Study Nursing Full Guide

The demand for the profession of nursing and healthcare professionals is always increasing all over the world, as many countries suffer from a shortage of nursing profession in them, so when you decide to study nursing abroad for sure you will have a very great advantage which is the ease of employment and work in any country in the world .

In this article, we will explain to you all the details about how to study nursing, the most important study destinations that many students resort to to study nursing, and many details that any international student who is considering studying nursing abroad may need.

Why study nursing:

Are you thinking of studying nursing but do not know what you can benefit from by studying it, we will give you many reasons why studying this field is very interesting and rewarding at the same time.

1- Availability of work after obtaining the certificate:

Nursing is one of the most employable fields, as 94% of nursing graduates find a job in nursing only 6 months after completing their studies, and you can also be offered a job even before you graduate because many hospitals around the world are in great need of you.

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2- Nursing jobs are very rewarding:

From the experiences of some people, they say that nursing jobs are very rewarding, and it’s always about doing your best to provide the best possible healthcare to patients, no matter their illness, but there aren’t many jobs that you can feel happy in after you finish work at the end of the day. And you made a difference in someone’s life.

3- Freedom to work anywhere:

No matter where you want to live, you will definitely find the nursing profession in demand, which gives a nursing degree the flexibility and freedom to live wherever you want without any restrictions.

4- Specialization:

There are 4 areas of Nursing (Adult Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Mental Health Nursing and Learning Disabilities Nursing) allowing you to specialize in any of them and become an expert in the field of your choice.

There are also many degrees that allow you to combine two fields, so if you want to work in more than one type of nursing you should research and explore what you want to do and clearly define your goal.

5- Flexibility and diversity in professional life:

All people know about nursing is working in hospitals, but on the contrary, there are a lot of different places that can work and a lot of different career paths available.

Teaching, administration, forensic nursing, prison nursing, and many more career paths can be studied in nursing, and you could also end up in politics eventually.

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You can also complete your studies and go on to earn a master’s or doctorate degree and dual qualification in different areas of nursing or specialize in a field such as cardiology, oncology or palliative care, so there are endless opportunities in nursing that you can take whatever you want.

6. You will be greatly respected.

Aside from being a rewarding profession, nursing is also highly respected and appreciated by the public due to the assistance that nurses provide to patients and their great contribution to improving the psychological, moral and physical spirit of patients.

Best study destinations for Nursing:

1- Australia:

The health and care system in Australia is very strong, so Australia is considered one of the best professional destinations for the field of nursing. Hospitals in Australia are on par with world-class hospitals, and this gives the great opportunity to learn and work in world-class work environments with the latest equipment and medical technology.

Australia is outstanding in some things, for example the diligence involved in Australia is low due to the kind and friendly nature of patients in Australia, plus working hours are low there, so job burnout is minimal in Australian healthcare.

Therefore, Australia is a very wonderful destination for students who want to take the nursing profession as a career for them, so do not miss the opportunity and start from now.

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2- Singapore:

Singapore has a thriving economy and a very impressive healthcare sector, this thriving economy in Singapore also ensures your job security, Parkway Hospitals Group is the dominant healthcare provider, with Gleneagles Hospital as the leading hospital, boasting multi-specialty facilities, state-of-the-art technology and renowned for its expertise and care High quality, user-friendly services and modern technology.

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3- Germany:

The Asclepius Group is the largest private operator of hospitals on the entire European continent. It is located in Hamburg, Germany. With more than 100 facilities, the company draws on its wealth of experience to provide patients with appropriate treatment options and excellent service in medicine, nursing and rehabilitation.

So the opportunity to study Nursing in Germany will give you a lot of benefits that anyone could need, a great job in a first class medical country, in addition to the great salaries of the nursing staff there.

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How many years have you studied Nursing?

The number of years you will spend in nursing school depends on the type of education you need to get the job you want.

Nursing Assistant: Less than a few months into a diploma or certificate program.

Licensed Practical Nurse: One year in a diploma or certificate programme.

Registered Nurse: Two years in an associate degree program for an undergraduate degree, or four years for a Bachelor of Nursing degree.

Registered Nurse with Advanced Practice: At least 6 years of total education to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and more than 8 years if your specialty also requires a Ph.D.

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Admission requirements to study nursing:

Admission requirements differ from one university to another, and from one country to another, so you should always communicate with the university directly to find out what are the admission requirements necessary for you to study nursing at this university, but in general, studying nursing does not require many conditions, but there are two conditions that all faculties can share Nursing in both of them:

  1. If you are an international student who wants to study nursing abroad and you are from a country that does not speak English as an official language, you will need to provide proof of your English language proficiency, TOEFL and IELTS tests are often accepted.
  2. The university may request a personal interview to determine whether or not you will be initially accepted into the School of Nursing.

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Nursing study costs:

Tuition fees to study nursing abroad vary depending on the country and university where you want to study, but in general the cheapest undergraduate program to study nursing in Europe will be 3,500 euros and higher depending on the university.

As for the tuition fees for studying nursing in America, it ranges between 3,500 – 31,000 US dollars in various universities, and it can increase or decrease depending on the university.

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Because of the great disparity between tuition fees in universities and countries, you should always visit the official website of the university you want to study nursing in and see the full details of tuition fees for the program you want to apply to.

Conclusion :

The field of nursing is different from other fields, as it has many advantages that are not found in many other fields, where there are many employment opportunities with the best salaries, and the flexibility available in this field, as there are many specializations that you can specialize in through nursing, So it’s really a very cool area to think of as a future job


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