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I know you want to start your new website or blog, but you want to save
as much money as possible, especially on those items where there are
free alternatives, like getting free hosting instead of paid, and that’s
why you’re here!

In fact, creating a professional website comes with a package of expenses that may seem prohibitive, starting from purchasing the template, domain name , paid web hosting , and even development and design expenses, so you may always benefit from savings on any of the above. 

In this article, we discuss the best free hosting companies, one of which
you can use to host your site, and some comparison in the
characteristics and features of each of them, and we will put you at the
end of the article a set of alternatives to semi-free professional
hosting in case you want a strong start for your site since its
appearance. .

Best Free Hosting Companies You Can Trust
can say that Blogger is a real free treasure for everyone who seeks
free hosting. This excellent tool from the giant Google also provides
you with a comprehensive platform to create and manage your site
completely and completely free of charge.

The wonderful thing about Google is that it is generous with its users, as
it provides capabilities that we can say are excellent compared to being
completely free, for example, you can buy your own domain name and link
it to Blogger, and create a professional website, hosting and managing
it for free through Blogger.

One of the great things about Google is that it will host your site on its
fast and great servers, with which you can feel completely confident
about hosting your site.

This is not all, as Google will allow you to place Adsense ads on its free
blogs, even those that have a sub-domain name of the blogger domain name
like YOURBLOC.BLOGSPOT.COM. Isn’t that awesome, and makes Blogger the
best free web hosting ever?

note: You can rely on our comprehensive guide on creating a blogger
blog to create one blog in an easy and simple way, and here is the link:

2 .

WordPress is
basically a comprehensive content management program, with which you
can create an integrated website and manage it the way you want.

There are two forms that WordPress works in:

  • : It is completely free software that you can download on your hosting.
  • : It
    is a paid system that provides you with content management as well, but
    it offers completely free hosting, through which you can create a
    website or blog for free.
offers a free web hosting plan that gives your site a secondary domain
in addition to your website name (, 3GB of
storage, and access to free templates available for your website.

This free plan displays ads on your site, you can sign up for a paid plan to
get rid of these ads, use a custom domain name for you, and a lot of
extra features.

Note: The platform will give you more than just free web hosting,
it will give you a comprehensive content management system where you can
create your blog completely without the need for a website design and
development specialist.

in the article in the link below, an explanation of how to get free
WordPress hosting with an easy tool to create your own blog for free:

3 . Weebly

is a website builder that offers free hosting in one of its packages.
Weebly comes with an intuitive and flexible drag-and-drop feature and
ready-made website templates.

Like WordPress, the platform offers a sub-domain name and ads on the
website, but WordPress is bettered by offering more storage, with Weebly
only offering 500MB.

Likewise, to get rid of ads and get other better features, you can sign up for
their paid plans. Weebly also represents more than just free web
hosting, it offers a complete blogging system.

Note: The three free hostings that we discussed above are not hosting companies
in the first article, but they are integrated systems for creating and
managing blogs and websites, so to get one of these free hostings you
have to use the system as a whole.

Do not worry, in case this option is not suitable for you, you will find
other options in the article later, which represent other types of free
web hosting.

4 . Google Cloud Hosting

Google cloud hosting is completely different from the three companies we
talked about above. Here, Google provides a web hosting service, but it
does not provide any tools or facilities for building the site itself,
or managing it.

So to deal with this option, you must have good knowledge in dealing with
Google cloud servers, and with its control panel, here you will be fully
responsible for doing everything in your site.

The great thing is that Google offers different web hosting solutions for
free for small startups and students. And being a giant Google, the
features it gives are just as superior.

The nature of their plans is pay-per-use, which makes it easy for students
to start and launch their own business in the digital arena.

Google gives new users $300 free credit, which is enough to keep you going for
an entire year. Google hosting service can be used for any type of

5 . Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular websites in the world.
Although it is not the easiest or best thing for small businesses, it is
one of the most effective platforms for students and developers who
want to start their own business.

Amazon gives 12 months of free hosting, as well as free to use and try their
products and other features, making them the best free hosting companies
for test and beta sites.

Students and developers can take advantage of Amazon’s unique platform and services to improve their development skills.

Note: Amazon
hosting is very similar to Google hosting, and they are competitors to
each other at the highest level, and they are the second type of free
hosting we’ve covered so far.

The first type was the platforms that offer everything about making,
managing and hosting websites, some of which offer free packages that
you can rely on as an alternative to free hosting.

And now we will start with the third type of free hosting in our article
today, which are specialized hosting companies that provide web hosting
services in the first place, and they are completely free with some
restrictions on use.

6. InfinityFree

Free is a free hosting provided by iFast Net. It offers its customers
the auto-install feature with more than 400 different applications
including WordPress, free secondary domain names and unlimited storage
and bandwidth.

This hosting service does not offer the ability to register a domain name,
but you can use your own domain that you purchased from another domain

your website is published, your customers won’t see any ads, but there
will be ads in the dashboards in the back of the site. The number of
clicks and visits on your site will be limited to only 50,000 clicks per

7. 20i

20i is a free UK web hosting company that currently has a wide range of high quality technology services.

The company offers easy app installation, 10 GB storage, 250 MB bandwidth, website monetization, and more.

One of the most famous features that the company offers to its customers is
an ad-free hosting experience, while at the same time enabling the
customer to activate ads on his site himself to earn money according to
his desire.

The big drawback of this company’s free plan is that it has limited its
bandwidth capacity to only 250 megabytes per month, so once you get an
acceptable number of visitors to your site, it will not be the right
option for you… Perhaps you will upgrade with it to a paid package.

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred at a given time, usually
estimated in seconds, and it is directly related to the site’s ability
to receive visitors.

8. Awardspace

AwardSpace is one of the best free hosting companies that offer a number of hosting services.

The company is well known for its free package of services, which includes
one website hosting, three secondary domains, as well as 1 GB of
storage, and a 5 GB bandwidth.

The company’s services include the ability to install a CMS content
management system with a single click (such as WordPress), in addition
to the continuous and direct 24/7 support service for its customers.
The company also gives you the ability to manage and monitor your
bandwidth usage, thus managing your resources effectively.

Once you launch your website, it will be ad-free. You can even add ads yourself on your site to monetize them as you wish.

This free hosting will not give you a free domain in its free package, but
it will give you good support compared to being a free hosting of

Finally, this free hosting company will ensure that you do not include any ads
within your site for its 100% benefit (as some sites that give free
hosting to their users place ads on their sites for their benefit).

9. 000Webhost

Since 2007 until now, the site offers free web hosting services which are not
associated with advertising requirements. Because they offer paid
plans, their business model is to offer free hosting services that are
financed by the other paid side of their offering (which is Hostinger
Paid Hosting).

Thus, free hosting customers can expand their sites by using paid services at any time.

The company offers free website builder, automatic installer, ad-free
hosting and technical support for PHP and MySQL databases, as well as
1GB storage and 10GB bandwidth.

In most of the free accounts on other hosting companies, there is a 99%
guarantee of uptime. At 000Webhost, there is a full hour of snoozing
per day. This means that the actual server uptime starts from 95.83%.

The last great thing about this hosting is that it is available in Arabic.
And just like other free hosting companies, there are paid plans as
well. This is done through the Hostinger platform.

Before choosing a free hosting, pay attention to the following

1. You have to know very well that in most cases nothing is completely free on the Internet

Let’s agree that as a smart consumer and a forward-looking entrepreneur; You
should know that there is no such thing as a free start, or to create
your own site for free. There is always a loophole. We do not say this
to discourage you, but to manage your expectations of what awaits you.

Web hosting is expensive for both the client and the hosting company. And
hosting companies have to make a profit somehow, otherwise there
wouldn’t be any company left.

The way they make a profit may be a little different. Perhaps by placing
ads on your website, or raising their other services to offset the
profits, or even giving you limited free features in the hopes that you
will upgrade your hosting to paid once you start getting good visitors.

Some of these things may cause a problem for your project, or they may cause
nothing at all. For example, placing ads on your site may display your
brand in a way that does not suit you, and it may even be an
advertisement for your competitor.

But that doesn’t mean the whole idea is bad for your project. You may be a
company with a modest budget, a limited target audience, or you may be
hosting a website where you showcase your own business, and it is not
intended to represent a brand or any other reason.

2. It is difficult to find a free hosting that has all the features you need for a site that wants to grow and develop

Web hosting is one of the tools that contains a lot of details, packages
and features, so at every stage of your site’s growth you will need to
develop hosting, even paid hosting, there are various degrees of them,
and there are advanced side services that are important for the
development and growth of your site and honesty.

Based on all this, it is very logical that free hosting will not be suitable
for your site in the long run, especially if the purpose of your site is
a commercial one… But of course the free options will remain excellent
for those who want to start without costs, or want to test an idea.

Conclusion: You
should know well that hosting your site on a free hosting is good for a
start, but know that inevitably at a certain stage you will need to
upgrade your site to a paid plan or package on the same hosting,
or you will move to another paid hosting.

There is no problem with that. Each stage of your success has certain ingredients and needs a certain level of tools. Therefore, you can count on one of the free hosting services as a start for your site project.

3. You should first test everything yourself

It is okay to test the hosting that you find suitable for your site for a
while until you understand whether it really suits your needs or not. 

You should always bear in mind that the option that suits others may not
suit you, so defining what you need accurately and selecting options
that guarantee what you need is very important.

I did not put these notes in order to make you undo the subscription to
one of the free hosting that we mentioned earlier, but I just wanted to
tell you some facts that you should bear in mind.

And if you want a professional hosting option at a negligible cost, it’s
okay, I will include you now and in the last part of the article 3
options for paid professional hosting, but at very simple prices, which I
think represent almost free options compared to the level and quality
of service that you will get.

3 semi-free hosting in case you want a strong start for your site

Payingbetween $2 and $3 per month to host your site on a professional hosting
is a nearly free option, and I think it suits anyone who intends to
build a website, as it is very cheap (the cost of a normal meal for one

Here is a short list of 3 cheapest hosts on the market and at the same time
pioneering and of the highest quality and efficiency, with which you can
give your site everything it needs for a strong starting boost, and
respect in the eyes of search engines (hosting quality is a vital metric
for search engines).

. hosting bluehost

Bluehost hosting is the first in the world, and it offers you hosting services
at any level you want, and with it you can book hosting for less than 3
dollars per month.

Through Bluehost hosting, you will get a free domain (its cost is about $ 12,
which covers you the cost of hosting for more than 4 months), and you
will also get
SSL certificate for your site, which will give it excellent visibility in the eyes of search engines.

If you put all the privileges of the leading Bluehost hosting into your account, you will find that it is almost free hosting.

2. HostGator

Their prices are almost the same as Bluehost (the monthly cost of hosting is
$2.75). HostGator hosting is one of the obsolete hosts in the market, I
have tried it myself and tested its efficiency and quality, and I would
recommend it to anyone who wants great and almost free hosting.

This hosting ensures that your site stays up to 100%, so it is very secure,
and you can trust it. Of course, it will give you an SSL certificate,
and it will give you a free domain.

3. Hostinger

Hostinger is a worldwide subsidiary, offering a wide range of hosting services.
Over the years, the company has built a customer base from more than 39
countries with more than 39 million users.

The platform offers comprehensive and seamless website building services,
automatic installers, email hosting accounts, and non-stop live chat

Plus – of course – a comprehensive hosting service at almost free prices.
The company also gives a storage capacity of 30 GB, and a Bandwidth of
100 GB.

The great thing about this hosting is that it is available in Arabic, which
by the way owns 000Webhost company that offers free hosting services,
which was mentioned in the above list.


It should be noted that if you want to develop your project further, it is
important to use a low-cost hosting service suitable for your project.

Many hosting companies give you a comprehensive package like a free domain
name, mailing lists, SSL certificate, e-commerce ability, and more for
anywhere from $2.75 to $5 a month.

And if you compare the price with the advantages you get or the
disadvantages that you avoid, and considering that your project will
turn a profit for you very soon, it is an excellent investment


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