
medicine. I think now it’s easy and there is no complication that was there
before discussing and reading this article. All you have to do is believe in
your abilities and not get negative charges and pessimism from those around you
and trust yourself with all the confidence that you will easily overcome
everything that is difficult

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