How to Get Smarter – It’s not too difficult to improve mental energy and have a smarter working brain. Because no one can become a “smarter” version of themselves without a sense of proactive self-improvement. The following article Education Plus would like to send you some suggestions for brain training to help you become a smarter person:

Never stop practicing

Practice makes perfect. Repeat whatever you are learning until you become an expert. For example, maybe you are learning about an algorithm, review it over and over, write it over and over again until it forms a strong connection in your brain.

This practice helps you strengthen your learning skills and not forget the knowledge over time.

2. Experience new challenges

Challenges sharpen your brain. An “empty” brain will only contain useless things, so fill it up by giving yourself a variety of challenges. Take classes you thought you’d “never be” into, go out and do something you used to be afraid of, learn to dance, learn martial arts…

Acquiring new skills is always an effective brain exercise.

3. Listen to your favorite songs

Listening to music helps you relax and feel happy. It is one of the best ways to gain mental power. Music by your favorite artists can help relieve stress and cure insomnia.

So listen to about the first 25 songs on your list of favorite songs to improve your mind.

4. Take notes of thoughts

Get a notebook and jot down your thoughts in it. Your brain is constantly “fighting” with different thoughts, so “aid” it by writing all of them down. This way, you can shape and organize them more clearly and give you more time to think about each issue.

Also, writing them down helps keep these thoughts alive, even if you forget them later, so you won’t miss an important event or an unfinished issue. completed plan.

5. Think about positive emotions

Don’t let negative emotions take over and prevent you from reaching the maximum potential of your brain energy.

Think of all the positive things that have happened, are happening, and can happen, even from failure. Failure can even help you learn new things, give you a new perspective, erase negative thoughts, and help you see the bigger picture.

6. Learn to read fast

Speed ​​reading is the tool of smart people. When researching something, you will have to read books, newspapers or magazines to get useful information. Therefore, you need to learn how to read quickly to save time.

Speed ​​reading also helps your mind focus more, giving you more brain energy to synthesize problems and make decisions quickly.

7. Practice meditation or yoga

Yoga helps you stretch your entire body and keeps your brain engaged. It is important that yoga helps to connect the brain with the body and makes you more aware of everything around you.

Both meditation and yoga help you focus better on your tasks and give your mind the energy it has always wanted.

8. Be aware and focus on the present

Stop multitasking. It often happens that you are doing one thing and your mind is thinking about something else and thus, you lose focus. Take a deep breath, focus on just one thing at a time and complete it with complete satisfaction, only then move on to another.

This practice gives you the mental power to stay focused and alert in any situation, while completely releasing pressure.

9. Restart the biological clock

Sometimes you feel tired, sleepy, lightheaded both in the evening and in the morning. That’s because the circadian clock (the body’s internal circadian rhythm) may be messed up. In that case, you need to reboot the system by saying “no” to caffeine and sugar. They are the biggest enemies of brain energy.

Instead, let sunlight directly affect your body in the morning to help you wake up and get out of sleep. Use mobile apps to track your sleep and establish a consistent sleep routine.

10. Provide essential nutrients for the brain

In order for the brain to work at its maximum power, you need to provide it with all the nutrients it needs. Many people tend to follow “austere” diets to lose weight, thus being deficient in fatty acids like Omega 3 – essential fuel for the brain.

Some of the foods that contain fat that are both beneficial for your diet and help you become smarter are coconut oil, olive oil, salmon and almond butter.

Here are some ways to make you smarter, try to apply it now to see if there are any positive changes.


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