Letter of purpose of the study to study Abroad

The purpose of the study letter, or as it is called the personal letter, a letter that the student writes himself, consisting of one or two pages, and it is one of the papers that the student must submit to each university

He wishes to obtain admission in it, and through this letter the student must explain the reasons that prompted him to choose this major, and explain the reason for his desire to obtain university admission , and he must also mention the goals that he seeks to achieve after completing the study, and how he will develop The specialty to be certified.

He must also mention, during writing this speech, the things that make him suitable for this specialty, and the advantages he possesses, in addition to that, he must talk about the experiences he possesses, and the voluntary work he has done, and the student must be keen during writing the letter for the purpose of the study to write it In a strong and expressive style, it must be guaranteed by enthusiastic statements. In addition, the writing must be in a format free from linguistic, grammatical and spelling errors.

In order for the letter of purpose of the study to be a successful letter, the student’s personality must appear clearly in it, so that the university shows the strength of personality, his great self-confidence, and his great potential that qualifies him to obtain university admission, and because the letter of the purpose of the study is important for every student, we will through this article By providing a set of tips that help the student write a letter of purpose of study well.

Letter of purpose of the study

 Tips for writing a letter of purpose of study:

1- Mention the interest in this program reasons that prompted you to : the student must specify the reasons that prompted him to choose this specialization with great accuracy, as there are a large number of other specializations that the student could choose, and there the student must mention how he searched for this program, as it should To talk about his enthusiasm for studying this program and not other study programs.

2- List the reasons that make you the right person to study this program : The student must mention all the reasons that make him the right person to study this specialty, and the student must specify his qualifications that fit this specialization, and he must present these matters in a convincing manner to the admissions committee.

3- Talking about the activities undertaken by the student : In the purpose of the study, you must mention the activities that you have undertaken in order to develop yourself in this specialty, such as if you have read new books in this specialty, or you have attended a group of scientific films on some of the topics it deals with. And these matters have a great role in making you preferred to study this specialty with the discussion committee.

4- Mention the impact of experiences on your desire : The experiences that a person gains from the situations he is going through are a motivator for him, and teach him some activities that may be related to the specialization he studies, and these experiences may be a competition in which you participated, or a challenge you took with your friends In your field of specialization, you should also mention the role that these experiences played in influencing your decision to choose this major.

5- Mention the work skills that are distinguished by them : The student must include the letter of purpose of the study the work skills he possesses in the field of specialization he wishes to study, such as his ability to withstand pressures, work in a team, or the student’s ability to be more productive if he works well He is independent, and he must display his skill in organizing time, so that he makes the admission committee feel aware of the importance of time in human life, and he must also mention the advantages he possesses in solving the problems that confront him and confront him.

6- Mention the technical skills that are related to the major : the student must mention the technical skills that are related to the major he wants to study, as he must be trained in the skills that this major needs to show the admissions committee how much he loves him and his inclination towards him, and the greater your skills the greater your chances in obtaining university admission.

7- Demonstrate your possession of the critical thinking skill: The critical thinking skill is one of the most important skills that the student must mention, as the student’s possession of this skill is one of the reasons why the university accepts his request, because universities are looking for students who are independent in their opinions, and their ability to think and analyze the situations they are exposed to during their lives.

8- Mention your future plans : The student must include in the letter of purpose of the study the future plans that he seeks to carry out after graduating from the university, because this makes you, in the eyes of the admissions committee, a person who knows what he wants from his life.

9- Focus on your strengths : The student should focus on the strengths he possesses when he writes a letter for the purpose of the study, presenting his capabilities in a distinctive and convincing way.

Through the foregoing, we see that the speech of the purpose of the study is of great importance in university admission, so the student must prepare and write it in a good way, and he must also make sure that it is free from linguistic and spelling errors, and in conclusion, we hope that we have succeeded in providing important information, and we have clarified the It contains all the information related to the purpose of the study


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