When talking about one of the hottest careers today, we can’t help but mention Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing salaries are more competitive thanks to their effectiveness in reaching potential customers and increasing their conversion rate into customers. However, not everyone knows the specific salary of Digital Marketing per month.

The commodity economy, the development of e-commerce, the technological world with the explosive development of the internet and electronic devices such as computers and smartphones have pushed traditional marketing to shift to digital marketing. digital. There are many speculations about the salary of Digital Marketing, such as extremely high salary, many job opportunities. So, is the truth like many people think?

I. What is Digital Marketing?

The essence of marketing is to connect with customers, potential customers in the right place, at the right time. Today, that means businesses and marketers need to “meet” and engage with customers where they spend most of their time: On the internet.
Digital Marketing, also known as Internet Marketing, is a part of marketing activities using the internet and online digital technologies such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and other digital platforms and media. Others to promote products and services. Businesses take advantage of most digital channels such as search engines, social media, email and other websites to connect with current and future customers.
Digital Marketing requires creativity, differentiation and constant adjustment, changing to adapt to new trends. Digital marketers are also highly demanded for dynamism and diversity of ideas. In return, the salary of Digital Marketing is quite competitive, so if you have the ability, you will have many development prospects.

II. What is the salary of Digital Marketing?

In general, the salary of Digital Marketing is higher than many other office jobs and is usually calculated based on the working location, workplace as well as the position, job position you hold as well as the KPI you achieve. Digital Marketing salaries in some of the most popular roles would be:

  1. Digital Marketing Staff/Expert: The first position that most people think of when looking for a Digital Marketing job. Your salary will range from 9 to 13 million/month , the highest can be up to 30 million/month .
  2. Digital Marketing Executive: Your income if you work in this position will be from 9-14 million/month , the highest is 35 million/month .
  3. SEO staff: SEO staff work to ensure the best display of websites, posts, and shared content on platforms. The salary of Digital Marketing in this role is from 7-10 million/month , the highest is 30 million/month .
  4. Content Marketing/Copywriter staff: Translating content, writing standard SEO articles… is the main job of Content Marketing staff . Your salary will be in the range of 7-10 million/month , the highest is 20 million/month .
  5. Digital Marketing Planner: Plan, search, propose digital marketing ideas. Average salary ranges from 8 to 12 million/month , the highest is 15 million/month .
  6. Head of Digital Marketing: The salary of Digital Marketing in this management role ranges from 12-20 million/month , about 25-40 million/month .
  7. Digital Marketing Director (Digital Marketing Director): This position is usually only available in large companies and corporations (in smaller companies, it can be referred to as Marketing director). The average salary will be from 30-35 million/month , higher is about 50-70 million/month , the highest can be more than 100 million/month .

III. Compare Digital Marketing Salary with Traditional Marketing

In order for marketing campaigns to really achieve the desired effect, the marketing must constantly explore, create and change. In particular, Digital Marketing is considered to be more effective than traditional marketing because it can be carried out multi-channel, with a variety of forms and styles, quickly updating trends or creating trends. new direction.
Of course, those who do Digital Marketing will also need to possess many general skills to adapt and complete tasks and goals. From proposing ideas to starting to write, design images, videos or do SEO, run ads on different channels… the salary of Digital Marketing will depend mainly on the jobs that you handle. independent reason.
Basically, the salary of Digital Marketing is higher than the salary of traditional marketers. However, at present, most businesses will conduct these two forms in parallel to ensure the best efficiency.

Working in digital marketing, in addition to being exposed to a dynamic and competitive environment, you will also have the conditions to increase your income and start a career path with many opportunities. In the near future, the salary of Digital Marketing will still be high and attract many young workers.


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