Many students dream of studying for a master’s degree in the
Netherlands, due to the fragrant reputation of the country of beauty and
lowlands, which has a modern and advanced higher education system, and
universities that dedicate all their efforts to the success of the student’s

A master’s study in the Netherlands is characterized by the
quality of education and the strength of the curricula. The universities of the
Netherlands contain a large number of laboratories, which provide the student
with the opportunity to do research and studies.

 The laboratories in the universities of the Netherlands have
been provided with all modern educational means, which make the student gain
great experience that qualifies him to prepare a successful master’s research.

 The universities of the Netherlands offer globally
recognized certificates that help the student to obtain a large number of job
opportunities, due to the credibility of these certificates.

Studying a master’s degree abroad is one of the goals that
the student sets in mind, as the student wishes to complete his university
studies in a new country that provides him with modern and advanced education
according to the latest tools and means of education, and grants him a
university degree recognized all over the world that opens up broad prospects
for work. .

The master’s stage is the first stage of graduate studies,
and many students wish to study it and obtain its certificates in order to
improve their career reality, and to have the opportunity to complete the
journey and obtain a doctorate.

 The student searches for universities that teach masters
with great professionalism, and for countries that include these universities,
and the Netherlands is one of the countries that attract international students
to study masters in its regions.

 The Netherlands is characterized by the presence of a modern
and advanced higher education system that is considered one of the best in
Europe and the world, where there are a number of leading universities in the
field of higher education that provide their students with modern,
distinguished and advanced education in all fields, and a large number of
writers and scholars have graduated from Dutch universities who have provided
services Glory to the world.

 The universities of the Netherlands have also provided a
range of facilities for international students, as they offer university
scholarships in addition to teaching a number of courses in English, and the
master’s study in the is characterized by the Netherlands quality of education,
the strength of the curricula, and the certificate recognized all over the

In view of the desire of many students to study a master’s
degree in the Netherlands, in the coming lines we will talk about all the
details related to studying a master’s in the Netherlands.

Study a master’s in the Netherlands

Dutch universities offer a wide range of master’s programs
that the student can study, through their distinguished universities, and these
programs are taught according to excellent educational conditions. With the
latest equipment, in order for the student to prepare and write his master’s
thesis with complete freedom.

The student can apply in order to obtain admission to study
a master’s through the websites of Dutch universities on the Internet, but
before that the student must collect information about the universities in
which he wishes to study, where he must take a tour of the universities of the
Netherlands to determine which universities are studying his specialization,
and from Then he chooses the university he wants to enroll in.

 When choosing a university, the student must take into
account a set of things, most notably securing all the papers and documents
required by the university, registering and submitting applications at the
times specified by the university. He fills out the application, then attaches
the required means and sends the application to the university.

 In order for a student to study for a master’s degree at
universities in the Netherlands, he must provide a set of papers and documents,
the most prominent of which are:

 A bachelor’s
degree certificate, and this certificate must be at a rate that corresponds to
the rate required by the university, and the student must translate the
certificate into English and authenticate it according to the established

Transcript of
grades showing the grades obtained by the student throughout the bachelor’s
stage, and this transcript must be translated into English and duly certified.


Proficiency Certificate: Netherlands universities provide two options for the
student, where the student can study a master’s degree in English, but he must
obtain an IELTS or TOEFL certificate at a rate that corresponds to the rate
required by the university, and he can also study in the Dutch language, and
then he must submit a certificate proving from during which he mastered the
English language.

 A valid passport,
with more than six months validity.

Curriculum vitae:
The student writes it in English.

letters: Dutch universities require the student to submit at least two letters
of recommendation from the doctors who studied him at the undergraduate level,
and these two letters must be written in English or Dutch.

 Motivation letter:
The letter of motivation is one of the very important matters that the student
must attach great importance to in his request, as it may be the main factor in
accepting or rejecting the student’s request, and through it the student must
explain the reasons that help the student to join this university, in addition
to The aspirations of the student by studying a master’s degree.

 The student musalso open a bank account in which he proves his ability to complete his studiesand cover its expenses.In the event that the student’s request is accepted, theuniversity sends a message to his e-mail informing him of the acceptance of the
request, and then the student must review the nearest Dutch embassy or
consulate in a place of residence in order to start the procedures for
obtaining a visa, and from the above we discover that the Netherlands allows
the student to study Masters in it with ease, provided that the student
fulfills all the conditions required by Dutch universities, and provided that
he submits his application on the registration dates.

In conclusion, we hope that we have succeeded in providing
important information through which we have clarified all the matters related
to studying a master’s degree in the Netherlands.


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the Netherlands, the team at Passion is fully prepared to assist you in
obtaining university admission to study a master’s degree in the Netherlands


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