Russian government scholarship for international students and all its details

The Russian Government Scholarship is one of the most important annual
scholarships in the world. The Russian government has provided 18,000 seats in
internationally accredited and recognized universities for international
students to study in Russia through the government scholarship. Russia is also one of the best
study destinations in the world , and the cheapest
country in which you can study and get the best possible quality of
education compared to the annual expenses. In this article, we will learn about
all the details of the Russian government scholarship, the requirements and
conditions for its acceptance and how to apply for it as well.                               

Russian Government Scholarship Details:

  1. Host country: Russia.
  2. Host universities: Russian universities (6
    universities among the best in Russia).
  3. Funding body of the grant: the Russian
  4. Degree of study: All degrees (Bachelor’s,
    Master’s, and Ph.D.).
  5. The duration of the study is as follows:
    • Bachelor’s
      degree: 4 years.
    • Masters:
      two years.
    • PhD:
      4 years.

  6. Who can apply for the scholarship: All
    students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the Russian
    Government Scholarship.
  7. Total required in the previous certificate: No
    specific sum is required.
  8. Age of the applicant: No specific age is
    required to apply.
  9. Language Certificates: The scholarship does
    not require certificates of English or even Russian proficiency.
  10. Application start date: The scholarship start
    date for everyone is in January and February, so check the official
    website before applying for each year.

What does the Russian government scholarship cover:

The scholarship is fully funded as it covers all costs as follows:

  1. 100% tuition
  2. A
    maintenance allowance for the duration of the study.
  3. Providing
    free housing (if any).
  4. Free
    preparatory year to learn Russian (for students who do not know Russian).

What does the scholarship cover:

  1. the
    traveling cost.
  2. living
  3. health

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How to apply for the scholarship:

There are some important steps that must be completed in order to be
able to properly apply for the Russian government scholarship. These steps are
as follows:

1- Contact the unified operator in your country and get information about
scholarships and available fields of study:

The number of state-funded places for international students allocated to a
country depends on the nature of its cooperation with Russia. Some countries
have agreements that specify not only the number of places to be funded, but
the topics as well.

As for the operator in the countries, it is represented in:

  • Rossotrudnichestvo
    representative office; or
  • Rossotrudnichestvo
    representative at the Embassy of Russia.
  • Russian

2- You register on the website, fill out a form online, and then send the

In this step, you will be asked to clarify some personal matters as

  • Personal
    information (full name, date of birth, country of residence, email and
    contact phone number).
  • The
    profession, major or field of study to which you are applying (you can
    change this information at any time before completing the relevant exams).
  • Your
    current level of education.
  • Russian
    language level.
  • You can
    choose up to 6 universities you wish to study at (from those universities
    available under the scholarship), but no more than 3 universities in one
    Federal Constituency. In Moscow and St. Petersburg – no more than 2 in
    each city. Select the university where you want to study as your first
    choice and list the other universities in descending order according to
    your preference.
  • You will
    also need to upload a copy of your passport (it must be valid for at least
    18 months from the date of your arrival in Russia) or a copy of your birth
  • Copies of
    documents/certificates confirming your current level of education and/or
    qualification received in a foreign country. All of the above can be
    submitted in paper form to the uniform operator in your country.

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3- Wait for an invitation to participate in the selection process
(interviews, tests, exams):

Depending on your country, the interview schedule for relevant exams and
exams will be published on the official website. Or an email will be sent to
you directly.

4- Find yourself in the list of candidates:

This information will be published on the official website of the unified
operator in your country or can be mailed directly to applicants (please
confirm this at the relevant representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo).

Applicants who do not know the Russian language sufficiently to study in
their chosen subject are enrolled in the preparatory department. They spend one
year studying the Russian language, as well as several general education
disciplines (mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, etc.) depending on the
chosen field of study. Applicants who pass the final exams, get the right to
continue their studies in the subject of their choice. Prospective students who
do not pass their exams lose their right to free education.

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5- If you are on the list of candidates, additional documents must be

  • A medical
    certificate confirming that there are no medical reasons preventing you from
    entering a Russian university, including HIV test results.
  • Copies of
    documents (notarized and translated into Russian).
  • Attach
    these documents to the electronic form and submit it online or hand it
    over in hard copy to the sole operator in your country.

6- Wait for confirmation of your enrollment in the Russian university:

After completing all the previous steps, wait for a notification confirming
your enrollment in the university where you have applied to study through the
Russian Government Scholarship containing information about the next steps that
must be taken.

You can apply for the Russian government scholarship, and for additional
information, you can visit the official website of the scholarship at studyinrussia

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Conclusion :

The Russian scholarship is among the best in the world, because it provides
many places for international students from all over the world every year. It
also does not require proficiency in English or Russian and does not require a
certain age to apply for any degree. Therefore, many international students
apply to it every year for the opportunity to study in Russia for free and
obtain a degree from a reputable university


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