Best Podcasts for Students in Elementary School

I am an excellent listener of
podcasts, and I especially like crime podcasts based on true stories;
Sites like Crime Junkie, Dirty John, Doctor Death and The Drop Out are
my favorites, and I love listening while I work in the garden, or do
other household chores that allow me to enjoy crosswise while I work

Note: This article is based on author Magdalena Battles, who talks about her experience listening to podcasts with her children. 

This type of podcast is clearly not appropriate for young children; I have

three children. As for the podcast programs that we have chosen to

listen to with the family, they are all programs that children enjoy,

and they are suitable for their ages, and we all learn some information

from them at the same time. However, finding suitable podcast programs

for children is not easy; So I spent my time looking for programs that

my family will enjoy, and I will present to you the top 10 programs that

I recommend for children and families: You can also check this website to find some of the best english tutors for your kids.

1. Brains On 

Public Media produced the Brains On podcast, intended for curious
children; It’s a science-based podcast that answers questions often
asked by curious kids and interviews scientists to explain each topic.

program gives fun to its followers through expressive voices, sound
effects, and the characters it hosts. This show keeps children engaged
by presenting science in an enthusiastic and entertaining presentation;
It’s also a multi-award winner, and what makes this show so interesting
is that every week the makers bring in a different kid to co-host the

program addresses some topics that may interest your family, such as:
What causes forest fires? Why do mosquitoes bite? Do dogs know they are
dogs? You can view these episodes and more on Prince On through
the link .

This program is suitable for all ages and is aimed at children of primary school age and adolescents.

2. Wow in the World 

you know that there is only one species of insects in Antarctica? If
you don’t know this, you should listen to the Wow in the World podcast;
This award-winning program teaches topics around science, technology,
and innovation in a fun way.

It is directed at children; So they use entertaining sounds, music and
interactive and entertaining effects, it includes quizzes to engage the
audience and get them to do some critical thinking, and the game
presentation format they use in the quizzes is very nice.

This show is presented perfectly to ensure that your children are
entertained while also helping them learn new stories around the world.
They will be as impressed by it as you will be by it; So watch the
nearly 400 episodes of Wow in the World, and the makers of this show
have a book called: Wow in the World, the magnificence of the human body
and its mechanism of action.

This program is suitable for all ages, especially for listeners aged 5-12 years.

3. KidNuz 

Do you want your children to be kept up to date with news and current
events in the world, but in a way that is appropriate for their age? We
recommend KidNuz, a podcast that delivers news reports of about five
minutes five days a week, specifically geared towards children; Covering
current news topics with an unbiased presentation, this podcast has
been shown on many channels, including Parents, The New York Times and
Good Housekeeping, to name a few. Watch
KidNuz episodes ) on this link.

This program is suitable for all ages, and is directed at children between the ages of 6 and 13.

4. The Past and The Curious 

The Past and The Curious is a children’s history podcast; Each episode
contains information about real historical events, a narrative
presentation, and its sense of humor is entertaining for all ages.

The well-researched episodes are sure to inspire your kids and keep them
interested in history; The show is well executed and is fun for the
whole family.

You can listen to The Past and The Curious now at this link.

This program is suitable for all ages and was created for children and families to enjoy together.

5. Smash Boom Best

Boom Best is a debate podcast; This show tackles two topics and debates
which one is the best. This show will help your children learn how to
defend their opinions and points of view, and its topics are fun and
entertaining for children; He makes comparisons like: mermaids versus
bigfoot, sugar versus salt, or moon versus sun, and you can now listen
to Smash Boom Best episodes at
this link .

This program is suitable for all ages.

6. Short & Curly Ande Shorts

and Curly is a podcast series that examines philosophical questions at a
child’s level, for example, is it wrong to enjoy killing people in
computer games? The program delves into ethical topics that help
think critically .
The program does not ask a direct question of whether something is
right or wrong. Instead, it delves into the deeper question of how we
treat each other. The basic and deep ethical topics covered in this
presentation are useful. Creating more gentle, attentive and nurturing
children, then cute Australian accents make the show even more
entertaining, and you can listen to Short and Curly episodes at
this link now.

Suitable for children of school age and up.

7. Dream Big Podcast 

10 year-old
Eva Karpman and her mother host the Dream Big Podcast; They interview
celebrities, performers and successful people from all over the world. 

This podcast was created to inspire kids to pursue their dreams. Some of the
topics covered in the show include how to get comfortable with
uncomfortable things, how to push ourselves outside
comfort zone ,
how to lead our own lives, proof that you can learn anything, and much
more; There are more than 200 episodes of this program.

Big Podcast has won several awards and has been ranked as the number
one program in the Kids and Family category, and you can now listen to
episodes of Dream Big Podcast at
this link .

This program is suitable for all ages.

8. Story Pirates 

Pirates is one of the most listened to family podcasts around the world
by children and the show has won numerous awards including the
iHeartRadio Award for Best Family and Kids Podcast in 2020.

He quotes from children’s books, turns them into fun episodes, and
completes them with fun music, sound effects and sounds. His episodes
are funny and entertaining, perfect for young children, and are sure to
expand your children’s imagination and curiosity.

It is suitable for all ages and is aimed at children of primary school and kindergarten age.

9. 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter 

That Made Us Smarter is a podcast produced by the BBC. The show
examines what we have learned from animals; Each episode features a
scientific discovery or technological innovation, drawn from what we
have learned from an animal or a particular creature, for example, how
the designers of the express train used the information they learned
about the
kingfisher in their designs, and now you can listen to the program of 30 animals ( 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter ) at this link
This program is designed and produced for older students of primary school and above.

10. But why? Podcast for Curious Kids (But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids)

but why?” It’s a question my kids often ask, and if you ever spend any
time with curious kids, they’ll want to know how things work in the
world; So the question “but why?” It is a common question in families
with children; They want to know things like: Why are cacti prickly?
How are rocks formed? And how to add words to the dictionary? and the
podcast “But why?” Perfect for those curious kids; Where the program
answers this type of question.

of its episodes covers a different topic of curiosity, and the program
often interviews professionals related to the topic of discussion; For
example, in the episode “Why Do Milk Teeth Fall Out?”, the show
interviewed a friendly dentist to answer some of the questions kids
asked about it; The dentist provided the information in a way that
children could understand, while keeping the information scientifically
and medically correct.

But Why? Produced by Vermont Public Radio; Where the topics covered in
each episode are real questions that the listeners ask and present to
the program. Does your curious child have a question that he wants an
answer to? They can listen to episodes, or submit their questions to But
Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids
via the link .

Suitable for all ages, and directed at children of primary school age.

in conclusion:

to podcasts is a great way to increase your children’s learning while
keeping them entertained, and is especially useful when in the car or on
trips, as listening to a variety of educational and children’s podcasts
has opened the door to many interesting and fruitful discussions.


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to educational podcasts can help your child learn more about history,
science, technology, ethics and much more; You’ll find that their
critical thinking abilities increase, while their language skills and
vocabulary expand as well, and then it’s also a useful way to cut down
on video game time, and the good thing about it is that you can listen
to podcasts just about anywhere, and they’re all fairly free


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