There is a set of basic Windows programs that any user of the computer installs immediately after installing the Windows operating system, of course each user has his own needs that affect his choice of programs, and the tasks he performs on the computer affect the selection process as well, with that there is a set of basic Windows programs Any user needs it.

In this article, we recommend to you the most important basic programs that should be present on any computer to perform the basic tasks on it.


Essential Windows software
Essential Windows software


There are a huge number of programs that run on Windows 10, 11 and even Windows 7. The number of programs on the official Microsoft Store is only about 800,000 programs and applications. How can you decide which one is best for you?

There are several methods that enable you to determine the most important basic Windows programs that you need, such as the experimental method, but it will take a long time.

As a computer user, you can identify the programs you need by dividing them into two basic categories:

  • Basic programs that any computer user needs, such as security, browsing and downloading programs.
  • Software related to the primary purpose of your computer use, usually industry-specific software.

In this article, we will spare you the trouble of searching for basic Windows programs that perform the routine roles that any computer user needs. We will be interested in nominating one program in each of the areas of basic computer uses.

1. Avast Antivirus (to protect against viruses and malware)

The first and most basic Windows program that anyone who uses a computer needs is an anti-virus program to protect their device from them and their dangers.

Some rely on Windows Defender pre-existing in Windows 10 and 11, but I don’t recommend it.

Windows Defender is a good but mediocre antivirus program and its interface is poor.

On the other hand, there are a large number of antivirus programs that offer a better user interface and excellent antivirus performance,

We chose Avast among these programs for its superiority in the number of features it provides in the field of antivirus protection.

The most important features of Avast Antivirus:

  • The program offers a free version that contains the basic tools for fighting viruses and malware.
  • Provides a special protection shield against ransomware .
  • It provides important tools to improve the performance of your computer, such as the software update tool on which it is located.
  • It has an anti-disturb feature to control software and operating system alerts.
  • It contains a tool to check the network you are using to access the Internet and how many devices are connected to it.
  • It provides a powerful firewall (firewall) to fend off hack attacks and data theft.

2. Bitwarden (to secure passwords)

If you are registering on many sites, you will inevitably have a problem with passwords, whether in terms of remembering or creating them.

Bitwarden saves you the constant struggle of memorizing passwords or creating complex ones that are difficult to guess or steal.

Normally I use another program to manage and create passwords, but I’ve only had a limited experience with Bitwarden so I can write about it.

What sets Bitwarden apart from most password managers is that it allows passwords to be stored in the cloud for free.

The cloud storage feature is usually exclusive to the paid plans in password managers. In fact, the best feature of the program is the features that it offers in its free price plan.

Key Features of Bitwarden Program:

  • The ability to export your passwords as an encrypted file.
  • Save passwords to the cloud storage system.
  • You are allowed to use your account on it with an unlimited number of devices.
  • Supports most operating systems.
  • Provides the ability to save your bank card data that you use for purchases on electronic stores in an encrypted form.
  • Opening the program is done in two steps to keep your account from being stolen.

The program offers you two forms of free plans that have all the features of the basic programs:

  • Free personal account for one person.
  • A free joint account for two people to save or share passwords between them.

3. Chrome (for browsing the web)

Is there a person who uses a computer without browsing websites on the Internet? The answer is of course no, although having a browser on your computer is a given, some people rely on Edge, the browser in Windows 10.

The Edge browser is not bad on the contrary. The browser has evolved greatly since the time of its launch, but it has not yet reached the performance of Chrome.

Chrome browser offers the best performance that you can get from a browser and has a large number of exclusive features.

Chrome Browser Key Features:

  • The browser is the fastest among the web browsers .
  • The ability to install a large number of Chrome extensions in various areas of entertainment and work.
  • Integration with all Google services.
  • The ability to share page links directly on social media platforms with the click of a button.
  • The ability to share the screen on other devices such as mobile phone or smart TV.
  • A control panel for listening to music while browsing.
  • The quick search feature, through which you can select a word and search for it without opening the Google search engine.
  • The browser allows you to create and save complex passwords to speed up your access to websites.

Important note: The Edge browser is suitable for devices with weak technical hardware, and this is its only point of superiority over Chrome at the moment.

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4. Internet Download Manager (for downloading with direct links)

The fourth program with us in basic Windows programs today is Internet Download Manager. Downloading via torrent programs is easy, but it is not always available, and most computer users rely on downloading through links.

Internet Download Manager IDM is the undisputed best link downloader.

It is true that there are a large number of link downloaders and all of them are excellent, but most of them do not have the tools provided by IDM.

The most important features of Internet Download Manager:

  • The ability to download from YouTube (an exclusive feature that is not found in most other download programs).
  • Possibility to schedule downloads.
  • The ability to control the download speed of links.
  • It offers a 30-day free trial period.

5. qBittorrent (for downloading via torrent files)

Downloading through torrent programs is one of the most stable ways, unlike downloading through direct links, which may be complicated at times.

A few years ago, uTorrent was the best program through which you can download torrent files, but recently it has lost this position due to annoying ads that started appearing in its interface, and due to some other performance issues.

qBittorrent offers you everything you need in a torrent download program for free and without annoying ads, the program contains all the basic tools that you may need to download and control torrent files.

Unlike most other torrent software, qBittorrent provides the best possible download speed based on the quality of your internet connection.

Some features of qBittorrent:

  • It does not contain ads.
  • Simple and uncomplicated user interface.
  • Supports downloading through magnetic links (special links that enable you to download files without the need to download a torrent file).
  • Allows you to control the files you upload remotely (from another device via a secured and encrypted connection).
  • Supports the ability to control download times.
  • You can control the download speed of each file separately.

Simple disclaimer: Our talk about downloading through torrent programs assumes that you use these programs to download files legally only.

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6. 7Zip (to decompress files)

No one can do without file compression and decoding programs. Because no matter where you use the computer, you will encounter a zip file,

There are many programs that compress and decompress files, but there are three programs that are the most famous and most powerful programs in this field, and they are:

WinRAR and Winzip may be more popular than 7Zip, but there are features that the latter offers that are not found in the other two.

The most important features of 7Zip:

  • 7Zip is completely free.
  • 7Zip’s ability to compress files is stronger than WinRAR and Winzip, resulting in smaller files.
  • The program is available on all operating systems .
  • 7Zip can handle more compressed file formats than WinRAR and Winzip.
  • 7Zip provides a set of tools and features that are not found in similar programs.

7. VLC Media Player (for entertainment and playing multimedia files)

VLC Media Player is one of the best basic Windows programs in the field of playing audio and video files. Explanation of the features of this program requires a full article. Suffice it to say that the program is capable of playing any audio or video file, which is rare in similar programs.

The most important features of VLC Media Player:

  • Completely ad-free.
  • It alerts you when an update is released, and enables you to download and install the update without going to any sites.
  • You can use it to add some effects to your videos.
  • Supports playback of all formats of music and video files.
  • It has a special section where you can listen to music clips and podcasts .
  • It offers excellent control features in the field of listening and viewing.
  • Supports viewing of files that have been shared between devices.
  • Allows you to increase the volume of the files displayed on it by 25%.
  • The program is completely free.

8. Recuva (to recover deleted files)

Recuva is one of the best deleted file recovery software for Windows . The program is designed by the same company that developed the famous ccleaner program.

As a computer user, you definitely had a problem that caused you to delete important files and spent a long time looking for a program to recover them, whether you erased files by mistake or while downloading a new operating system… Recuva will help you recover them.

The worst problem you may encounter with file recovery programs is that most of them require you to subscribe to a paid plan to perform the recovery process,

This is not the case with Recuva, as it offers a free plan that allows you to recover files with limited capabilities.

Some features of Recuva:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • The performance of the program is fast in searching for deleted files.
  • It does not require powerful technical hardware to function efficiently.
  • Deep search feature to search for files that have been deleted for a long time
  • The ability to search for the deleted file by name and type.

Note: Unfortunately, there is no paid or free program that can recover all files that have been completely deleted. There are factors related to the deletion process and the nature of the files themselves that hinder the recovery process on the most powerful paid programs, but at least Recuva is free and does its job well.

9. Revo Uninstaller (To improve PC performance)

Any program that you remove from your computer leaves some files that when accumulated may negatively affect the performance of your device,

The negative impact of these files may start from taking up space on your hard drive or even causing system slowdowns.

Fortunately, there are programs to completely remove these files, the most famous of which is Revo Uninstaller. The program provides many other features besides removing the remaining files from the programs.

The most important features and tools provided by Revo Uninstaller are:

  • A completely free version is available that contains the most important tools for scanning leftover programs and redundant files.
  • It detects the remaining files from the deleted programs and erases them permanently.
  • The ability to detect and remove malicious browser extensions.
  • It has a multi-level backup system.
  • Provides a system to monitor any changes that occur in the operating system and its databases.
  • It has an advanced search system for file and program residues.
  • It provides the advantage of removing several programs at once and quickly.
  • Possibility to remove pre-installed operating system applications.
  • You do not need to install it on your device to use it as a portable version is available.

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10. F.lux (to improve your computer experience)

The last software in our list of the best Windows essentials for your PC is F.lux.

If you use your computer more than 6 hours a day, you must install F.lux on it. The program is designed to change the brightness of your computer screen to match the time you use it, to be bright in the morning and dim in the evening.

F.lux gradually reduces screen brightness throughout the day, significantly reducing eye fatigue.

Key Features of F.lux:

  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • It has several lighting modes.
  • It easily recognizes your geographical location to adjust the device’s lighting to suit the sun’s position in your country.
  • It contains several modes for changing the colors of the screen.
  • The possibility of scheduling the process of changing the lighting to prepare your eyes when approaching your bedtime.


In this article, we have recommended to you a set of basic Windows programs that any user of the Windows operating system on the computer may need.

Do you have comments on the programs we recommended? What programs do you always use on your device? If you have suggestions for another essential Windows suite, share them with us in the comments


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