Since the beginning of the epidemic, many schools have resorted to the method of distance education; If you are a kindergarten or primary school teacher, you will need to make the online lessons interesting and educational at the same time. To achieve this, you must focus on the interaction between you and your class; When interaction increases, students participate more enthusiastically 8 Tips to Make Online Education More Fun for the Little Ones

In this article, we will give you 8 tips to increase engagement and make online education fun:

1. Create an appropriate learning environment:
It is very important to establish the classroom environment so that it positively affects how students feel; So make sure that there are no clutter or uncomfortable things in the classroom decor; You can design a decor with houseplants, flowers, and graphics to make your students feel as if they are in an educational setting.

You can also use numbered backgrounds that can be easily switched depending on the topics of the lesson, and you should keep calm as part of the appropriate learning environment for the class; Therefore, do not operate machines that make noise, such as the dishwasher, etc., and circulate these rules to your family members to ensure that none of them enters the classroom at the time of the lesson.

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2. Use illustrative tools to promote understanding and interaction:
Children love environments decorated with toys and dolls; So use stuffed toys, balls, masks, and toys to decorate the classroom , and you can also use online learning tools like whiteboards, flashcards, maps, and charts to solidify the information you give your students.

3. Simplify the information:
Try not to give information to your students that is beyond their capacity to absorb. According to studies, when the brain tries to deal with information beyond its capacity, what is known as cognitive load ; That’s why it’s important to keep your lessons simple and explain only one concept at a time.

4. Make the lesson live
Students should not remain seated without any physical activity; So give them time to have fun and play some games, you can have sports competitions among the students, and you can encourage them through some games related to the lesson you are giving, for example reward the student who answers correctly by letting him run, the idea is to make your students enjoy the lesson.

5. Take advantage of Internet technology:
You can share e-books, music, and videos with your students through the app you use to give lessons; Some apps like Zoom have features like whiteboards that you and your students can draw on or use them to run a drawing competition among students.

6. Give the lesson in an expressive style:
Imagine yourself as an actor and your task is to capture the audience’s attention using facial expressions , voice, and gestures; It is very important that you have high energy and use expressions while teaching the little ones so that they do not lose interest in the lesson

7. Communicate with parents:

Communication with parents is essential for the success of online teaching; So at the beginning of each class, create a chat group to exchange messages with them about the child’s personality and performance. Also ask them for suggestions and ideas about activities they would like to have in class. Use your email to tell them in advance if there is something their child should bring to class.

8. Use the keyboard to make fun:
Encourage your students to use fun gestures with their hands and the keyboard to show their understanding. If they get the correct answer, give them a virtual mark, say 5, and ask them to use hand gestures to show their understanding, or you can teach them to send interactive emoticons like a smiley face or a heart to express their feelings .

Another fun keyboard trick to encourage participation is to get the class to vote on whatever you want them to do; So explain to your students that they have to press a number on their keyboard, to choose what they want to do next, and the option that gets the most clicks is the winner.

For example: tell your students if they want to answer a question, they should press “1” or if they prefer to draw a picture, they should press “2”, when you use these methods, online education will never be boring and you will do better educational performance; Your lessons will be full of energy and positivity; Which will bring fun to you and your students.



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