After the emergence of
the Omicron variant and the increase in cases worldwide, studies indicate that
infected people present symptoms similar to those of other variants, although
there is a new one, tinnitus .

A study by scientists from Stanford University, United States, published in the
journal Communications Medicine , warned about the notable increase in reports
mentioning that infected people have ear discomfort and even hearing loss.

The director of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Surgery of the North
American house of studies, Konstantina Stankovic , explained that the
SARS-CoV-2 virus “could infect cells of the inner ear, including the hair
cells, critical for both hearing and balance. , causing hearing loss and
tinnitus,” he told the Times Now News.
    “If you notice hearing loss or dizziness or ringing in
the ears, don’t rule it out. Get formally tested. In some of our patients, we’ve
seen hearing loss as the only sign of Covid infection,” he added.

 So far, research indicates that this is related to tinnitus and that this
symptom can continue for a short time and then disappear. Similarly, cases have
been reported in which discomfort in the ears intensifies and even loses

Tinnitus: What is it?

People who suffer from it perceive buzzing, clicking, hissing or murmuring as a
permanent noise , which can change in volume or has different frequencies. A
particular characteristic is that noise predominates when it is in a quiet
environment, because, being in a noisy place, it may not be perceived, however,
the noise continues.

There are several causes that can trigger an episode of tinnitus, for example,
hearing loss due to loud sounds, Mérière’s disease, the constant use of
antibiotics, high blood pressure and allergies.

How can it be detected?

It is important to point out that a person who does not have experience in this
field cannot diagnose this disease, but they can pay attention to the symptoms
to go immediately with their trusted doctor , in this case with the

During the check-up, studies can be carried out from an exploration to the
performance of magnetic resonance imaging or cardiac studies in the case of
presenting arterial hypertension.


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