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creating a website  was considered a difficult idea and needed a team to implement it, but this has changed thanks to the technical revolution in the field of programming in the past years. Now you can easily build your website in minutes thanks to our website builder tools.

What makes website builders stand out is that they don’t require a background in website programming to use them. These tools have made it easy for many people to create their own website, not to mention they have saved them the cost of hiring specialized web design companies.

In this article, we discuss the most important website building tools with an explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

Website builders are a set of platforms that provide several tools and features with which you can build and launch your site within minutes.

The most important website building tools to create your own website easily and quickly


is WordPress the most popular website builder in the world, as 42 percent of the sites on the Internet depend on it, and we can say that it is the platform that occupies the lion’s share in this field.

It should be clarified that WordPress has two sites, the first is, and the second is We will discuss first and later explain the advantages and disadvantages of does not give you a site as it is, but rather gives you a program that you download and then install on your hosting and through which you build and manage your site, and this is almost the biggest difference between and Features

a) absolute freedom

Some limit the power of the WordPress platform to the field of creating blogs and websites , this limitation ignores the freedom this tool provides to its users, you can use WordPress to create any site you can think of, and these are some examples that you can use this tool to create:

  • Blog
  • Electronic shop
  • educational platform
  • social network
  • landing page
  • forum

b) Huge number of free and paid templates

One of the most important thing that distinguishes the WordPress tool from the rest of the site-building tools is the large number of templates designed for it .

c) Would you like to design your own website pages? No problem

Sometimes you have an idea of ​​the appropriate look for your site and its pages, but it does not match any of the pre-made templates available in the WordPress tool, this may be a big problem with other site builders, but not with WordPress, as WordPress supports a large number of page builders that can use with it.

WordPress supports the use of tools such as Beaver Builder and Divi that enable you to easily create your site pages by drag and drop method.

d) Huge library of useful tools and plugins

The pre-existing plugins in the WordPress platform perform multiple and useful functions, and you can rely on them for free to add any feature you want to your site.

Any site owner relies on a set of Plugins tools on his site, some of these tools play an essential role for the site and cannot be dispensed with, such as payment tools in e-commerce sites, and there are other tools that help the site owner improve the performance of his site among the rest of the competing sites, such as the Yoast Seo tool.

It’s hard to count how many widgets you can install on your WordPress site because there are thousands of them. You will be surprised at the functions that these tools do and the effect on your site’s performance.

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e) Support a huge number of languages

WordPress supports a huge number of languages, which gives you the freedom to choose the language of your site. This is important if the site receives a huge number of visitors from countries that prefer browsing in more than one language, such as Arabic and English or Arabic and French, for example.

f) Huge community support

The popularity of WordPress and the adoption of it by many has created a large presence in the technical community on the Internet, which means that any problem that you may encounter while using the tool can be easily solved by searching on the Internet.

As I noticed the advantages of WordPress is its ability to facilitate every step of creating your site , it is a tool that enables you to create any site you want and choose the best template that suits you at the cheapest possible price (and it may be free), and finally WordPress enables you to add tools that will help you manage your site efficiently and ease.

Disadvantages of

A) Learning to work with a WordPress tool does not happen overnight

No one denies that it is easy to learn to work with the WordPress tool, but ease does not always mean speed, many plugins and functions make getting familiar with the use of the tool fully takes some time. gives you a program and not a platform, which makes you have to know some technical issues, for example you need to know how to upload the program on your hosting or choose a hosting that imports WordPress directly.

Dealing with is not as easy as most of the website builders we will mention in this article.

b) Constant updates for everything

You might think this point was mistyped because getting updates is great, but with WordPress every tool gets updated even the WordPress system itself gets updated every once in a while.

In some rare cases, updates don’t work at their best and you have to cancel them sometimes, which is not easy to do most of the time.

Updating the tools and the platform itself always brings changes and developments that you must know before installing them, because they generally affect the performance of your site and sometimes may not be suitable for it, so we do not recommend installing these updates until after reading their details carefully, and it is always preferable to make a backup copy of your site before making any updates.


The most important thing that distinguishes is the free hosting provided by the platform, if you use this tool, you will not be burdened with the idea of ​​downloading and installing WordPress, as happens with WordPress org.

The tool will also save you from searching for a suitable hosting plan for you, as it offers free hosting plans and paid plans at an affordable price with high security features. Features

In order to avoid repetition, we can say that and are similar in most of the features, but has the advantage of providing free hosting and the ability to use it without downloading software or technical complications.

Disadvantages of

  • You can only install custom templates and tools after purchasing the paid plan.
  • The free and paid plan does not offer strong integration with e-commerce site tools like woocommerce (you can only install woocommerce after signing up for a business plan).
  • WordPress will display its ads on your site if you use its free plan, unfortunately you do not get revenue from displaying these ads.
  • WordPress has the right to remove your site at any time if it considers it to be in violation of its terms and laws.
  • You cannot install any plugins other than the one that WordPress gives you in its free plan.
  • Using WordPress for free prevents you from using any tools to analyze your site (including Google Analytics ) other than those provided by WordPress.

3. Blogger

Some may not agree on the presence of Blogger within the site builder tools and this is understandable, but in fact Blogger is an excellent tool through which you can create a site or blog within moments .

Blogger may lack some basic tools for building websites, but it offers unique features that cannot be overlooked, the most important of which is the integration with Google services and tools for website owners .

Blogger cannot build complex websites or online stores, but it is an excellent option for blogging, news websites, and startup websites.

Blogger Features

  • It is easy to use and you don’t need much technical knowledge to build your site with it.
  • It offers full integration with Google services such as Google Photos and others.
  • Blogger enables you to add people to help you manage your site and add content to it.
  • Blogger provides free web hosting, it is true that it has a limited space, but it is suitable for the nature of the sites that can be created through it.
  • Blogger provides a high degree of protection and security for the site (the site is protected by the same protection protocols as Google itself).
  • Blogger is the only free platform for building websites through which you can participate and profit from Google Adsense .

blogger disadvantages

  • Blogger does not give you complete freedom in designing your site, it only provides you with specific areas that you can modify.
  • Blogger offers a limited number of pre-made templates compared to other tools like WordPress.
  • The development of the tool is not done periodically, and some believe that Google will give up the Blogger platform completely at some time (a rumor that is repeated every period in the technical community, but we do not know how true it is).
  • Blogger does not provide its own store of tools or plugins.
  • There are a few tools and plugins that can be installed on Blogger, and most of them are unofficial.
  • Installing and adding widgets on your Blogger site requires some technical knowledge.
  • The lack of freedom to add external tools and plugins makes Blogger not the ideal tool that can be relied upon to rank among the search engines.

4. WIX

Wix is ​​one of the best website building tools. Wix is ​​distinguished by offering a large number of features such as web hosting and design services.

Wix enables its users to create their own websites without having any technical knowledge or the help of professional website developers.

Wix Features

A) The Wix Editor enables you to create your site by dragging and dropping, or by choosing the parts you want to have on your site and adding them directly to it.

b) The tool, through artificial intelligence, collects some information about the goal and content of your site and then asks you about your preferences regarding site design. After collecting the information required from you, the tool designs a tailored site for you in proportion to your site’s goal and preferred design.

c) It provides you with a tool called Velo, formerly known as Corvid, with which you can design your site from scratch by writing its own code.

d) Wix provides its own hosting, meaning that you will not tire yourself with the process of adding the site to another hosting.

e) Wix provides you with a large number of tools that you can install on your site to add more features and effects to it.

f) Wix has a free plan in which you can try the tool and create a site with limited features.

j) Support from the technical community. It is true that this support will not reach the level of support available with WordPress tools, but the increasing number of Wix users has resulted in a good number of user experiences that will help you if you ever struggle with Wix.

Wix Disadvantages

  • If you use Wix’s free plan, its watermark (Wix) and ads will appear on your site, and they can only be removed by switching to the paid plan.
  • Moving your site on Wix is ​​a complicated process and not easy to do.
  • You will need to purchase domain name separate
  • Google analytics cannot be used in the wix free plan.

5. HubSpot Website Builder

A tool provided by HubSpot, which specializes in content management and e-marketing . Overall, HubSpot helps small business owners manage their sites and connect with their customers.

HubSpot Website Builder harnesses the capabilities of other HubSpot tools for content management and online marketing. The tool is excellent for creating websites that suit different categories of users and are tailored to suit their requirements and preferences.

Hotspot website builder features

  • You can choose your website design from a large number of pre-made website templates provided by HubSpot Website Builder.
  • You can use the drag and drop tool in HubSpot Website Builder to build your site just right for you.
  • HubSpot Website Builder provides a Page Test feature that enables you to test several variations (about 5 variations) of your website pages, and choose the best one based on their performance with your target audience.
  • HubSpot Website Builder provides you with a suite of important tools for blogging, SEO and visitor data analysis.
  • HubSpot Website Builder allows you to integrate with other HubSpot applications such as content management applications, customer service and email marketing .

Disadvantages of the website builder Hubspot

a) Limited possibilities

Although the HubSpot Website Builder is a powerful and effective website builder, it is not the perfect tool for building websites for large companies.

The tool is reliable for building small sites efficiently, and it is an excellent tool for creating landing pages, but for large sites such as e-commerce sites, it is preferable to rely on another platform.

b) many tools

HubSpot has a huge number of marketing and content management tools. The presence of many tools in a site creation platform is generally popular because of the possibility of linking your site to them, but using them to the fullest extent may be confusing for novice users due to the large number of these tools.

6. DOMAIN WebsiteBuilder

Not everyone knows that the Domain site for providing web hosts also enables you to build sites, as the site provides you with a set of easy-to-use tools that enable you to create your site within minutes.

The tools are suitable for a large number of sites, especially e-commerce sites, which provide them with a large number of tools and important additions exclusively.

Features of the Domain Site Builder Tool

  • The tool is distinguished by its ability to create fast loading websites.
  • The domain provides you with a huge number of pre-made templates that are professionally designed to suit different areas of websites.
  • It enables you to create your site easily with a drag and drop tool.
  • The tool supports various widths, ensuring that your site appears appropriately on any device your visitors use.
  • Excellent customer service for its users.

Disadvantages of Domain Site Builder

  • Domain does not provide a copy or a free trial period.
  • Transferring your site from a domain is very difficult.
  • The control panel that your domain offers you is very limited in capabilities.
  • You have to buy hosting from a domain to create your site on it.

7. Weebly

Weebly is a suitable tool for e-commerce and small business websites, as it gives you professional options and privileges in exchange for affordable price plans.

Weebly Features

  • Provides a large number of pre-made templates suitable for different areas of websites.
  • Weebly support provides excellent tips to improve your site’s ranking on search engines, and find keywords that fit your site.
  • It provides a large number of applications and extensions that can be installed on your site.
  • It allows you to give permission to other people to manage your site.
  • With Weebly, you can block certain pages from appearing to visitors who are not registered with your site.

Weebly Disadvantages

  • The add and pull tool provided by Weebly offers limited capabilities.
  • You may need some programming knowledge to use the Weebly Code Editor tool to modify your site.
  • The tool charges a 3% conversion commission on every purchase made within your site. (This drawback can be avoided by subscribing to the business plan offered by the tool, which is very suitable for e-commerce sites).
  • There is no possibility to make your own restore option.

Restore Option: It is a feature that enables you to restore your site in the same way it was in a certain period, and it is useful in case you make changes you do not like or changes that cause the site to be damaged or closed.

8. Gator Website Builder

It is one of the most popular website building tools provided by Hostgator specializes in providing hosting services.

The tool with which you can build and host a website makes it an easy and practical solution for newbies in the field of website builders.

Features of HostGator Website Builder

  • Easy to use tool.
  • It offers you about 200 pre-made templates for websites that suit a large number of fields.
  • All Gator price plans give a free domain name.
  • It has a customized pricing plan for e-commerce sites, which offers you the possibility to set up your online store and sell online in simple and straightforward steps.
  • It provides you with a stock of images that you can add to your site for free.
  • It offers you cheap price plans compared to other paid tools (the lowest plan starts at $3.84 per month).
  • Provides easy and fast integration with social media platforms.

Disadvantages of Hostgator Website Builder

  • It does not offer a free plan unlike most website builders.
  • Important features such as email marketing are lacking even though most of the paid tools have these features.
  • The App Store provided by Gator is very limited.
  • Dealing with your cpanel can be difficult for beginners.

9.’s website builder

The Web tool aims to help business owners and small businesses create sites that suit their needs without paying exorbitant amounts. The tool enables you to create your site easily and without the need for any technical or software knowledge. website builder features

  • An easy-to-use website builder.
  • Through the Web, you can add an unlimited number of pages and specify the properties of each page individually.
  • It creates site pages that are compatible with all devices.
  • It provides you with a huge number of pre-made templates to choose the right one for your site.
  • The tool has the cheapest price plan in the website builder industry (lowest plan is $1.94 per month and offers a free domain name).
  • Web provides several channels of communication and technical support, including communication through the phone and chat box.

Disadvantages of Website Builder

  • The blogging tools they offer are very limited.
  • It does not have some of the advanced features found in some other tools like Wix.
  • It does not work efficiently and sometimes stops for no reason.
  • It does not offer a free plan or a free trial period.

10.JIMDO _

Jimdo is an easy and simple free website builder. The AI ​​in Jimdo can build your site for you in minutes in the same style as Wix.

Features of gimdo website builder

  • An easy-to-use tool for beginners in the field of website building.
  • It provides an artificial intelligence tool that creates sites semi-automatically based on your preferences, target and domain of your site.
  • You create fast loading pages.
  • It offers pre-made templates designed in a modern and elegant style.
  • Provides a special tool that enables you to view and modify the size and shape of your site on mobile devices.

Disadvantages of gimdo website builder

  • Weak in SEO.
  • Jimdo’s free subscription customer service is slow to respond (inquiries are answered within 1-2 business days).
  • It is directed to European countries only, and therefore the establishment of an online store on it will be suitable to work in these countries only.
  • It lacks many of the basic features and features found in most website builders.
  • Offers limited freedom in choosing the site design, text size, and color choices.
  • It lacks many basic plugins such as social media sharing buttons.
  • It is only suitable for creating websites and you cannot create a blog.

11. Squarespace

An easy tool for building websites, the tool is one of the best and most reliable tools for creating a blog.

Squarespace features

  • Excellent for creating e-commerce websites as it provides special systems for stores such as inventory management system, discount and coupon systems.
  • Provides technical support 24 hours a day.
  • It offers a huge collection of trendy pre-made templates.
  • Provides hosting service with website builder.
  • Provides excellent tools for blogging.

Squarespace disadvantages

  • It does not provide a plan or free trial period.
  • The ability to create an online store is not found in the cheapest Personal rate plan.
  • Squarespace’s price plans are a bit high (the cheapest plan has a monthly subscription price of $12).
  • Squarespace allows you to add a limited number of payment methods to your online store (it only allows Apple Pay and Stripe payments).

12. GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy is well-known for being one of the top hosting platforms but what some people don’t know is that it provides an easy-to-use website builder as well.

Features of Godaddy’s Website Builder

  • Easy to use tool.
  • Provides ready-made designs for web page components.
  • It has a drag and drop tool.
  • It can be used on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.
  • It has a free version designed for building simple websites.
  • It provides a large number of e-marketing tools and tools such as e-mail marketing and social media platforms.

Disadvantages of Godaddy’s Website Builder

  • The process of moving your site from the tool can be complicated for some novice users.
  • It lacks basic features found in other website builder tools.
  • Poor SEO even on paid plans.
  • It does not provide its own app store.
  • GoDaddy undergoes a complete change every short period which may force you to rebuild your entire site again due to the difficulty of moving it from it.

13. Dreamhost Website Builder

A tool based on the WordPress tool, which gives it most of the features of this tool, the tool provides a large number of its own features. The tool comes DreamHost with a simple monthly subscription.

Dreamhost website builder features

  • Provides excellent technical support service.
  • Easy to use.
  • It provides you with multiple customization options (you can control the colors of your site sections and the font size of each section).
  • It contains most of the features of the WordPress tool.
  • It has a drag and drop feature.
  • It enables you to create a test site so that you can test the plugins that you do not want to try directly on your site.
  • The tool’s support for WordPress plugins makes it superior in SEO.
  • Supports e-commerce website extensions like woocommerce.

Disadvantages of Dreamhost website builder

  • The tool does not provide a free plan.
  • You will need to purchase hosting from DreamHost in order to build your site on it.
  • The paid plan does not offer many features and most of them are found in other free tools.
  • Offers limited features for e-commerce sites.
  • Contacting Dreamhost Website Builder technical support can be a bit complicated.

5 very important tips for choosing the right website builder for you

There is a huge number of website building tools, this number is increasing at a rapid rate due to the emergence of many tools periodically in this area.

Each tool offers the user a large number of advantages, however, it is not easy to choose one tool instead of the other, there are tools that provide important advantages and yet contain fatal flaws.

Seeing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the website building tools in general will not enable you to know the right tool for you, so we have prepared for you some tips that we think should be done before looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each tool.

These tips will help you highlight how each flaw affects your site, and how much you need each feature found in these tools.

Use a notepad or paper and pen to jot down what we will suggest to you in the next lines.

1. Select your site area

In general, most website builders enable you to create any website you can think of, but there are tools that outperform others in certain areas.

For example, the HubSpot Website Builder tool is suitable for websites with a simple design, such as sites for written or visual content.

But it is not the best tool for creating an e-commerce site, similarly, Weebly tool enables you to create a blog, but its strength is evident when you use it to create an online store .

What we can conclude is that you need to precisely define your site area to be able to decide which site builder is right for you.

2. Select the content of your site that you will start adding at first

Content sites are constantly evolving, you might start your blog today with a section for tech news and a section for reviewing and evaluating products and then adding other sections after a month or more.

Be sure to choose a tool that gives you freedom to develop your site in the short term. For example, if you want to add a new section after 3 or 6 months of launch, the tool will enable you to do so easily.

Electronic stores add developments every short period, these developments may be local payment systems or coupons system or any development that suits the nature of these stores, and therefore the creation of electronic stores must be done through a flexible website builder specialized in building electronic stores.

3. Define future improvements you may make to your site

The previous point focused on short-term development, which can be easily predicted, but planning to develop your site over the coming years is also an important matter, and may even be more important than planning short-term developments.

Most website builders will give you the freedom to add new sections or change the order of topics, but not all tools will give you the freedom to completely change your site or upgrade it to a higher level.

Planning the developments that you will make on your site years after its launch is important, because in that period your site will have cost you a lot of money and effort, meaning that it has become an investment that cannot be neglected.

In the event that you choose a website builder with limited capabilities for development, you will have two options, the first option is to accept the possibilities offered by the tool that may not suit you, and the second option is to transfer your entire site from the tool, which may be very difficult and sometimes almost impossible.

4. Look at your competitors’ websites and study them well

Do you know your sites are similar to your site’s domain? Excellent, start following it and notice its development at certain intervals, this will help you get ideas for developing your site.

Of course, we do not recommend copying the ideas of competing sites, but in general, following a competitor’s site is something that helps you to renew and develop your site, and it would be nice if this site was one of the distinguished sites in its field.

5. Here are my personal recommendations

A) If you are a newbie in the field of building websites, and do not have technical experience, it is preferable to rely on Blogger or, relying on these tools is also useful if you do not have the budget to purchase hosting.

b) If you have some technical knowledge, and you have allocated a small budget for your site, we recommend that you rely on

c) HubSpot Website Builder will suit you best if you are aiming to create a simple website, or want to create a landing page to market your product or offer.

d) Tools such as Weebly and Gator can be relied upon to create an online store (also, you can rely on the Shopify tool, for which we will write a dedicated article).


In this article, we tried to provide a detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the best website builders, we advise you to try the tools that I found suitable for you in this article before choosing the one that you will rely on mainly.

Are you thinking of creating your own website? Which of the tools mentioned in this article do you think is right for you? Share your opinion with us in the comments


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