List of  Scholarships In USA For Students

Do you wish to pursue a scholarship to study in the United States? Welcome to the right spot; in this post, we will discuss a thorough guide to studying the Top 10 Scholarships in the United States (US) for Students in 2021. You know, American universities are more expensive than those in other nations, but they also provide fully-funded scholarships.

In terms of teaching and research, American universities are the greatest in the world. According to the QS World University Rankings 2021, the United States has four of the top four universities in the world. Studying in the United States will provide you with numerous advantages and chances that you will not find in any other country. America is home to all of the world’s biggest multinational corporations, such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube. After completing your degree, you can work for these companies; thousands of former overseas students have worked for them. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft’s CEO were all students at American universities.

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This statistic depicts the percentage of  Top Ten Scholarships in the USA for Students who received or anticipate receiving financial aid for college in 2015. In 2015, 50 percent of those polled said they had received or expected to obtain student loans to help pay for their college education in the United States.

The Record of Top 10 Scholarships for Students in the USA :

The Scholarship is accessible in all fields and courses of study. Due to COVID-19, there is no need to take the IELTS, GRE, or TOEFL if you are applying for the summers of 2020 or the spring of 2021. Duo-lingo English Test has been taken by several colleges online. The United States has a bigger number of overseas students than any other country, with nearly 1.1 million out of 4.6 million enrolled in 2017. International students account for over a quarter of all international students studying in the United States. It’s time to make your goal a reality; we strongly advise you to apply for the top 10 Scholarships for Students in the United States.

The record of Top 10 Scholarships for Students in the USA are as follows:

  1. Bill Gates Scholarships
  2. Google scholarships
  3. Fulbright Scholarship
  4. Stanford University Scholarship
  5. Clark University Global Scholars Program
  6. Boston University Scholarship
  7. Harvard University Scholarship
  8. University of Hawaii Scholarships
  9. University of Arizona Scholarships
  10. University of Michigan
  11. Bill Gates Scholarships:

Bill Gates’ scholarship programme is likewise regarded as one of the best in the world. It was founded in 1991 to provide fully-funded scholarships in the United States. In the United States, more than 300 scholarship awards are given out each year. The scholarship will pay for all of the students’ expenditures. Scholarships are only available for undergraduate programmes.

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The Benefits of Bill Gates Scholarship:

l  Fees

l  Books expenses

l  Transportation, and may include other personal costs.

l  Room rent

l  Tuition Fee

l  Board

Eligible Countries:

l  The Countries Who Eligible for this Scholarship are as follows:

l  Applicants from the listed areas must be US citizens or immigrants.

l  Indian Native, African-American, Asian & Pacific Islander Americans, or Hispanic American.

  1. Google scholarships:

Google has established a $100,000 scholarship for applicants from everywhere the planet . Millions of people are unemployed as a result of Covid-19, which is why this opportunity was created. The best part about this scholarship is that you simply can apply for it from the comfort of your house , and you’ll earn Online Scholarships Certifications. As we all know, college and universities are expensive, so taking these certificates online, which are equivalent to a four-year degree programme, is a better option.

Google Scholarship programs are User Experience (UX) Design, Data Analytics and Project Management System (SPM) etc.

Data analysts can gain $66,000 annually, project managers could earn $93,000 annually, and a UX designer can earn $75,000 annually, as according to Google. We recommended you to apply for the Google scholarship.

The Benefits of Google Scholarship:

l  Developed by Google

l  There is no previous experience required

l  Grants and scholarships will be available

l  It takes just six months to complete

3.Fulbright Scholarship:

Fulbright is one of the foremost famous and well-known scholarship programmes in the world. J. William Fulbright established it in 1946. Every year, almost 8,000 students are chosen for this scholarship program. More than 370,000 scholarships are awarded to students since the programme began.

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Fulbright scholarships are available to people from 160 different countries. Scholarships are accessible for Masters and PhD programmes. Except for the medical field, all fields of study and academic courses are available.

The Benefits of Fulbright Scholarship:

l  Health Insurance

l  Airfare

l  A Computer and Settling-in allowance.

l  Visa Fees

l  A living stipend

l  Tuition Fee

4.Stanford University Scholarship:

Stanford is one of the foremost prominent colleges within the world, and consistent with the QS World University Rankings 2021, it’s ranked #2 within the world. Palo Alto University was founded in 1885 and is found in Palo Alto. Scholarships are available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, MBA, MFA, and other degree programmes at Stanford University. Stanford awards 1700 scholarships annually for undergraduate and graduate degrees. you’re not required to require any language tests so as to use.

Stanford University Scholarship Programs are School of Law, School of Humanities and Sciences, School of Engineering (All Fields), School of Medicine, Continuing Studies, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Business etc.

The Benefits of Stanford University Scholarship:

Undergraduate Financial Aid:

l  Free Tuition: For families earning but $150,000.

l  Tuition, Living and other expenses: For families earning but $65,000.

Graduate Financial Aid:

l  Covers Full Tuition and associated fees

l  Stipend for living and academic expenses (Living, Books, Local Transportation, Instruction Material and other personal expenses) covered by A Knight Hennessy Scholarship.

l  Economy-Class Ticket for one Annual Trip

  1. Clark University Global Scholars Program:

Clark University may be a famous private research university located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Clark University offers the Clark Global Scholars Program for the 4 years undergraduate programs. Clark University has quite 30 undergraduate,12 interdisciplinary concentrations; 30+ advanced degree and professional certificate programs. All international students are eligible to use for this scholarship.

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The Benefits of Clark University Global Scholars Program:

l  Clark Global Scholars Program: $15,000 to $25,000 peanut (For Four years)

l  Need-based aid

l  Other Scholarship

l  Richard Trains Scholarship

l  Robert Goddard Scholarship

l  Jonas Clark Scholarship

l  Presidential LEEP Scholarships

l  Global Scholars Program Scholarships

l  Sega AmeriCorps Scholarship

l  Yellow Ribbon Program for Veterans

l  Tuition Exchange Scholarship

  1. Boston University Scholarship:

Boston University may be a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts and was established in 1839. University offering scholarships for the undergraduate and graduate-level programs, both international also as US Citizens can apply. There are quite 300 programs for study at university. the simplest thing about this university 96% of scholars found employment just after the Six months of their graduate degree completion.

The Boston University Scholarship has many fields are as follows:

l  College of Arts & Sciences

l  College of General Studies

l  College of Fine Arts

l  College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College

l  College of Communication

l  College of Engineering

l  Whee lock College of Education & Human Development

l  School of Hospitality Administration

l  Medical

l  Dentistry

The Boston University Scholarship has been provide Two types of Scholarship are as follows:

l  BU Presidential Scholarship: $25,000 annually

l  Boston University Trustee Scholarships: Scholarship paid Full tuition and other fees

  1. Harvard University Scholarship:

Harvard may be a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and founded in 1636. it’s ranked #3 within the QS world ranking. Applicants from any qualification and every one over the planet can enrol during this program. There are 100 online course scholarship opportunities. 

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The Harvard University Scholarship provides many other fields are as follows:

l  Social Sciences

l  Computer Science

l  Science

l  Data Science

l  Humanities

l  Art & Design

l  Mathematics

l  Programming

l  Education & Teaching

l  Business

  1. University of Hawaii Scholarships:

Applicants are invited to use for the ADB University of Hawaii Scholarships. The University of Hawaii may be a Public Research University and among the simplest universities in America. Annually quite 300 scholarships are offered by the Asian Development Bank at Hawaii University. The scholarships are for the Master’s and Doctoral degree programs. ADB Scholarship will cover all the expenses of the international students.

The university of Hawaii scholarships provides many facilities are as follows:

l  Allowance for books, materials, etc

l  Airfare

l  Subsidy toward health insurance coverage.

l  House rent

l  Full Tuition fee

l  Health and Medical insurance

l  A Stipend for food and incidental expenses

  1. University of Arizona Scholarships:

The University of Arizona may be a public research university in Tucson, Arizona, and was established in 1885. University offering Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. level Degree Programs scholarships. There are 100+ degree programs for scholarships for both Undergraduate and graduates study. US citizens and international students both are eligible to use for the scholarship. you’ll apply without IELTS and GRE. The University of Arizona also offering International Scholarships, aid , and Loans.

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The University of Arizona Scholarships are as follows:

l  Merit-based scholarships

l  Global Wildcat Award which offers $4,000 – $35,000 per academic year

l  For transfer students $5,000-$12,000 per academic year

  1. University of Michigan Scholarship:

.The University of Michigan may be a public research university in Ann Arbor , Michigan and was established in 1817. Michigan is among the top-ranked and oldest Universities within the us . University offering Scholarships for the 100+ undergraduate and graduate programs. The scholarships are for international students everywhere the planet and US citizens. you’ll apply without IELTS and GRE. The University of Michigan also offers Merit Scholarships.

Fields that provides the Michigan University of USA:

l  College of Education, Health, & Human Services

l  College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters

l  College of Engineering & Computer Science

l  College of Business

The Benefits of the Michigan University of USA are as follows:

l  For Graduate Scholarship: Graduate Scholarships Varies by Course and Departments

l  International Undergraduate Scholarship: $40,000

l  Annual grant for International Students:  $10,000 up to four years.


Scholarships will be awarded. A good scholarship for students in USA will allow you to demonstrate your abilities. It can also assist members of the scholarship committee in comprehending the genuine person behind the application.

The scholarships for students in USA are an excellent opportunity for you to persuade scholarship committee members that you are deserving of financial  Fees for tuition and other expenses.


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