How to apply for the Turkish scholarship

Have you ever thought about applying for a Turkish scholarship? Learn with Passion how to apply for the Turkish scholarship in detail and the steps. The scholarship offered by Turkey has become a destination for many Arab students to apply for.

And because university education in Turkey is in constant progress, and the attention of many educational groups has turned to it, wishing to complete their studies in the best places,

Turkey is currently one of the most famous countries in terms of studies , and it has always offered more advantages and facilities , to attract many students to it from all over the world .

And one of the most distinctive features of Turkey in recent years is the provision of free scholarships to many students , which has become the goal of many of them to obtain it , by knowing and following up how to apply for the Turkish scholarship , to join it and benefit from studying in Turkey ‘s universities .

Today, we will learn about some information about studying in Turkey, and how to apply for a Turkish scholarship.

How to apply for a Turkish scholarship to obtain a bachelor’s degree:

* Conditions to apply:

1- The student must not be more than 21 years old.

2 – The student should not be registered at the university from which he wants to obtain the scholarship inside Turkey.

3- The student must have obtained more than 90% for the purely scientific disciplines such as medicine and pharmacy, and to have obtained more than 70% for the literary and other scientific disciplines.

4 – That the student has already graduated from high school, or is in the actual year, it is important that the student can prove that he will join the scholarship, and has already obtained high school.

5- Students who have not yet completed the last year of high school must have obtained at least a 70% average in the second year of high school.

* Documents required to register for the free Turkish scholarship for a bachelor’s degree:

1 – The applicant must have a copy of the passport, provided that this passport is valid.

2 – A copy of a detailed transcript of the student’s grades, for the last semester that the student who wants to apply for the scholarship attended.

3 – If a high school diploma is available, a copy of it must be provided upon application.

4 – A clear photo of the student, and it should have a white or blue background.

Notes for master’s or doctoral students to apply for the Turkish scholarship:

* Requirements for a master’s student:

His/her age should not be more than 30 years, and his/her grade should not be less than 75% in the Bachelor’s degree.

And to submit both a high school certificate and a bachelor’s degree.

The rest of the previously required papers should be completed with a letter of recommendation from the university from which he graduated.

* Requirements for a PhD student:

Not more than 35 years old, to present all previous certificates.

To have obtained at least 75% of the master’s degree.

With a master’s degree certificate, with transcripts.

The student must submit two letters of recommendation from the university from which he obtained his master’s degree.

Thus, we have mentioned the conditions for applying for the Turkish scholarship. You can apply for the scholarship through the official website of the Turkish Scholarships

Passion’s academic team works to help students apply for the scholarship and works to provide a letter of purpose for the study professional and for a small fee.

What are the advantages of studying in Turkish universities :

– Turkey is characterized by the large number of cities in it, the expansion of its area, and the multiplicity of cultures in it, which leads to the increase in the number of universities in Turkey, and the multiplicity of specializations and its development, to become a center for attracting many students inside and outside Turkey.

– A huge budget is allocated to education in Turkey, and this is of course conclusive evidence of Turkey’s interest in higher education, and evidence of its constant keenness to build more universities and give more Turkish scholarships.

– Turkish certificates are distinguished by the fact that they have become globally recognized, and are one of the best features of studying in Turkey, and this is also evidence of the quality of study in Turkey, and the quality of the sciences and skills it offers students, whether through studying in private universities or through the Turkish scholarship or through public universities.

– By studying in Turkish universities, one can get the greatest opportunities to practice modern scientific research, as Turkey has become one of the largest countries in scientific research today, and is working on development in this field in various ways.

– This is of course in addition to the diversity and beauty of Turkish nature, and the beauty and ease of life in it, whether in comfortable modern university cities, or in any of the Turkish cities, where Turkish university cities have many advantages, such as easy access to study and research advantages, And various cultural and sports activities, and this is also one of the most encouraging reasons for applying for the Turkish scholarship.

Study system in Turkish universities:

Turkish universities are now at the forefront of modern and advanced universities globally, in which many students are studying internally and externally.

Turkey is characterized by the ease of its university study system, as the study system in Turkey is divided into three main ways, and they are:

1- Registration in private universities.

2 – Registration in public universities.

3- Applying for the Turkish scholarship.

What are the advantages of applying for a Turkish scholarship:

– Turkey offers the Turkish scholarship to students from all over the world, and in recent times it has become one of the most famous scholarships in the world of foreign study, because of its many advantages:

1 – The Turkish scholarship includes almost all majors. It is not in specific disciplines or specific study categories, but rather includes all majors and university study categories.

2 – The Turkish government provides the Turkish scholarship every year in relatively large numbers, compared to other scholarships, which leads to the provision of many students with the Turkish scholarship from all over the world.

3 – The acceptance rate for the Turkish scholarship rises, due to the large numbers that apply for the scholarship each year. The Turkish government opens the door for admission to more than 4,000 students annually to obtain the Turkish scholarship.

4 – This is in addition to what the scholarship provides in terms of providing housing, food, and health insurance for foreign students who receive the Turkish scholarship, and that the student does not bear any study or living expenses, and transportation cards are also provided to them, as well as travel tickets to and from Turkey.

5- One of the best advantages of the Turkish scholarship is also that students receive a monthly stipend, which varies according to the stage of study in which the scholarship is offered. The bachelor student gets 700 lira per month, the master’s student gets 950 lira per month, and the doctorate is 1400 lira per month.

6 – Students who receive the scholarship can also study the Turkish language for a full academic year, and for free.

You can watch this video to know the nature of the questions for the interview in Turkish scholarships


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