Study MBBS in America Full Guide

Studying medicine in America is different from all other countries, as it is characterized by a significantly high tuition fee, in addition to the difficulty of the curriculum and the great effort that you must make, and the admission criteria for American medical universities are very strict and competitive to the fullest extent, but when you get An American medical degree can then work anywhere in the world, because American medical degrees are internationally recognized all over the world.

Why study medicine in America:

1- Learn to take care of your patient:

In addition to the main courses that you can take at any medical school around the world, studying medicine in America focuses on programs related to psychology, patient care, and interpersonal skills. In addition, some universities also include sociology and a foreign language course per year. The first or second of the study.

2- Think critically and quickly:

Just like any school or university in the United States, regardless of your program of study, the teaching style places a lot of emphasis on the method of problem-based learning.

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3- Access to the latest resources and research facilities:

Research is an essential feature of medical schools in the United States and the American Institute of Higher Education allocates huge funds to research, as a student, you can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the largest research resources and cutting-edge facilities and be a part of the amazing discoveries in the field of medicine.

Very important information about studying medicine in America:

Unlike studying medicine in Europe, studying medicine in the US generally begins after completing four years of undergraduate study which includes meeting the preparatory school course requirements along with obtaining a bachelor’s degree in any subject.

Requirements to study medicine in America vary from school to school, but they often include biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry as major science courses. Some schools may also require you to take humanities, English, math, and science classes as well, so be sure to consider in medical schools while you are still undergraduate so you can choose your classes appropriately.

Undergraduate medical study in the USA is a 4-year course divided into two roughly equal components, pre-clinical (consisting of teaching courses in the basic sciences) and clinical (clerks consisting of courses through different wards of a teaching hospital), this program performs To Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) or Doctor of Medicine (MD) depending on the medical school, both degrees allow the holder to practice medicine after completion of an approved residency program, the prerequisite is a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry or any other field Related to medicine.

Some medical schools offer limited programs starting after high school that combine undergraduate medical education with undergraduate education. Students are provisionally accepted into these programs based on their high school qualifications and, if their performance is satisfactory, they are allowed to progress to a master’s degree. This program generally takes six or seven years and admission is very competitive for international students.

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The best universities to study medicine in America:

Each year, more than 40,000 students apply for approximately 20,000 available classroom places in US medical schools. A medical bachelor’s degree in the US starts at the graduate level, so you will have to finish your bachelor’s degree first to be eligible to apply in Faculty of medicine.

The best medical schools in America:

International students should know that getting into one of the best medical schools in the US is very competitive, and in the table below we will show you the best universities and schools to study medicine in America according to the US News Rankings 2020, Times Higher Education Rankings 2020, and QS Rankings 2020 .

ranking the U.S. News Rankings 2020 Times Higher Education Rankings 2020 QS Rankings 2020
1 Harvard university Harvard university Harvard university
2 Johns Hopkins University Stanford University Stanford University
3 University of California – San Francisco Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins University
4 Stanford University Yale University University of California, Los Angeles
5 University of Washington Columbia University Yale University
6 University of Pennsylvania University of California, Los Angeles University of California – San Francisco
7 Duke University University of California, Berkeley Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
8 Columbia University University of Pennsylvania Columbia University
9 University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) University of Washington University of Pennsylvania
10 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Duke University Duke University

What you’ll learn at the American College of Medicine

First year :

In the first year, medical students will focus on clinical basics and science courses, you will study biology, chemistry, anatomy and more, if the keyword makes it sound easy, you are wrong. There will be a lot of things to learn because these are the courses on which you will build your future career.

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Second Year :

During the second year, you will spend a lot of time promoting the first year basic science courses, this will also be done by clinical clerks, in addition to these important new courses to be added,

  1. At least one practical course.
  2. Clinical skills course.
  3. A global health policy or health course.

Third Year :

This is the year when the main focus will be on clinical/rotational work, you will also become a member of a medical team.

During the courses, you will be able to see all areas/specialties of medicine, such as internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, neuroscience, radiology, etc. The third year is supposed to help you figure out what kind of medicine you want to practice.

In some universities, such as Columbia University, this year is called the year of “differentiation and integration.”

the fourth year :

This will be the year you start your residency, you will get to choose the medical specialty you want to study further and this should become your area of​​expertise.

If you are unsure of your future medical major, you can contact a faculty advisor who can help with your career plan, at Stanford University, for example, students can choose their major from their first year of study.

Examples of medical specialties that you can choose to study in the United States:

  1. Physiotherapy degrees.
  2. public health degrees.
  3. Veterinary degrees.
  4. Dental degrees.
  5. Complementary medicine degrees.

Important information about studying medicine in America:

The medical student candidate will also need to complete the MCAT , which stands for Medical School Admission Test, the test will determine the ability to think critically, solve problems, write clearly and also measure the student’s knowledge of various scientific concepts A good MCAT score is key to entry into Good medical college.

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There are very few opportunities for foreign students to earn an MD degree in America, US medical schools receive twice as many applications as eligible US citizens, and many publicly supported medical schools are required to enter state residents only.

International students applying to medical universities in the USA should bear in mind that, unfortunately, they will be at a disadvantage for local students because publicly funded colleges are required to put part or all of their state funds to students residing in the state of the school, that is The main thing is to make sure there are enough doctors for the area, but it can put international students at a disadvantage in the selection process, you can always apply to private universities, but of course it will be more expensive, each student will need to weigh the pros and cons of each available option, and apply to suitable school for him.

Most institutions require international students to complete at least the last two years of their undergraduate studies in USA universities, an increasing number of medical schools require a bachelor’s degree from an American school and more than that, the most important thing to know is that there are very low acceptance rates for international students.

General admission requirements for studying medicine in America:

To get into a medical school in the USA, an international student must meet the following criteria:

  1. University academic record (Bachelor’s degree).
  2. MCAT Exam Score.
  3. Recommendation letters.
  4. outdoor activities
  5. Character traits.
  6. Link to medicine.

How to apply to study medicine in America:

Most medical schools allow international students to apply through the American Medical College Application Service ( AMCAS ) if they are pursuing a MD degree or the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Service ( AACOMAS ) if they are pursuing a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree.

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It is highly recommended to use these services, because it will save you a lot of time, it does not mean that some general medical schools do not accept international students.

Residency to study medicine in America:

Each medical specialty has developed its own curriculum, which determines the length and content of the residency training necessary to practice that specialty. Programs range from three years after medical school for internal medicine to five years for surgery to seven to eight years for neurosurgery. This does not include research years that may It lasts from one to four years if it is a Ph.D. Each specialist training program includes a year of internship to meet state licensing requirements, or provides for completion of an internship year before starting the program in the second year after graduation.

Tuition fees for studying medicine in America:

Studying medicine in America is among the most expensive countries in the world, bearing in mind that there is no financial aid available for international students, prospective student candidate must prove that he has around $25,000 per year, also, most of the private medical university schools that accept international students are The tuition fee is about $40,000.

Generally, in most universities, tuition fees for public and private medical undergraduate schools in the USA range from $35,000-$50,000 annually.

On the annual tuition fee, students must also have a good amount of living expenses while studying in the USA.

A student who can afford the high cost of medical school programs and living expenses, and has a chance to get into a medical school in the USA, after obtaining a medical degree from the USA, will be able to practice medicine anywhere in the world.

Recruitment and salary expectations:

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), physicians and surgeons earned a median salary of $208,000 or more in 2019, based on data from the BLS, there were 756,800 physicians and surgeons working in the United States in 2018, these professionals are expected to increase By 7% during the decade 2018-2028.

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It takes 11 to 14 years to become a doctor in the United States, including earning a bachelor’s degree, attending 4 years of medical school, and completing a 3 to 7 year residency program after medical school. After residency, doctors can apply for a license From the state to practice medicine.

Conclusion :

The study in America general and study medicine in particular global levels, and recognizing all countries world, as it taught you in American universities world best professors and give you academic experience that is unmatched, so that decision invest in yourself and study medicine in America definitely come back you The future will have a lot of gains through the money that you will earn from the medical profession in general and from a wonderful social position that you will obtain after completing your studies in America


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