Completing the study of medicine after nursing and what countries allow this?

Many nursing college graduates wonder if it is possible to continue studying medicine after nursing or not. This is because studying in medical colleges is much more comprehensive and broader than studying nursing, and after completing medical school, you will become a doctor with a much higher rank as a nurse. Of course, we do not underestimate the nurse. Without him, the medical cycle cannot be completed properly. However, many nursing school graduates want to study medicine and obtain the title of doctor in name and deed. For this reason, we will answer in this article about whether it is possible to complete the medical school after nursing or not, and what are the conditions that must be met in some different countries to complete this matter.

Is it possible to complete the study of medicine after nursing?

Of course, it is possible to complete the study of medicine after graduating from the Faculty of Nursing, but with certain conditions and in certain countries. For example, this certificate can be obtained in many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia, some other European countries and some states in America. It is also not possible to complete the study of medicine after nursing in Jordan, for example, but it is possible to obtain a master’s degree or a doctorate in nursing.

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Conditions for completing the study of medicine after nursing:

Every university and every country has its own conditions and policies in this matter. We will explain the most important conditions for some countries as follows:

in Egypt :

  1. The transferee must have obtained an honors grade or at least very good in the college he is transferring from.
  2. He must also be enrolled in the first or second division only. After that, he cannot transfer.
  3. To obtain a total that allows him to qualify for the Faculty of Medicine according to the coordination of the same year.

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in KSA :

These are some of the conditions imposed by King Saud University to complete medicine after nursing:

  1. The student must pass the preparatory year for the Faculty of Medicine, according to the coordination rate in his specialization.
  2. Pass the personal interview and medical examination.
  3. To be a transfer from a health college.

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In European and American countries:

You should ask the competent authorities about this matter to know all the necessary details and papers, your minimum score in the College of Nursing, and whether you will need certain certificates to indulge in this matter or not. Where the admission requirements to study medicine after nursing in these countries can change due to the updates that occur in European and American universities on an ongoing basis.

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Conclusion :

This article was very simple and discusses a certain idea that many students who graduate from nursing colleges ask to develop themselves and raise the ceiling of their ambitions, to study medicine, and to help people better and more. And also to get a very highly respected social position, as doctors, especially in any country in the world, receive the respect of everyone in an exaggerated manner in appreciation of the efforts made by this doctor and his assistance to others.

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