Green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and beans are all great for getting rid of the fat that builds up in your belly. That’s called visceral fat, and it’s the most dangerous type because it can coat major organs, including liver , pancreas, and kidneys.

Diet and weight loss
Forget these two things
There’s no such thing as a “superfood” that burns visceral fat. And you can’t calm it down with specific moves like crunches. Instead, find ways to upgrade your eating habits and add activity each day. Think about your average week. Where can you make some changes?

Best thing you can do
While anyone can have too much visceral fat, you’re more likely to lose a lot of weight. Once you start to lose that weight, it will help your entire body, including the belly fat be hidden from your view.

Be picky about fat
You can still have some! But limit the “saturation” found in animal foods, coconut and palm oils, and full-fat dairy. For example, keep portions of those foods smaller than you can do. And check the nutrition to see how many calories and how much fat is in a serving. Look for fats that are better for you, such as those from plant foods or fish like salmon , tuna, and mackerel rich in omega-3s.

Try to run faster
Still trying to “burn” that belly fat by pounding the pavement for hours? Research shows that a few quick bursts exercise — such as a 30-second sprint or an intense pullup — can be more effective and easier to fit into your schedule. You can add bursts of more intensity to any exercise. Just increase the speed or work harder for a short time, then return to a gentler pace and repeat.

Sleep: The Goldilocks Formula
When it comes to weight gain , closing your eyes is like porridge: Too little — less than 5 hours — can mean more belly fat. But too much – more than 8 hours – can do the same. “Moderate” seems to be around 6-8 hours. If you don’t sleep much right now or tend to toss and turn, try to go to bed a little earlier, relax before bed, keep your bedroom cool, and try not to text and email right before you arrive. .

Forget a ‘Quick Fix’
Sorry, but plastic surgery is not the solution here. Liposuction does not reach the inside of the abdominal wall. So it can’t get rid of visceral belly fat. Likewise, diets weight loss are not the solution either. You have too many possibilities to remove them. The slower, more steady choice — a lifestyle you can commit to over the long term — is really the best choice.

Keep calm
Are you stressed ? That can make you eat more fat and sugar , while also releasing the “stress hormone” cortisol , which can increase belly fat. Stress can also make you sleep less, exercise less and drink more alcohol – which can also increase belly fat. It’s a great excuse to meditate, exercise, listen to music you love, or find other healthy ways to relax and unwind.

Rethink your drink
Whether it’s a coffee , a regular soda, a beer or a glass of wine, it has calories. And when you’re trying to short the numbers on the scale, water (or a smaller glass of your favorite soft drink) may be a better choice. If you drink alcohol, remember that it can only make you throw your will out the window when you order your meal.

Do not smoke
As if you needed another reason to quit. Smoking makes you more likely to store fat in your belly than your hips and thighs. And that’s bad. Oh, and it’s also a cause of diabetes . And cancer . And heart disease. And lung disease. And… you have the idea. If you’ve tried before, try again. Talk to your doctor, so you can get directions on what can help you quit smoking well.

Don’t rely on clothes size
A company’s size 14 might be a size 12. A better method is to measure your waistline. If you’re a woman, you want that number to be 35 inches or less. Men up to 40 inches. Reason? You can reduce your risk of having a heart attack , stroke or possibly certain types of cancer. The tape measure cannot test visceral fat. But along with weighing, it can help you keep track of your weight loss.

Think about hitting the gym instead of running down the beaten track. In one study, healthy middle-aged men who did 20 minutes of weightlifting a day gained less belly fat than men who spent the same amount of time doing aerobic exercise, such as cycling. training is also good for women – and it won’t make you bloated. You still need to do some cardio , but make sure strength training incorporates.


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