Scholarships in South Korea

You can now study in South Korea with scholarships in South Korea provided by the Korean
government and private and public universities, to help international students
from all over the world to complete their studies abroad , and
obtain a globally recognized degree.

Studying in South Korea has many advantages, as it has universities that are
ranked among the best
universities in the world , and it ranks No. 11 in economic growth, so the
standard of living in it will provide you with comfort well as an international
student living in South Korea, as Seoul ranked The capital of South Korea is
one of the top 10 university cities in the world.

Scholarships in South Korea:

There are some scholarships in South Korea that help international students
to finance their studies and study in South Korea for free. Here are the most
important scholarships in South Korea.

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1- Global Korea Scholarship:

This scholarship is offered to 2,000 international students annually, and
this is a government scholarship in which you can study a bachelor’s degree or
an associate’s degree, and it is fully funded, and there are two tracks for
this scholarship, the embassy track and the university track.

Embassy path criteria:
The Korea Global Scholarship invites 125 lucky international students from 67
countries to start a bachelor’s degree, before becoming a successful GSK candidate,
the Korean Embassy screens the candidate for the first selection process.

You can study in 38 universities through this path, and the study is for a
bachelor’s degree only.

Undergraduate course criteria:
Out of 72 countries, 60 international students have been invited by the Korean
government for a bachelor’s degree and 35 international students for an
associate’s degree. In order to receive the scholarship, a candidate must pass
the first selection stage.

You can study in 24 universities through this path, but only study in the
field of natural sciences and engineering, in addition to 6 universities that
teach an associate’s degree.

Korea Global Scholarship Details:

  1. Funded by
    the Korean government.
  2. It offers
    bachelor’s and associate’s degrees.
  3. 220
    scholarships are awarded to international students each year.

Grant Duration:

  1. Bachelor’s
    degree lasts for 5 years, (1-year Korean language program).
  2. The
    associate’s degree lasts between 3-4 years (1-year Korean language

What does the Korea Global Scholarship cover:

  1. Free
    return flight ticket.
  2. A
    settlement allowance of 200,000 KRW will be provided.
  3. A monthly
    allowance of 900,000 KRW will be provided.
  4. Korean
    language training fee for one year fully covered.
  5. Exemption
    from university admission fees.
  6. Medical
    insurance of KRW 60,000 per month will be provided.
  7. The Korean
    Proficiency Scholarship will be awarded KRW 100,000 per month.
  8. One-time
    degree completion scholarships will be offered 100,000 KRW.

Eligibility criteria to apply for the Global Korea Scholarship:

  1. The
    candidate must be a citizen of the partner countries of the Korean Global
  2. The
    candidate must not hold Korean citizenship or dual citizenship.
  3. The
    candidate must be under 25 years old.
  4. The
    candidate must be a high school graduate.
  5. The
    candidate must maintain his or her GPA in order to maintain the
  6. The
    candidate must be medically fit.

Criteria for selecting the Korea Global Scholarship:

  1. In the
    first round of selection, the Korean Embassy or University will review
    applications against the selection criteria.
  2. In the
    second round of selection, a selection committee will make the selection.
  3. Candidates
    who have successfully passed the first round, and who proceed to the next
    round, will be accepted into one of the universities they applied to.

Documents required for the Korea Global Scholarship:

  1. Application
    form for the Global Korea Scholarship.
  2. Personal
    statement (how to write a personal statement).
  3. Study
  4. Two
    letters of recommendation.
  5. Personal
    medical evaluation.
  6. High
    school graduation certificate.
  7. High
    school grade certificate.
  8. Proof of
    citizenship of the applicant.
  9. Proof of
    the applicant’s guardian, the required nationality document, a copy of the
  10. Other
    awards and certificates (optional).
  11. A valid
    TOPIK degree certificate (optional).
  12. A valid
    English language proficiency test certificate (optional).
  13. Proof of
    Korean citizenship waiver document (only for former Korean citizenship

How to Apply for the Global Korea Scholarship for International Students:

International students can apply for the scholarship through two
different means: 

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1- The path of the embassy:

Candidates who apply through the embassy route must apply for admission at
the Korean embassy in their country of origin according to their nationality,
and you can apply to 3 different universities through this route by applying to
the Korean embassy in your country directly.

2- University path:

Undergraduate track candidates must apply to any Korean universities that
are eligible for this scholarship online, students can apply for only one
university through undergraduate track criteria.

Note: If the candidate sends his application to more than
one institution, his application will not be considered.

Global Korea Scholarship Deadlines:

Regarding the path of the embassy: the candidate must
inquire from the Korean embassy in his country, because the dates are different
for embassies in different countries.

For University Path: Candidates need to get update from the
eligible universities for Korea Global Scholarship from the official website.

The official website and application for the scholarship: studyinkorea .

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2- KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship:

KAIST was established by the Korean government as one of the top
universities of science and technology in South Korea, with more than 61,125
alumni who have contributed to innovation, economic growth, and

KAIST ranks first in the University of South Korea among research
institutes, moreover, ranks 9th in QS Asian University, 17th in QS WU in
Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and 19th in QS Ranking in Materials

You can study a bachelor’s degree at this institute of the University of South
Korea and get the chance to meet international students from 92 different
countries around the world.

Details of the KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship:

  1. Host
    country: South Korea.
  2. Host
    university: KAIST University.
  3. Degree
    Level: Bachelor’s.

Study programs available at KAIST University Scholarship

  1. Natural
  2. Physics.
  3. Mathematical
  4. Chemistry.
  5. Life
    sciences and bioengineering
  6. Biological
  7. Mechanical
  8. Aviation
  9. electrical
  10. computer
  11. Civil and
    Environmental Engineering.
  12. Bioengineering
    and the brain.
  13. Industrial
  14. Industrial
    and systems engineering.
  15. Chemical
    and Biomolecular Engineering.
  16. Materials
    Science and Engineering.
  17. Nuclear
    and quantitative engineering.
  18. Business
    and Technology Management.

program duration :

The duration of the program is 4 years.

What does the KAIST scholarship cover:

  1. Full
    tuition waiver for 8 semesters.
  2. Living
    expenses allowance of KRW 350,000 per month.
  3. health

Eligibility Criteria for the KAIST Scholarship:

  1. The KAIST
    University Scholarship is available to international students from all
    over the world.
  2. Candidates
    must have successfully graduated from high school.
  3. Dual
    citizenship holders cannot apply for a KAIST University scholarship.
  4. The
    student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.7 out of 4.3 after the first

Documents Required for a KAIST Scholarship:

The process of sending applications for admission to the KAIST Scholarship
is done online, and the required documents are as follows:

  1. Application
    form ( see application form ).
  2. One
    letter of recommendation ( see sample letter of recommendation ).
  3. High
    school graduation certificate.
  4. English
    language proficiency test certificate.
  5. Standardized
    official report of test results.
  6. A copy
    of your passport or national ID.

How to Apply for the KAIST International Scholarship:

  1. Download
    the online application form.
  2. Fill out
    the application form with accurate information.
  3. Pay the
    application fee.
  4. Upload
    scanned documents.
  5. Check
    the documents after they are uploaded.

For more information about admission requirements at KAIST University grant,
visit admissions guide at the University official website .

Application dates for the KAIST Scholarship 2021:

International students can apply for this scholarship 3 times a year on
different dates as follows.

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Early :

Application opening date: September 1, 2020.
Deadline for submission of applications and documents: October
23, 2020.
Deadline for letter of recommendation: October 30, 2020.

Regularly :

Application opening date: November 9, 2020.
Deadline for submission of applications and documents: January
8, 2021.
Deadline for letter of recommendation: January 15, 2021.

Late :

Application opening date: March 1, 2021.
Deadline for submission of applications and documents: May 28,
Deadline for letter of recommendation: May 31, 2021.

The official website of the university: kaist .

Applying for the scholarship: apply.kaist

3- GIST Scholarship in South Korea:

This is one among a large number of scholarships in South Korea, the
scholarship is offered by Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, and it
is a fully funded scholarship.

Just like KAIST, UST, SNU, and Korea University, GIST University is also one
of the best universities in South Korea, plus the Gwangju University
Scholarship in South Korea is one of the best scholarships in Asia.

Details of the GIST Scholarship in South Korea:

  1. Host country: South Korea.
  2. Host University: Guangzhou Institute of
    Science and Technology (GIST).
  3. Degree Level: Master’s degree, Ph.D.,
    integrated master’s and doctoral program.

Programs available to study:

  1. Electrical
    engineering and computer science.
  2. Mechanical
  3. Life
  4. Department
    of Physics and Photon Sciences.
  5. Department
    of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering.
  6. Graduate
    School of Artificial Intelligence.
  7. chemistry
  8. Integrated
    Technology School.
  9. Materials
    Science and Engineering.
  10. Earth
    sciences and environmental engineering.

What does the GIST scholarship cover:

  1. Tuition
    fee waiver, 3,415,000 KRW per semester.
  2. Master’s
    degree allowances: KRW 140,000 per month.
  3. PhD
    allowances: KRW 295,000 per month.
  4. Meal
    allowance: KRW 100,000 per month (for students who have completed at least
    9 credit hours in the previous semester of a Masters or Ph.
  5. health
  6. Round
    trip travel costs.
  7. Research
    assistance will be provided to students who participate in research

Eligibility Criteria for the Guangzhou Institute Scholarship:

  1. The
    scholarship is available to all international students from all over the
  2. You must
    hold a Bachelor’s degree while applying for a Master’s degree.
  3. You must
    have a master’s degree or equivalent if you are applying for a doctorate

Documents required to apply for the grant:

GIST Scholarship Application Online.
Official transcripts and certificates.
Two letters of recommendation.
English language proficiency test.
Scanned copy of the applicant’s passport.

How to submit documents to GIST:

There are two ways to submit the required documents for admission to the
GIST University Scholarship, you can send the documents by post or by email.

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By email :
If you can not send your documents because COVID-19, sent her via e mail,
collect all documents and create one with PDF file and sent to Pdf file

by mail :
Send it to the following address, Student Services Department, Second Floor
Administrative Building, GIST 123 Cheomdangwagi-ro, Bukgu, Gwangju, Republic of
Korea 61005.
Tel: +82-62-715-2054.

How to Apply for GIST Scholarships:

  1. The
    candidate must submit the application online.
  2. All
    required materials must be mailed to GIST.
  3. Wait for
    the results email.
  4. Selected
    candidates will submit registration documents and registration fees.
  5. The
    candidate will apply for a student visa.

Final submission dates:

The last date to apply for the Guangzhou Institute of Science and Technology
Scholarship 2022 is October 15, 2021, and it is an annual scholarship that can
be applied annually on the same date with only a change of year.

The official website of the university: gist .
Apply for the grant: service.gist

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Conclusion :

There are many scholarships in South Korea that you can apply to and study
in Korea completely free of charge and live a student life in a capital that
ranks among the top 10 university cities in the world, in addition to the fact
that the educational system in South Korea is very wonderful and degrees from
Korean universities are globally accredited , so this is indeed a great
opportunity that will greatly enhance your CV, don’t waste it on yourself


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