You want to do scientific research, but don’t know how to find scientific research papers for reference? Do you find it difficult to choose reputable and effective documents?

Well then, congratulations, you’ve found the right article where you can find the fastest and most accurate ways to find scientific research papers.

First of all, it is important to understand that researching research papers is the first and most important step when you want to start doing a scientific paper. This can directly affect the quality and direction of the article.

So in this content, Studentsgroom will give you an objective view of the types of scientific research papers, the steps to find effective scientific research papers, along with some tips for finding documents quickly. , the most exactly.

Finally, Studentsgroom will provide you with a source of websites to find online research materials to help you complete your article.

#1 What is a scientific research paper?

At the beginning of the article, Studentsgroom confirmed that the source material in the research is an important and indispensable part in the process of researching scientific works. Why is that?

Because for those who have long experience in scientific research or are sharp in finding references, they will know that when they have access to prestigious scientific research documents with high accuracy, You will get specific and quality information, which will be of great help to your research topic.

On the contrary, once you do not know how to identify and search for research papers or access documents with low prestige, not in line with the direction of the topic, it will greatly affect the quality of the article. .

Therefore, scientific research documents are the source of information from previous scientific studies, which have a close relationship and premise for the current scientific research topics to be more complete and closer.

#2 Steps to find effective scientific research materials.

Before getting into specific tools and tricks, it’s important to know the steps you need to take to prepare for an effective document search, including:

2.1 Orientation to find the source material

In the stage of just starting to approach or learn about research topics and problems, the orientation of finding sources is an extremely important step to help you form ideas to serve the topic. and determine the source of the material that you will use.

From there, it will be easier for you to complete your research paper effectively.

2.1.1 Forming research ideas

This is the first stage to help you quickly make your own choices and considerations to complete the initial research. However, to be able to do this, you need to spend time thinking, brainstorming can follow 3 steps in turn:

  • Think and list ideas freely.
  • Categorize and organize ideas logically
  • Choose ideas that are relevant to your research topic.

With the first step, you can create and list all your ideas based on your thoughts. It sounds like a lot of time, but this is the initial foundation and the source of the following ideas.

Next is the process of categorizing and organizing your ideas so that they are reasonable and easy to consider for the purpose of the original research.

Then, choosing the right ideas from among the ideas that were initially classified is the final step for you to form the idea of ​​the topic. This is also considered an important step, it is necessary to consider the practicality, meaning and impact of the idea on the research topic to choose.

2.1.2 Determining the source of documents to use

After forming a research idea for the topic, the next stage is equally important that you need to consider and choose carefully, which is to determine the source of materials to be used for the research. By corresponding to each research idea, there will be different resources suitable to learn.

Especially when understanding the characteristics of each document source, it will help you quickly identify the right source for the topic and contribute to improving the quality of the article.

Top 3 reference sources that Studentsgroom provides you as:

  • Online library: This is an online database including books, magazines, audio-visual documents, state documents, theses and dissertations…

The advantage of the online library is the variety and richness from sample thesis reports, closeness with sample essays of students and you can also download free theses for direct reference.

However, the downside here is that it will be difficult for you to know the reliability and correctness from such documents and information.

  • Encyclopedias: These are reputable and extremely quality resources written by experts in a variety of different fields for you to dig deep.

However, it exists in the form of books, so the search process is quite difficult and takes more time than other sources.

  • Scientific research journals: Not less than encyclopedias, scientific research journals are also one of the top priority sources when used to refer to research articles with high authority. credibility and rigor in the articles of researchers published in the journal.

However, most of the reports written in the journal are in foreign languages, so it will be quite difficult for those of you who do not have good foreign language skills.

In addition, there are a number of effective online resources and scientific article download sites for readers, but Studentsgroom will leave it at the end of the article. So, please read to the end of the article to pocket these useful website resources.

2.2 How to find scientific research documents quickly

After completing the first step with two main stages of idea generation and determining the sources of materials to use, you will begin to search for research papers to serve your report topic.

However, how to search and are there any tips that can help us find the desired document quickly and easily?

Usually we will search for information mainly through Google tools and search in a traditional way. However, by doing so, we will easily miss out on better reports, sample dissertations or research papers that we have not been able to find yet.

So Studentsgroom will provide you with some of the fastest and most effective methods of information extraction:

2.2.1 Searching for information through subsections

With this method, you just need to click on the item you want, then you will go to each subsection from large to small and finally until you see the website that matches your desires and search needs. own.

2.2.2 Searching for information through specific keywords

With this method, you need to identify the main keywords in your topic and go through the traditional Google tool to find articles related to the keyword.

However, this way of finding documents will take up a lot of your time in selecting and determining the reliability of the reports, sample thesis or web pages displayed in the search process.

2.2.3 Searching for information through punctuation and syntax tips.

To shorten and save time in the process of finding information from websites, you can apply some tips to filter out searches that are not related to the research topic.

  • Using quotation marks: The use of quotation marks in the process of searching research documents for keywords will help you narrow the search scope and limit keywords that are semantically similar. Sound causes confusion during document search.

For example: When researching the unemployment rate of Vietnamese workers in 2020, you just need to type the keyword “Vietnam unemployment rate 2020”, the results will be narrow and easy for you to find information. with high precision.

  • Use dashes: Using dashes will help you eliminate restrictions, unwanted horizontal things in the document search process.

Example: When you want to research on Vietnam’s rice export rate and 2018 is not within the scope of your research. So to shorten the search time, you can search: “Rice of Vietnam rice exports – 2018”.

  • Use the (+) syntax: When you use this syntax, you can combine keywords that are related to each other and must be included in the search results.

Example: Vietnamese dragon fruit + export

2.3 How to select appropriate and effective source material

With the above two steps, we have completed 2/3 of the way in the steps of searching for scientific research documents, which are also important and foundational steps to start researching a quality scientific paper.

In order to properly complete the original research purpose and ensure the quality of the article, the selection of appropriate sources is an essential step when referencing.

There are 3 main factors that you need to consider when choosing the right source for your topic:

  • Scientific accuracy and objectivity of the document:

To check the reliability and accuracy of research papers, you can identify them through academic sites such as Google Scholar, or pages ending in .gov, .org, .edu…

These are reputable websites and are widely used by researchers and experts, so you can be assured of the accuracy and objectivity of the information in the document.

  • Reliability of the document issuer

Normally, document publishers will have strict and strict processes in the publishing process to bring quality reports to readers.

Therefore, you need to consider and consider the reputation of the broadcasters by ranking or reputation on tools like Google Scholar or Google to choose the right one for each type of document.

Besides, to evaluate the reliability of scientific journals, you can look at the Impact Factor.

With scientific journals with the higher the Impact Factor (IF), the prestige and development of that scientific journal is higher and is the basis for you to choose when looking for research materials.

  • Reputation and experience of the research author

With researchers with extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of each specific field, they will always have a more objective and in-depth view in each of their research papers.

Therefore, you should prioritize looking for reports from masters, doctors, and researchers who have a lot of experience in your research field to better serve your research.

The process of searching for information of research authors for evaluation has many different ways such as viewing information of scientists using Google Scholar, scientific information pages of universities, personal blogs, etc.

#3 Website to find effective scientific research materials.

In the first 2 parts of the article, Studentsgroom gave you an overview of the types of scientific research documents, the steps to search for documents as well as some tips for finding documents quickly and accurately and how to select sources. suitable document.

Here, Studentsgroom will provide you with some extremely useful online resources and websites that you will definitely need to use if you want a quality scientific research paper.

3.1 Top 3 sources of scientific research materials

1.2.1 Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia (also known as “Book of Books”), is a document full of official information compiled by experts that you should know.

You can find all you need here because the encyclopedia contains many areas of human knowledge, offers broad, comprehensive perspectives on scientific research and is researched by researchers. Scientific research is always reliable.

1.2.2 Specialized books

Why are specialized books one of the documents for scientific research you need to know? How is it different from other books? The answer that specialized books can be considered as the number 2 priority after encyclopedias when you start looking for research papers.

Reading specialized books will help you go deeper into the topic you want to study, helping you to find new and clearer things that other books don’t have.

From there, you can improve and expand the scope and knowledge of your research through useful information or some suggestions from specialized books.

Specialized books can be borrowed at the school library, general library, …

Find scientific research materials from books specialized in electronics and mechanics

1.2.3 Scientific Research Journal

A scientific research journal, also known as an academic journal, is a published periodical that features articles written by experts in a particular field of research.

This is a place where you can safely search and read freely with many fields and many different topics because articles in scientific journals are often more complex and rigorous, the process of selecting and The article review is also extremely careful, with high credibility and accuracy.

A special feature is that scientific research journals are always updated every year, so this is a necessary resource to help you update new, secure and relevant knowledge with your research topic.

Scientific journals/scientific articles can be found in paper form at university archives libraries, general libraries, and specialized research libraries.

Alternatively, a more accessible format is an ebook (e-book) of a scientific journal, which you can find and read online at research websites.

3.2 Research papers in Vietnamese

  • Vietnam Journals Online – Vietnam Journals Online

The online Vietnamese scientific journal is a database of Vietnamese scientific journals across all scientific fields, allowing readers to access scientific knowledge published in Vietnam.

Therefore, the website’s reputation is very high and is used by a large number of researchers.

  • Library – Digital Knowledge Center of National University, Hanoi

The Library – Digital Knowledge Center of Hanoi National University is a place to store countless documents in many different fields, serving all types of readers.

The documents are always updated and changed appropriately from year to year to help you access information easily, effectively with high accuracy that you should not ignore. Scientific research books,

  •  Vietnam Open Learning Library

The Vietnam Open Learning Library is supported by the Vietnam Foundation with treasures of resources, thousands of information and documents related to education and free access in a teaching and research environment for adults. Vietnam.

So this is also one of the websites that you should not miss when looking for scientific research papers. Here you can download many good scientific research papers, textbooks, journals or download scientific articles for free.

3.3 Research papers in English

  • Google Scholar

This must be a very familiar website for long-time and experienced scientific researchers. So what is gg scholar and why is it so popular with scientists?

Google Scholar is an academic website that provides wide-ranging scientific research papers, giving you easy access to highly accurate texts in both English and Vietnamese.

In addition, you can find, read and download a wide variety of free scientific articles here.

To better understand the features and how to find scientific research documents on Google Scholar, how to effectively and thoroughly exploit information from this tool, MOSL shares a detailed tutorial “What is GG Scholar? Effective use to find scientific research documents” Searching for scientific research documents with Google Scholar is very effective

Search address:

  • ResearchGate

If Google Scholar is an academic website that helps provide readers with wide-ranging scientific documents for reference and research, ResearchGate is a website that provides academic databases and a place to share information. share academic documents by prestigious and famous scientists in the world.

Especially in this network, you will be able to download and cite sources for free and have the opportunity to consult in-depth articles from all fields of researchers.

Search address:

  • Sci – Hub

Besides Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Sci-Hub is a website operating in the form of a Library to provide free access to millions of research documents and e-books.

Here you can freely view and refer to research papers for your scientific research.

Finally, Studentsgroom would like to introduce you to Caltech THESIS, one of the websites that provides many good essays, especially theses, master’s or doctoral theses with high accuracy compiled and updated. updated by Caltech students.

In addition, containing many documents related to all prominent fields such as Engineering, Humanities, Politics, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Electromechanics, .. is also an appropriate choice for students. with researchers in these fields.

# Conclude

So through this article, Studentsgroom hopes to help you gain more knowledge about effective ways to find scientific research materials. In addition, documents on scientific research are compiled by Studentsgroom at the blog to share scientific research knowledge

If during the practice you have questions and need help, do not hesitate to contact Studentsgroom for help.


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