WAPDA Job Test  MCQs 

1 . My girlfriend Anum lives in ___ house. (That)
2. He usually _____ before going to school.( Eats)
3. Antonym of Adamant ( flexible)
4. I have both Respect ___ ……….(and)
5. If you continue this Trucolant attitude you ____ supports bla bla bla .. (Alienate)
6. 2nd mine salt in the world.(khewra)
7. Pakistan name in the 1 956 (Islamic republic of Pakistan)

8. Harappa located in district (Sahiwal)
9. Highest peak in the Koh hind kush (Trinch mir)
1 0. Gaddani is located in (Balochistan)

1 1 . Matter found in states(liquid, solid and gas)
1 2. In case of conductors, free electrons are completely filled in____ band(conduction)
1 3. Low pass filter allows (low frequency)
1 4. In transistor, the arrow is on the (emitter)
1 5. Acceptor and donor in semiconductor are( p-type and n-type)
1 6. Alternating Voltage is example of (analog)
1 7. In optical communication, the carrier is (electromagnetic waves in optical frequency )
1 8. Rectangular voltage is an example of (digital)
1 9. Optical detector (PIN photodiode)
20. Voltage influence current only if the circuit is(closed)
21 . Voltmeter used across (parallel)
22. Silicon and germanium are(tetravalent)
23. The device which is used as fast counters in Electronics is(photo diode)
24. 1 4-j5 is in (4th quadrant)
25. Non-inverting amplifier has (low input impedance)
26. Depletion region in pn semiconductor consists of ( mobile donor and acceptor ions)
27. Message travel through transmitter to reciever (channel)
28. Diodes used in lamps(LED)
29. Thermions are (electrons)
30. Depletion region in pn semiconductor is due to( doping)
31 . Maximum current flow in BJT in ( emitter)
32. The decrease the interference the signal should be( modulated)

33. Bandwidth of FM is____ than AM. (More)
34. When the frequency of the voltage applied to a series RC circuit is increased, the phase
36. In a series RC circuit, when the frequency and the resistance are halved, the
impedance( can’t determine)
37. The voltages in Problem 4 are measured at a certain frequency. To make the capacitor
voltage greater than the resistor voltage, the frequency
A. must be increased
B. must be decreased
C. is held constant
D. has no effect
Answer: Option B (copied from indiabix)
38. ICBO is (increase with temperature)
39. Frequency range from 1 GHz to 30GHz( microwave)
40. In practical applications, battery voltage (lowered as load increase)
41 . Microwave communication used in(telephone)
42. AC-DC conversion (Rectification

43. Video signals in TV (AM)
44. Discrete signal are ( sequence of pulses?)
45. Carrier signal has constant…….(amplitude, frequency???)
46. High energy gap in (insulators)
47. Depletion region of a junction is formed (during the manufacturing )
48. Sound signals in TV (FM)
49. The removal of a non-neutral subatomic particle converts the atom into a(charged ion)
50. In FM, amplitude (remains constant)
51 . FM signal is less affected by (noise)
52. Negative and positive (electrons and proton)
53. Temperature sensitive (thermistor)
54. Operation of transistor requires (to heat base, emitter collector. Ans is none)
55. DC-AC Device (Inverter)
56. When an atom lose/gain electrons it becomes (ionized)
57. Sudden increase in the total current into a parallel circuit may indicate(increase in source
58. Primary batteries, unlike secondary batteries, may be(used once)
59. The process of adding impurities to semiconductors is called(doping)
60. No charge in (neutrons)
61 . The atomic number of an element is determined by(no of protons)
62. Minority carriers in pn semiconductor (holes in n-type and free electrons in p-type)
63. In full wave rectification the output DC voltage across the load is obtained (complete cycle
of AC)
64. 4+j3 ( 1 st quadrant)
65. Current is (columb/time)
66. Electrons in p-type are(minority carriers

67. Analog signals varies ( in time continuously)
68. Emitter in pn semiconductor is heavily doped so (base current is small/high, _____???)
69. Which in not donor (Aluminum)
70. Bonding in semiconductor (covalent)
71 . To implement various logic circuits in the electronics the devices used are called (logic
72. Barrier potential of Silicon (0.7v)
73. High pass filter passes(high frequency)
74. If the current in circuit is 0A, the circuit is likely to be (open)
75. Holes are like ( positive charge)
76. Rectification is obtained by ( passing AC signal to diode)
77. Strong electric filed across pn junction to cause breakdown of covalent bond (avalanche
78. Op-Amp have (high gain)
79. One columb is passed in one second (one Ampere)
80. Current flow in pn semiconductor due to (majority carriers)
81 . In half wave dc output is obtained from load for ( positive or negative half cycle)
82. Holes from p-type to fill electons in n-type called(diffusion?)
83. In BJT operation (BE forward, CB reverse)
84. Neutral semiconductor have(equal positive and negative)
85. Example of potential energy (battery)
86. Modulating signal has (low frequency)
87. Working of transistor as amplifier is like ( step up transformer?)
88. The velocity of an oscillating charge as it moves to and fro along a wire is always (changing)
89. Question related to zener breakdown
90. Which of the following is not property of semiconductor ( they don’t emit light??)
Compiled by: Khizra Noor
91 . Which of the following parameter describes the best movement of the electrons inside a
92. Which of the following parameter describes the best movement of the electrons inside a
semiconductor?( Double stub)
93. FSK use in (telegraphy)
94. Radio ( FM , AM or both??)
95. rate at which information can be carried through a communication channel depends
(bandwidth)96. In radio, PRF stands for( pulse repetition frequency)
97. Which of the following is not physically present in semiconductor (temperature)
98. Which of the following is the indirect way of generating FM ?(Armstrong modulator)
99. Which of the following is not true about solar cell(they prode dark current?)
1 00. In color TV, varactor diode is used for (tuning)


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