PMS EXAM Full Guidelines

Table of Contents

  1. PMS Exam Introduction
  2. PMS Exam Guidelines

2.1   Eligibility Criteria

2.1.1 Age Limit

2.1.2 Qualification

2.2   Exam Criteria

2.3   PMS Syllabus

2.3.1  Compulsory Subjects Compulsory Subjects Preparation guidelines

2.3.2 Optional Subjects

  1. PMS Exam Date
  2. PMS Officers Job Description
  3. PMS Officers Salary Packages
  4. PMS Officers Promotion Criteria
  1. PMS Exam Introduction:-

PMS stands for Provincial Management Service. It is a competitive examination that conducts in different provinces, through which candidates are selected. The provincial government of Pakistan conducts it every year through PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPSC, Azad Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission to fill the empty posts in common administration.

The candidate must clear this PMS test that include written tests, psychology tests, and interviews.  The candidate who has cleared This PMS tests can get a government job of Grade-17. The candidate who passed this ExamLabs is called PMS Officer.

PMS Officers get various jobs like AC, Section Officer, Additional Secretary, Deputy Secretary, DG, DCO, Secretary, Commissioner, Magistrate, and many more equivalent posts of their grade… PMS Officer plays an important role in the top-level bureaucracy of the province. They perform their duties at Tehsil, Division, District, and Provincial level at different posts.

  1. PMS Exam Guidelines:-

2.1   Eligibility Criteria

2.1.1 Age Limit

  • PMS has an age limit that ranges between 21 and 30.
  • But, for Government employees with 4 years’ experience, the age limit is 35.
  •  For a special person, age limit is 40.

2.1.2 Qualification

Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc. or BS) is required for appearing in PMS Exam. The interested candidate must be graduate in any discipline with minimum Second Division from a well-recognized university or institute. All male and female having Punjab domicile can apply for PMS Exam in PPSC. Fresh graduates and job holders can also apply for PMS Exam.

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2.2   Exam Criteria

  • There are three chances available to take the PMS examination.
  • In all the compulsory and optional subjects  40 marks must be obtained out of 100 and an overall 50% of the aggregate marks (600/1200) in the written examination are needed to qualify for the Interview.
  • When a candidate passes the written part of the PMS exam he will undergo a psychology test. The psychology test is important to get good marks in the interview but it has no marks.
  • The final interview has 300 marks. The candidates that have 50% marks in the final interview are declared successful. The final selection is based on the Merit (Written Marks + Interview Marks).

2.3   PMS Syllabus:-

PMS Written part consists of 1200 marks. It is further divided into; PMS Compulsory subjects (6 subjects carrying 600 marks) and PMS optional Subjects. Optional subjects have different marks, some of them have 200 marks, while most of them have 100 marks. A person needs to select subjects of 600 marks to make it 1200.

2.3.1 Compulsory Subjects ( 600 Marks)

Six subjects are compulsory that are as follows:

  1. Essay === 100
  2. English === 100
  3. Urdu === 100
  4. Islamic Studies === 100
  5. Pakistan Studies === 100
  6. General Knowledge === 100

 How to Contact a Professor for MS/PhD Supervision via Email Compulsory Subjects Preparation Guidelines:-

English essays:

Competitive exam PMS is all about English.Unluckly, Nothing troubles us more than English.

English Essays Preparation Guidelines

Read diverse things from books, internet, Articles, Lectures. Must have diverse opinions about all important topics. Try to practice essay writing before the exam and get them checked by any teacher, friend, or family member.

So, an expert in the English language is enough for the correction of mistakes.  The point is value of your work. Do writing practice religiously? Practice makes perfect.

Pakistan affairs:

Pak Affairs is a critical paper.

Pak Affairs Preparation Guidelines:

 Read it like a story from Muhammad Bin Qasim to today.
Two questions are taken from current issues while the rest of the paper is made from the history portion. There is a 20 mark’s question of fill in the blanks.
Read facts and memorize them.

 In PMS-2019, after the English essay and General Knowledge, Pak Affairs was the third subject in which candidates failed badly.

Queries about PMS Urdu (Punjab PMS):

Urdu is also a compulsory subject in PMS Exam (Punjab). One must get 40 marks to pass the exam. If one prepares it, its score can be above 70. If you take it easy then it can be a tragedy.
Urdu Preparation Guidelines:

1) Try to memorize more than 50 verses of Urdu poetry
2) Learn methods of application and letter writing.
3) Read all corrections and Idioms. Memorize them.
4) Just go through all “famous” (Not all) ghazals and poems of Iqbal, Ghalib, and Mir, Dard (Important poets) and just famous Dewans and collections.
5) There is no need to memorize Urdu essays. Essay writing is an art. So, learn the art of essay writing.
6) There are many students who face problems while reading and writing Urdu. They should read Urdu daily for few minutes.
Urdu is compulsory and one must pass it. Don’t take it easy. Otherwise, above 700 marks are useless if anyone fails Urdu at 38.

PMS General Knowledge:

 It is a compulsory subject.

GK Preparation Guidelines:

For the preparation of this paper, get past papers of PPSC or another book of MCQs. Memorize MCQS as many as you can. Try to memorize on daily basis because near exams they can only be read but cannot be retained by memory. So, read them on daily basis.

2.3.2 Optional Subjects

Optional subjects are given below:


  • Commerce === 200
  • Economics === 200
  • Business Administration === 200
  • Public Administration === 200


  • Agriculture === 200
  • Veterinary Science === 200
  • Botany === 200
  • Zoology === 200

Group C

  • Mathematics = 200
  • Computer Science = 200
  • Statistics = 200
  • Principle of Engineering = 200


  • Physics = 200
  • Chemistry = 200
  • Geology = 200
  • Geography = 200


  • Political Science = 200
  • History = 200
  • Law = 200
  • Mass Communication = 200


  • Philosophy == 200
  • Psychology == 200
  • Sociology == 200
  • Social Work = 200


  • English Literature === 200
  • Urdu === 200
  • Arabic === 200
  • Education === 200
  • Persian === 200
  • Punjabi === 200
  1. PMS Exam Date:-

PPSC publishes the advertisement about 50 to 60 days earlier PMS exam date. So the applicants have enough time for the preparation for ppsc pms exam test. . PMS exam test is announced by the PPSC many times in a calendar as with number of vacant pms posts. The purpose of PMS Exam is to control and improve the directorate structure in the provinces of Pakistan by selecting candidates.

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  1. PMS Officers Job Description:-

For six months, different training methods are given to the newly appointed officer at the Management and Professional Development Department, Lahore. The Civil Secretariat has announced different jobs for newly appointed PMS Officers. He may be posted as:

  • Section Officer General
  • Section Officer Establishment
  • Section Officer Technical
  • Section Officer Budget
  • Section Officer Inquiries
  • Section Officer Litigation
  • Section Officer Planning

Field Postings for a newly appointed PMS Officer are as follows:

  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Special Judicial Magistrate
  • Sub-Registrar
  • District Monitoring Officer
  • General Revenue Assistant
  • Deputy Director Anti-Corruption
  1. PMS Officers Salary Packages

After appointment, the PMS Officers get salary of  Scale-17  with many allowances and financial benefits. New selected PMS Officers are posted in any department of Civil Secretariat as Section Officer. A PMS Officer salary can be estimated as follows:

Pay Type Amount
Basic Pay (Minimum) 30,370.00
Special Allowance 20% (2009) 2,118.00
Adhoc Relief Allowance 2016 10% 2,544.00
Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017 10% 3,037.00
Adhoc Relief Allowance 2018 10% 3,037.00
Adhoc Allowance 2019 5% 1,518.50
Adhoc Relief Allowance 2021 10% 3,037.00
Executive Allowance 1.5% 45,555.00
Convey Allowance 2005 5,000.00
Medical Allowance 15% (16-22) 2,396.00
House Rent 45% (2008) (big city) 4,432.50
Gross Salary of PMS Officer(ApproximateRs. 1,03,045
  1. PMS Officers Promotion Criteria

The posts of Scale-17 to Scale-21 are available for PMS Officers in Punjab. According to service rules, their appointment and promotion criteria is as under:

Scale – 17

  1. 50% posts are filled by candidates that have passed PMS competitive exam.
  2. 45% to be filled by promotion.
  3. 5% by selection on merit from amongst the civil servants holding respective posts on regular basis in  Scale-05 to  Scale-16 with Master’s Degree or Degree (4 years) or LLB from a recognized University.

Scale – 18:

100% posts of Scale-18 are filled by promotion of Grade-17.

Scale – 19:

100% posts of Scale-19 are filled on the basis of selection on merit from amongst PMS Officers holding posts in Scale-18 and having at least 12 years’ service against posts in  Scale-17 and above of which at least 04 years’ service must in Scale-18

Scale – 20:

100% posts of Scale-20 are filled on the basis of selection on merit from amongst PMS Officers holding posts in Scale-19 and having at least 17 year’s service.

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Scale- 21:

100% posts of Scale-21 are filled by promotion on the basis of selection on merit from amongst PMS Officers holding posts in Scale-


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