Study veterinary medicine Abroad Full Guide

Veterinary medicine is a branch of health care science that deals with animals, including domestic animals, food animals, horses, and wild animals. This field also covers the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and injuries, as well as narrow areas such as blood transfusions.

Veterinary studies begin with a bachelor’s degree in life sciences, zoology, biology, etc., and must continue with a master’s degree in veterinary medicine or a doctorate. Students usually specialize in specific areas such as physical therapy or dentistry, or in combinations of genres. By constantly monitoring and improving the health of animals, overall health is also maintained. Medical schools offer competitive degrees to students who are passionate about animals, preparing them in both theoretical and practical experience.Why study veterinary medicine:

There is a large list of advantages that you can have as a veterinarian. Here are some of them.

  • After earning a degree in veterinary medicine, you will be prepared for a challenging but highly rewarding career. Besides improving the health of animals, you will also improve the welfare of animal owners and lovers.
  • Every day can be different as you will encounter different types of animals and many different problems. You will also meet many people. You will also have opportunities to work in a variety of societies.
  • The salaries obtained by veterinary medicine graduates are considered among the highest possible salaries compared to other professions.
  • On top of the specific skills you will learn, you will also develop transferable professional skills such as communication, organization and time management

How many years have you studied veterinary medicine?

The degree course typically includes 5 years of undergraduate study. As expected of this type of course, a variety of teaching and assessment methods are used throughout.

Types of assessment can include written tests, practical exams, clinical notes, and coursework.

What degrees can you study?

  1. Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc).
  2. Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVetMed or VETMB).
  3. Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVM & S / BVMS).
  4. Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Nursing.

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Veterinary Specialties:

There are many veterinary specialties that you can specialize in while studying, and they are as follows:

  • Internal diseases.
  • Pathology (Pathology).
  • Artificial Vaccination.
  • viruses.
  • Anatomy.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • Food hygiene control.
  • Clinical pathology.

What are the opportunities for postgraduate studies:

In addition to enhancing veterinary skills in clinical, diagnostic and surgical practices. You can pursue study in areas such as wildlife health and conservation, immunology, infection, global health, parasitology and pharmacology. Or you can specialize in raising livestock, aquatic animals or small animals.

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Fields of work after completing the study of veterinary medicine:

There are a lot of places and specialties that you can work in after you finish studying veterinary medicine. You can do all of the following:

  1. Development of treatments and medicines for animals.
  2. You could be a practitioner known as a vet.
  3. You can also work as a science teacher.
  4. Marine biologist.
  5. You could be a specialist in taking care of animals in the zoo.
  6. Veterinary pathologist or animal-assisted therapist.

Where can you work after completing the study of veterinary medicine:

  1. The possibility of opening a private clinic as a general veterinarian.
  2. Work in government hospitals and medical institutions.
  3. You can also work as a scientific researcher in research centers that are interested in studying veterinary medicine.
  4. Working in veterinary clinics and performing all surgeries.
  5. Work in medical quarries.

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Admission requirements to study veterinary medicine:

Admission requirements differ from one university to another and from one course to another. Therefore, you should see the official website of the university to find out the admission requirements for the course you want to apply for, and then fulfill these conditions and apply to the university directly.

The best universities to study veterinary medicine:

Depending on the QS World University Rankings, we will show you below the top 10 universities that offer Veterinary Medicine courses in the world.

  1. University of California, Davis.
  2. Cornell University.
  3. Royal Veterinary College.
  4. University of Cambridge.
  5. University of Liverpool.
  6. Guelph University.
  7. University of Pennsylvania.
  8. The University of Edinburgh.
  9. Utrecht University.
  10. Texas A&M University.

Salary of veterinarians:

  1. Fresh Graduate Veterinarians: $50,000 per year.
  2. Average salary overall: $89,000 per year.
  3. Certified Practitioners: $200,000 annually.

There is also potential for additional profits for highly skilled specialists and surgeons. But while many enjoy the benefits of a high salary, most people don’t go to the vet for the money. But the majority do it because they love animals.

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Conclusion :

If you are a student who would like to study veterinary medicine abroad, but do not know enough to take the risk of studying a field you know nothing about. Therefore, we decided to make this article that shows the full picture of the specialty of veterinary medicine, its specializations, places of work, and also its fields of work. You can now search for the right course for you and apply directly to it.


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