Scholarships in Australia full guide

Australia has a great quality of education, and it also has some of the best
universities in the world , so many international students want to study in Australia ,
but it is known that tuition fees in Australian universities are very
expensive, so there are a lot of scholarships in Australia that offer
Government, public and private universities, which you can apply for one of
these scholarships to study completely free of charge in Australia

Scholarships in Australia:

There are a lot of scholarships in Australia that help international
students from all over the world financially. These scholarships in Australia
are offered by the government and universities, and here we will show you the
best scholarships in Australia for international students that you can apply
for and study for free in Australia.

We will also put you a search tool for the official website of the
scholarship to find out whether you are fit to apply for these scholarships or
not, in addition to knowing the conditions and requirements for each
scholarship separately.

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Scholarship Programs in Australia Available for International Students:

1- Australia Awards Scholarships :

Formerly known as Australian Development Scholarships (ADS), these are
long-term development awards administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs
and Trade that provide opportunities for students from developing countries as

What the scholarship covers:

  1. Tuition
    fees in full.
  2. Round trip
  3. establishment
  4. Introductory
    academic programme.
  5. Pre-sessional
    English language course fees.
  6. Contribution
    to living expenses.
  7. Health
    insurance for international students.

Host university:

Any of the universities participating in the scholarship according to your
choice when applying, and you can find out about these universities through the
official website ( dfat ).

Target countries:

Citizens of one of the participating countries in Asia, the Pacific, Africa
and the Middle East. You can find out about all the participating countries
through the official website of the scholarship ( dfat ).

Study level and fields available for this scholarship:

Undergraduate or postgraduate programs related to your country’s priority
areas of development and listed in the participating country’s profiles.

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The scholarship is not intended for areas related to aircraft, nuclear
technology, or military training.

Eligibility criteria to apply for this scholarship:

  1. Be at
    least 18 years old on February 1 of the scholarship start year.
  2. Be a
    citizen of a participating country, be a resident and apply for the
    scholarship from the same country.
  3. Not be an
    Australian citizen, hold Australian permanent residence or apply for a
    visa to live in Australia permanently, as this scholarship is only for
    international students.
  4. Not be
    married, engaged, or eligible for Australian or New Zealand citizenship or
    permanent residence at any time during the application, selection or
    filling stages.
  5. You must
    have finished military service in your country.
  6. You must
    meet the criteria set by the government or university for the applicant’s
    country of nationality.
  7. Be able to
    meet the admission requirements of the institution in which the
    scholarship will be offered.
  8. Be able to
    meet all the requirements of the Department of Home Affairs to obtain a
    student visa, and in case you do not meet the requirements the scholarship
    will be withdrawn from you automatically
  9. Not to
    apply for a scholarship for a course of study at a lower academic level
    (i.e. you must not apply for a master’s course while already having a

Submission instructions:

Check the opening and closing dates for your country, and select your
country of citizenship/residence from the list of participating countries for
specific information on eligibility, priority areas and how to apply.

The deadline varies by country. The deadline for the 2021 cycle for most
countries is June 30, 2020, and applications in Africa have already closed on
December 6, 2019.

Scholarship dates:

It is an annual scholarship given each year to international students.

The deadline for applying for the scholarship is June 30, 2020 which is an
annual date, and the course for the current scholarship will start in 2021.

If you miss this deadline for your 2021 scholarship, you can apply next year before
the official deadline for your country application ends.

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How to apply for the Australia Awards Scholarships:

You can apply for the scholarship in two different ways.

1- Apply online:

  1. You log on
    to the Australian
    Online Scholarship Information System (OASIS) , and upon registration
    you will be asked to answer some questions to prove your eligibility to
    apply for the scholarship, then you will receive your registration number,
    username and password.
  2. You can
    draft and update the application form and do not need to submit the
    application directly, but only must be before the closing date specified
    for the scholarship in the applicant’s country profile.
  3. Once you
    apply, your application cannot be changed, so we strongly advise you to
    confirm all the information and documents attached to the application and
    also make sure that they are complete data. We also advise not to delay in
    applying because the scholarship information system is facing a high
    demand in the last days of the grant, so you will face some delay in
    responding And look at your profile.
  4. If you
    need further assistance see the online user guide for the applicant .

2- Submission by mail:

If you do not wish to apply for the scholarship online, you can apply by
mail, just check the profile of the participating country for contact details,
for a paper application form and any other required templates.

Completed application forms and supporting documents must be submitted by
the deadline set by your country, see opening and closing dates .

Check the profile of the participating country to see if your state requires
additional supporting documents, such as referees’ reports (form below).

The profile of the participating country must be considered, because the
conditions of the grant can impose on the applicant’s country additional
supporting documents, such as referees’ reports, and you can download it from
here ( Reference Report Form ).

2- The Australian Research Training Program (RTP):

About the grant:

It is one of the scholarships in Australia provided by the Australian
government, in which only postgraduate degrees (Masters and PhD) are taught,
and it is an annual course that you can apply to in any year.

The deadline for for the scholarship: It applying is a
different date and is usually from April to October (annual).

Universities participating in this scholarship: You can
find out about all universities participating in the scholarship through
Scholarship the official Australian Research Training Program website .

Target Students:
International students and local students as well.

What is covered by the Australian Research Training Program Scholarships:

  1. The
    scholarship covers the tuition fee for a higher degree by the student
    research (HDR) that would have been paid by the student, this requires
    that the university fully reimburse the student’s applicable tuition fee,
    this is not a stipend.
  2. The
    scholarship helps international and domestic students with the cost of
    living while they obtain a higher degree through research.
  3. The
    scholarship provides allowances to help students with the additional costs
    of a higher degree by research (HDR), including transportation costs for
    an HDR report, printing of an HDR thesis, academic publishing costs, and
    health coverage costs for recipients and their families.
  4. The
    Australian Research Training Program Scholarships are available for a
    maximum period of 2 years for a research master’s degree or no more than 3
    years, for a PhD degree the maximum award is 4 years.

Eligibility criteria to apply for the scholarship:

To be eligible for the Research Training Program Scholarships, RTP Fee
Reimbursement or RTP Allowance, a student must be a domestic student or a
foreign student enrolled in an HDR accredited course of study at an Australian
educational institution.

To fully know the eligibility criteria to apply for this scholarship, it is
only listed in Section 1.5 of the Commonwealth Scholarship Guidelines, and you
can view it through the official website (the legislation ).

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Instructions and how to apply:

Applications for RTP scholarships must be submitted directly to the
participating universities. Each university has its own application and
selection process. Please contact your chosen university directly to discuss
how to apply for the RTP scheme. The deadline for each university varies but is
between April and October each year, so you must Communicate with the
university directly to find out all the details of the application and
deadlines for the grant.

For more information and more accurate details about the grant and how to
apply in the right way, visit the
official website of the grant .

To find out your eligibility for scholarships in Australia:

Visit the official website of the Australian government and choose the
scholarship you want to apply for, the degree you will study, and all the
eligibility criteria for this scholarship will appear in front of you and
whether you can apply for it or not.

Official website: search.studyinaustralia .

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Scholarships in Australia for Australian universities:

Many Australian universities offer a large number of scholarships in Australia
that you can take advantage of and study in Australia for free as well, and
below we will show you some of them.

1- International Research Scholarships at the University of Sydney:

The University of Sydney offers scholarships to students at Masters and PhD
degrees. The scholarship will cover tuition fees and a living allowance for up
to 3 years with the possibility of extending only one semester for PhD

For more details about the scholarship, how to apply and to know the
eligibility criteria in full, visit the official website of the university .

2- Macquarie University International Scholarships:

The Macquarie University International Scholarship offers a partial tuition
fee scholarship for outstanding students to study an undergraduate or
postgraduate degree at Macquarie University North Ryde Campus, the value of the
scholarship varies up to AUD 10,000.

For more details about the scholarship, how to apply and to know the
eligibility criteria in full, visit the official website of the university .

3- Research Scholarships at the University of Melbourne for Graduates:

The Graduate Research Scholarship is established by the University of
Melbourne and awarded to outstanding local and international research students.
Scholarship benefits include tuition waiver, living allowance, relocation grant
and Overseas Student Health Cover.

For more details about the scholarship, how to apply and to know the
eligibility criteria in full, visit the official website of the university.

4- Adelaide International Scholarships:

The University of Adelaide offers a program to attract high-quality
international graduate students to areas of research strength at the University
of Adelaide to support its research efforts. Scholarships include course
tuition fees, annual living allowance and health insurance.

For more details about the scholarship, how to apply, and to know the
eligibility criteria in full, click here .

5- Flinders International Graduate Scholarships:

Scholarships at this university are awarded to postgraduate students only,
where the study of a master’s degree lasts two years, and a doctorate degree is
3 years.

The Flinders University International Scholarship covers full tuition fees,
student living allowance, establishment allowance, transportation costs, and
return airfares.

For more details about the scholarship, how to apply, and to know the
eligibility criteria in full, click here .

6- International Scholarships at Charles Darwin University for Outstanding

Charles Darwin University offers a limited number of scholarships of 25 –
50% of tuition fees to international students with a record of academic
excellence and high achievement who are pursuing an undergraduate or
postgraduate degree at Charles Darwin University.

For more details about the scholarship, how to apply and to know the
eligibility criteria in full, visit the official website of the university .

Conclusion :

Australia is characterized by its high-quality education, which attracts a
lot of international students from all over the world, and it also has
universities that are in the first rankings in the world, but what always
hinders the hopes of international students to complete studying abroad at the
best universities is the tuition fees, so we have provided you with the best
scholarships Study in Australia to be able to complete education in the best
countries in the world


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