Study Medicine(MBBS) in Finland

Finland is distinguished for its
high quality of medical education. Finland places great importance on
developing strong and well-equipped medical professionals in medical schools in
Finland. As a result, when you make the decision to study medicine in Finland,
you can be sure that you will receive an internationally recognized
international degree, as well as the best education possible. 

A large number of programs in
Finland are offered in English, especially at master’s level. However, most
undergraduate studies in Finland are conducted in Finnish.

Why study medicine in Finland:

There are many advantages that make international students consider studying
medicine in Finland over any other country, here are some of them:

  1. Very
    reasonable tuition and living costs for international students compared to
    the rest of Europe and America.
  2. High
    standard of living.
  3. Very high
    quality teaching.
  4. Internationally
    recognized certificates. As a result, you can work anywhere in the world
    and practice medicine effortlessly.
  5. There are
    no donation or header fees required at Finnish colleges and universities.
  6. Modern
    teaching techniques with outstanding facilities equipped with
    well-established infrastructure.
  7. Finland is
    also a very safe country especially for international students.

Duration of studying medicine in Finland:

As in many other countries. The duration of studying medicine in Finland is
6 years.

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Conditions for studying medicine in Finland:

In order to be able to study medicine in Finland, there are some conditions
that must be met in order to be able to apply to Finnish medical universities.
These conditions are as follows:

  1. The
    student must have a high school diploma He must also obtain a total of 50%
    of the marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  2. To be
    accepted into an undergraduate program at Finnish medical universities,
    you must be between 17-25 years old.
  3. The
    student must have studied English in high school.

Language requirements:

In order to be able to study in Finland in English, you must provide proof
of your English language proficiency. As for the English language tests
accepted in all Finnish universities, they are as follows:

  1. IELTS .
  2. (iBT) or TOEFL (PBT) .
  3. Pearson
    Test of English (PTE Academic).
  4.  Cambridge
    ESOL (CPE).
  5. Cambridge
    ESOL (CAE).

But the TOEFL and IELTS are always the safest choices.

You may not take an English language test or prove your mastery of
it if you have the following:

  1. I was a
    native English speaker.
  2. Your
    previous academic degree was taught in English at a university in the
    European Union, European Economic Area, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or
    the USA.

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Documents required to apply to medical universities in Finland:

  1. A
    complete application form filled with all the finer details.
  2. Original
    and copy of the passport.
  3. Birth
    certificates and other mandatory certificates must be submitted to the
    relevant authority.
  4. Passport
    size photos (3 cm x 4 cm).
  5. Original
    and copy of the marks papers for the tenth and twelfth standards.
  6. You must provide
    a certificate of code of conduct.
  7. You must
    provide proof that you are able to undertake all study and living in
    Finland (you can provide bank certificates).
  8. Medical
    examination certificate.

The best universities to study medicine in Finland:

There are a lot of universities in Finland that offer high-quality medical
programs, and we will mention below the top 5 of these universities.

1- Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki:

The University of Helsinki is the oldest and largest academic institution in
Finland. It has been teaching since 1640, and today it boasts a
multidisciplinary academic community where students come from all over the
world to study at different levels and in many fields. The University of
Helsinki is also home to the best medical school in Finland.

The undergraduate medical program at the University of Helsinki focuses on
providing students with the knowledge and skills to research, critically
evaluate and apply scientific information.

  • The
    official website of the university: helsinki
  • University
    admission requirements: helsinki .

2- Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, University of Tampere:

This university is dedicated to pursuing world-class research and also
offers high quality education. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology
(MET) at the University of Tampere is a very prestigious medical school, second
only to the University of Helsinki in Finland.

The university offers a medicine program as well as specialized training
beyond the undergraduate level for both the medical and dental fields. Within
the School of Medicine, there is a Skills Training and Simulation Center that
allows students to safely practice clinical skills through simulation during
their studies

The medicine programs at this university are taught in Finnish, so you will
need to be able to speak Finnish fluently to study in it.

  • The
    official website of the university: tuni .

admission requirements: tun i .

3- Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku:

The University of Turku focuses on interdisciplinary studies and offers a
bachelor’s program in medicine and dentistry, as well as studies at the
master’s level. Only 4 specific master’s degrees are taught in English, the
rest are taught in Finnish.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Turku has been operating since
1640 but under the name of the Royal Academy of Turku. And then a new medical
college was established in 1943 to meet the needs of the country during World
War II. The university has 4 departments of medicine (Biomedicine, Clinical
Medicine, Nursing Science, Dentistry), as well as independent units such as
Functional Food Forum, Research Laboratories, etc.

  • The
    official website of the university: utu
  • University
    admission requirements: utu .

4- Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu:

The University of Oulu is one of the largest in Finland, with around 13,000
students. The university offers plenty of international study programs that aim
to attract students from all over the world as part of their exchange studies.

The University of Oulu Medical School is located next to the University of
Oulu Hospital and forms part of the Kontin Kangas Life Sciences Campus. This
medical school in Finland has a very diverse curriculum in everything related
to health sciences and offers master’s degrees and dentistry, as well as
master’s programs in a range of subjects such as nursing sciences, health
management sciences, teacher education in health sciences and biomedical

International programs offered by the University of Oulu include biomedical
engineering, epidemiology and biomedical data science. But all programs at this
university are only offered in Finnish, so you will need to speak Finnish

  • The
    official website of the university: oulu .
  • University
    admission requirements: oulu .

5- Faculty of Medicine of the University of Eastern Finland:

This university was established in 2010 through the merger of the
Universities of Joensuu and Kuopio, after a close collaboration between the two
universities previously. As a result of this merger, the university operates
across two campuses.

This multidisciplinary university offers a wide range of study options and
focuses on the global challenges around which disciplines congregate. They are
also the research areas of the university:

  • Aging,
    lifestyles and health.
  • Learning
    in a digital society.
  • Cultural
    encounters, mobility and borders.
  • Environmental
    change and the adequacy of natural resources.

Basic degrees in medicine and dentistry are taught only in Finnish. The
medical degree program lasts 6 years. To apply, you must pass the Finnish
entrance exams and complete the university application form.

  • The
    official website of the university: uef .
  • University
    admission requirements: uef .

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Costs of studying medicine in Finland:

The costs of studying medicine in Finland vary according to the university.
But in a way, the average study of medicine in Finland among all universities
will be about 13,000 euros per year.

You should also consider the cost of living when studying in Finland, as it
is an expensive country for food, for example food in Finland is 20% more
expensive than in the rest of Europe.

Conclusion :

Finland is a very popular study destination among international students. It
offers high quality education along with a very high standard of living.
Finland also has a lot to offer international students. So if you are an
international student who wants to study medicine abroad, you can consider
Finland as your study destination


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