Health insurance is a type of insurance in case the insured suffers an accident, injury, illness, disease or health care paid for by the insurer as agreed in the insurance contract. insurance has been signed between the two parties. In a life where risks are inevitable, health insurance is considered a solid financial support to help you share the burden when unfortunately encountering unforeseen contingencies.


The characteristic of health insurance is that customers participate completely voluntarily, with a contract term of only 1 year, and pay a fee once a year to enjoy benefits. If you want to continue enjoying the benefits of the insurance package, you need to renew your insurance. Currently health insurance packages are offered by life and non-life insurance companies. Products are available with benefits, customers depend on needs and finances to choose. Here are 4 criteria for choosing a health insurance package that you can apply to choose the right product.

Prioritize comprehensive health insurance packages

According to the Law on Insurance Business, health insurance is divided into three types of insurance, including:

Personal accident insurance: Insurance in case of risks related to accidents such as death, bodily injury under the insurance coverage.

This Commercial health insurance (health insurance of non-life companies): is an independent product that can be used by everyone, but children need to be accompanied by a parent. The level of benefit will be agreed between the buyer and the seller and is proportional to the premium payment.

Health care insurance (products of life companies) : Only included with the main life insurance . This type of insurance helps customers get good medical care with many outstanding benefits such as: inpatient, outpatient, dental, maternity, organ transplant, cancer treatment… Especially, regardless of right or wrong, public or private hospital, domestic or foreign.

Each type of insurance will have different benefits and insurance packages, not all packages will solve all the problems you encounter in life.

If the basic health insurance plans normally only meet inpatient benefits, the advanced health insurance plans will help you access superior insurance benefits during hospitalization, outpatient, maternity, etc. dental or implant surgery… This is the most comprehensive defense you can choose to increase coverage and care. However, when participating in health insurance, you should base on your needs as well as financial ability to make the most suitable choice for you.

Interested in coverage and guarantee system

When participating in health insurance, depending on each insurance company, the coverage area, system and network of medical facilities associated with that health insurance is wide or narrow, domestic or foreign. You should choose products and companies that have a guarantee system and a wide coverage area. This is to create peace of mind for participants in the event of an unforeseen mishap or incident. The guarantee system, the network linking hospitals with insurance companies is the factor that enhances the comprehensive protection solution for customers.

Currently in Vietnam, most of the high-end health insurance plans usually have a wide coverage area across clinics and hospitals in Vietnam and abroad, which can be mentioned as complementary products. support Gift of Health Manulife’s The hospital fee guarantee system of this product is front-line medical facilities such as Hanoi French Hospital, Central Tropical Hospital, National Children’s Hospital, Vinmec International Hospital… Especially, customers also have access to a system of 101 hospitals around the world, including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan…

Compensation value – Insurance benefits

For health insurance, the compensation value of each type of insurance will be different, depending on many factors. Currently, most health insurance products have pre-determined premiums and benefits in many levels, participants can choose the level that suits their protection needs and financial conditions. .

For health insurance, you should note: Insurance companies do not pay for out-of-line or right-line medical care, instead, health insurance benefits are paid according to actual costs depending according to the opt-in limit. Normally, for basic health insurance packages, the compensation value only fluctuates in the limit of tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dong. As for the advanced and comprehensive health insurance packages, when participating, customers will experience good service quality and insurance benefits are paid up to billions of dong. When choosing to participate, do not ignore the criterion of compensation value, this increases your ability to better support and share the financial burden.

Quick compensation service

When an incident occurs, most of the participants are very interested in whether the insurance claim is fast or slow, the procedure is simple or complicated. Choosing an insurance company with quick claims service with simple procedures will help participants dispel financial worries, thereby sharing the burden in a timely manner.

Currently, most insurance companies have established health insurance claim centers with the best quality of service and customer care. Compensation speed of health insurance services is assessed to be relatively fast. Only about 15 working days, customers can get compensation if there are no problems with the claim file. At Manulife, after receiving a claim, the company will quickly pay benefits to the policyholder within 60 minutes for insurance benefits to support the cost of serious medical treatment. , 30 minutes for inpatient/outpatient/dental expense benefits… at the customer service counter if your profile is valid. This is the preeminent convenience to help you get optimal and dedicated support.

In the face of the increasingly youthful disease situation, choosing to join a health insurance package is essential. This is considered a practical financial support solution, helping policyholders have a significant share to take care of themselves and their families against unforeseen risks.


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