Scarring after eyelid surgery

Scars after eyelid surgery are often bad complications from the wrong eyelid skin cutting method, or improper wound care. Most of these complications occur when customers perform services at less reputable beauty centers.

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is a small surgery, removing excess skin or fat and stitching to create new eyelid folds. This minor surgery usually takes only 30 minutes to 1 hour. This method is known as a way to bring permanent double eyelids to the user.

There are 2 types of minor surgery, collectively known as eyelid surgery, which is to shape the upper eyelid and remove excess fat from the lower eyelid.

Upper eyelid shaping: The doctor removes part of the upper eyelid skin, or removes the overlapping skin and then creates a connection between the eye lift part with separate stitches, after finishing the eyelid will be larger and the scar will be hidden under the crease. lower eyelid.

This method is for those who want to create bigger eyelids, monolids, or droopy eyes. This is a simple technique, without dissection, without incision, leaving scars but very small, hidden behind the eyelids, can only be seen when the eyes are closed.

The first step is to examine, measure and draw the skin to be cut with a special pen. Then make a continuous incision along the drawn line, then remove a part of the tissue in the upper eyelid, or cut off the skin that is not identical. desired and then re-create the eyelid by suturing the eyelid skin muscle to create a double eyelid.

Lower eyelid fat removal (puffiness removal): This minor surgery is divided into 2 types: removing eyelid fat to create 2 bigger eyelids, or removing eye bags with a common purpose of bringing clarity to the eyes. , restore the youthfulness of the face.

This service is only for cases where the eyes have excess fat, the surgeon passes a natural wrinkle in the eyelid crease or makes an incision to remove fat from the inside of the lower eyelid, with this treatment, almost no noticeable difference is found. What is unusual after the patient has liposuction?

2. Methods to limit scarring after eyelid surgery

Healthy eating mode

After eyelid surgery, you should not eat spicy and hot food because it will cause tears to come out when in contact with hot spicy food. Do not eat beef, chicken, sticky rice, seafood, water spinach because it will let it dry. bad scars, avoid alcoholic drinks, coconut water, gotu kola because it can easily cause bleeding.

Should eat porridge with minced meat with carrots, vegetables after surgery, eat a lot of green vegetables, fruits, drink a lot of filtered water, add milk and fruit juice.

Use scar cream

Scar cream has a comprehensive effect on the scar from the inside out, then breaks down the sclerotic structure of the scar surface and supports the scar skin, increasing collagen to heal the scar.

In order for the eyelids to quickly recover and not leave scars, you can refer to the use of some suitable scar creams.

Although scars are caused by each person’s body. But no one is sure that they are keloid and that they are benign. Therefore, to own beautiful eyes, to avoid scarring, you should strictly follow the instructions of your doctor.

Moreover, in order to get a minor eyelid surgery with the desired results, the first thing we should do is consult and choose large, reputable cosmetic centers with a license to operate in the cosmetic industry. clear.

At these facilities the doctors are highly skilled, the probability of unwanted cases will be very small.

After the wound heals, close the mouth, immediately apply the scar cream according to the instructions indicated on the prescription, or as directed by the doctor.
In addition, pay attention to add many nutrients in the meal such as plant and animal protein, fatty foods, vitamins C, B, zinc, etc. To absolutely support the self-healing mechanism after injury. of the body produces collagen to regenerate the skin, avoiding the formation of bad scars.

* Some reputable large cosmetic centers in eyelid surgery services:
– Kang Nam Beauty Salon
– Mailisa beauty salon
– Beauty salon Thanh Hang.

Eye care after eyelid surgery is a must, to keep your eyes as beautiful as you want, you should pay attention to proper wound cleaning, avoid scar-causing foods, and don’t forget to choose scar cream .


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