What are the types of scholarships in Germany

Learn about the types of scholarships in Germany, as Germany is one of the countries that offers scholarships to international students in all fields, and Germany offers many privileges to scholarship holders, including the monthly salary and university housing.

 As Germany is a great economic power, which has made Germany a destination for all the world, Germany is characterized by the presence of a wonderful infrastructure, and the availability of all means of entertainment.

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The educational sector in Germany has witnessed a great development, as have become German universities one of the most important universities in the world, and studying in it has become a dream for many students from all over the world.

Many students dream of completing their studies in Germany, but the financial obstacle may put an end to their dreams, due to their inability to pay the costs of studying in Germany , but German universities have developed programs to help these students, by offering them scholarships.

The scholarship is a financial aid provided by international universities to the student, in order to be able to bear the costs of the study and complete it, and there is a set of foundations and criteria that must be met by the student in order to obtain these grants, and grants are the solution that helped many students achieve their dreams, One of the advantages of scholarships is that the student does not return the money he takes.

The scholarships divided according to degree academic bachelor grants , master and doctorate awarded , and granting short studies well as research grants and training.

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There are many agencies that provide grants to students, and these agencies grant students grants to study abroad, or they may grant international students grants to study in state universities, and there are many universities that provide grants to students and the student can compete for obtaining One of these grants.

Germany is one of the leading countries in granting scholarships, in order to help students achieve their dreams. What are the types of scholarships in Germany , let’s find out about that in the following article.

What are the types of scholarships in Germany?

1- Eldad Scholarship (German Academic Exchange Service) :

This scholarship is one of the most important and prominent scholarships offered by German universities. This scholarship is offered annually to more than one hundred thousand students from all over the world. This university encourages efforts made within German universities, and helps developing countries to rebuild their academic educational systems.

This idea dates back to Karl Frederick, and this scholarship began in 1925 and is still continuing today.

2- Erasmus grants :

It is a grant granted by German universities to students from within Europe only, with funding from the European Commission, which supports this type of grant. This grant covers the costs of living in the student exchange program within Europe. For international students wishing to conduct research in various academic disciplines.

3- Heinrich Boll Scholarships for International Students :

This scholarship is one of the most important grants offered to study at a German university, and this grant includes living and study costs, and the student is not required to return the value of the grant, and the door to apply is opened twice a year before the beginning of each semester in Germany, and the student can apply for this through the Internet .

4- Deutschland Scholarship :

This scholarship is one of the most important grants that a student can obtain, and this grant is given to international students, where the grant funds the student in the amount of 300 euros per month, and this grant is offered in partnership between the public and private sectors, and the grant gives an additional 150 euros to talented students, and the student is not required to return the scholarship After completing the study, the student can apply for this scholarship through the Internet.

5- Kurt Hans International Scholarships for Science :

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It is a set of international scholarships offered by the Bayer Foundation to international students wishing to study science at scientific universities. The student applies for this scholarship through the Internet, and will not be required to return the value of the scholarship after completing the study.

6- Exemptions from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management: 

The Frankfurt School offers ten annual tuition fee waivers for PhD students studying in the college’s English language program in finance, accounting, mathematics and business administration. Students can apply for this scholarship through the university’s website, and the student does not return any fees paid after he finishes from the study.

7- Ruth Aachen University Scholarships :

This university is one of the important and distinguished universities in Germany, and it offers many annual scholarships to students in order to complete their studies there. On the Internet, the student does not pay any money after he finishes studying.

8- Frias Kovend Fellowship Program for International Scholars :

This university is one of the most powerful and famous universities in Germany. This university is distinguished by the strength of its teaching programs and the large number of scientific research it conducts. The application for these grants opens in the summer of each year, and the student can apply for these grants through the university website .

9- Darod Scholarships for Sub-Saharan Africans :

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This scholarship is offered to outstanding students located in sub-Saharan Africa, and this grant allows the student to study a master’s degree in German universities. By submitting a study proposal about the research plans he intends to undertake while studying in Germany full-time, and the more unique his proposal, the greater his chance of obtaining this university, and the student can apply for this scholarship through its website.

In order for the student to succeed in obtaining one of the scholarships offered to study in German universities, he must prepare all the documents required by these scholarships in advance, and then translate these documents into English and German, and must authenticate them duly, and then submit them At the time when the application field opens, and in order for the student to increase his chances of being accepted into one of the grants, he must apply for more than one grant, and he must be keen to fulfill all the conditions required by those grants, because the imbalance of one condition will lead to the refusal of granting the grant to the student.

Thus, we see that universities in Germany are trying to help many international students to complete their studies by offering many scholarships that help them achieve their dreams of obtaining a strong degree.

In conclusion, we hope that we have succeeded in answering the question we asked at the beginning, which is what are the types of scholarships in Germany


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