Undergraduate and Masters Scholarships at Nottingham Trent University

About the university:

Nottingham Trent University is a leading public research university in Nottingham, England. It was established as a new university in 1992, although its roots go back to 1843 with the establishment of the Nottingham Government College of Design which still exists within the university today Is Nottingham Trent University recognized Yes, Nottingham University is internationally recognized.

Nottingham Trent University Undergraduate Scholarships are offered to international and EU students who have an offer to study full-time on a university program in September

Conditions for Nottingham Trent University Scholarships

  • Be an international student from outside the European Union with an offer to study at the university
  • To check the requirements by country, from here
  • Have an appropriate score on an approved English language test such as Academic IELTS (minimum required score of 6, highest required score of 7.5).
  1. Be an international student from outside the European Union with an offer to study at the university
  2. Please do not send your scholarship application before or with your application to study
  3. You must have received an offer of a place on an eligible course with Nottingham Trent University prior to submitting your scholarship application.
  4. These scholarships are for international applicants only.
  5. If you are studying at an institution that has a partnership agreement with Nottingham Trent University, you may be eligible to receive an automatic partnership tuition fee discount
  6. You can still apply for Postgraduate MSc Scholarships of up to 50% of your tuition fee
  7. International students who are sponsored (i.e. some or all of your tuition fees are paid) by their employer, government or funding body (full/part) are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  8. Applicants may only apply for a scholarship once per academic year
  9. Applicants are only eligible to apply for a scholarship if you are an international student and are scheduled to enroll in the first year of your course (or year 2 or 3 of your undergraduate course if applying) in January or September.
  10. International students registered before January and due to progress in their second, third or fourth year of studies at NTU in September or January or repeat their first year of study are not eligible to apply.
  11. Applications received after the deadline will automatically be considered for the next available deadline. For example, application forms submitted after the first deadline and before the second deadline will be considered for the second deadline.
  12. International students who apply for a scholarship and are not successful will automatically be considered for any other scholarship for which they may be eligible.
  13. The scholarship(s) will be applied as a reduced tuition fee in the first year of study at Nottingham Trent University.
  14. If you are awarded a scholarship, your tuition fee will be adjusted prior to registration.
  15. If you are a part-time student, the tuition fee will be proportionately adjusted at the beginning of each academic year.
  16. If you are awarded any other scholarship, grant and/or tuition reduction from Nottingham Trent University, the maximum award awarded will not exceed 50% of the tuition fee, except for candidates who have been awarded a Sports Scholarship.
  17. If you have received an offer of a place to study on a one-year full-time or two-year part-time postgraduate course, or a two-year full-time postgraduate MSc course that includes a one-year work position and will be awarded any other scholarship or grant and/ or a reduction in tuition fees from NTU, the maximum amount awarded will not exceed 50% of the tuition fee, except for candidates who have been awarded a sports scholarship.
  18. If you are awarded a college scholarship with an award for each academic year, the award will be deducted from your tuition fee at the beginning of each year. You must successfully complete each year of the course in order to continue receiving this. Scholarships are not applied at the start of the placement year but will resume in the final academic year.
  19. The scholarship is non-transferable and will not be awarded if you choose to transfer to a different course of study at NTU.
  20. Applicants will be informed whether (or not) they have been awarded a scholarship (and the amount of the scholarship if awarded) within four weeks of the application deadline.
  21. The scholarship will be applied to tuition fees when the applicant accepts their scholarship offer, accepts and satisfies the conditions of the course offer, and is eligible to enroll in the course.
  22. Scholarships are competitive and selection is based on the information provided on the scholarship application form. Therefore, it is critical that you give your scholarship statement careful thought and preparation, and indicate the criteria presented.
  23. In the event that you are awarded a scholarship and fail to complete an eligible course for which the scholarship was awarded and you choose to retake the course or enroll in another eligible course, the scholarship will not be applied again.
  24. In the event that you fail to complete the course and the scholarship is not applied (i.e. you have not paid the tuition fee, or the tuition fee has been paid) then subject to the eligibility criteria, the scholarship may be available if you choose to re-enroll the course or enroll in another eligible course. You must re-apply for the scholarship.
  25. If you withdraw from your course while there is a percentage of your tuition fee to NTU, the scholarship application will be at the discretion of NTU and the scholarship may be withdrawn.

Nottingham Trent University Scholarship Documents

  • Completed scholarship application form
  • a copy of the passport
  • Copies of academic transcripts.
  • Statement of purpose
  • Motivation letter
  • Recommendation letter
  • Biography
  • Marking statement
  • Scientific article on a specific topic
  • Previous work

Funding Nottingham Trent University Scholarships

Bachelor’s degree:

Open to all new international undergraduate students:

  • International Scholarships £2000
  • International Merit Scholarships £3,000
  • Undergraduate Scholarships for Undergraduate 50% of tuition fees in the first year, £2,000 for subsequent years
  • Undergraduate scholarships of £2,000 per academic year

For a master’s degree:

  • International Scholarships £2000
  • International Merit Scholarships £3,000
  • Postgraduate Master’s Scholarships 25% of tuition fees
  • Postgraduate Masters Scholarships 50% of tuition fees

Steps to apply for Nottingham Trent University Scholarships

  • Create an account on the application site. Save the login information so you can edit the data and add files at any time.
  • Fill in the required information and make sure:
  • Include all information

The second method is via the following website

  • From here you can apply for undergraduate programs
  • When applying, you will be asked to provide the university code, which is N91
  • After applying for admission, you must apply for the scholarship by filling in the following form from here and sending it to the following email: [email protected]

Now start preparing the basic documents for applying for the scholarships.

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Grant brief

  • Number of times to apply for the scholarship: 11,664 times
  • Application deadline: 10-11-2021 (The deadlines for submitting applications may vary due to the global health situation, so we ask you first to visit the official website of the scholarship to check the last date for submission.. If this scholarship is annual, we advise you to start preparing now to apply for the next session.)
  • Scholarship funding: Partial funding
  • donor country: Britain
  • Academic degree: | Bachelor Scholarships | Masters Scholarships
  • Nationalities of students accepted to apply: Jordanians | Angolans | Ethiopians | Emiratis | Tunisians | Algerians | Saudis | Sudanese | Syrians | Somalis | Iraqis | Gabon | Palestinians | Qataris | Kuwaitis | The Lebanese | Liberians | The Libyans | Egyptians | Moroccans | Mauritanians | Nigerians | Yemenis | Chad | South Africa | Djibouti | Ivory Coast | Madagascar

Official submission links:

Apply from here Chance official website


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