Introduction to translation site

We have spotted for you the best professional translation sites, which are a set of links and electronic applications that help you translate texts from one language to another so as to facilitate the process of communication with others and facilitate your work that requires cooperation with parties that do not speak your language.

In this article, we will present to you the best translation sites with an explanation of each of them, and we hope that they will be useful to you in your field of work or study.

The importance of translation sites

The importance of translation sites arises from being a means of communicating with others who do not speak our language, as it facilitates this communication for us.

Through it, we can accomplish joint works or benefit from studies presented in foreign languages, in addition to being a social media that enables us to communicate with the world in all areas of life.

List of the most important professional translation sites with explanation

In this paragraph, we will explain to you the best professional and reliable translation sites for your translation work.

We give you a list of sites with an explanation as follows:

1. Babylon translation site

the Babylon most important translation sites on the Internet, and is distinguished by the fact that it includes hundreds of terms, vocabulary and proverbs.

Babylon Dictionary supports the majority of languages ​​around the world, including Arabic, and provides balanced and clear translations.

2. Bing translation site

site Bing which is issued by Microsoft, which is developing it from time to time through a series of professional engineers and researchers. The Bing site dictionary supports nearly 55 languages ​​around the world, including the Arabic language.

It is characterized by a huge database of vocabulary and terms and also provides many examples and explanations that facilitate the process of understanding and clarity of translation according to different and varied contexts.

3. Systranet Website Translation

is Sistranit one of the most important professional translation sites, and it specializes in translating websites with good accuracy. The website interface can also be translated into another language through the systranet website.

It is distinguished by its high quality translation, especially with difficult or rare languages​​such as Korean, Chinese, and others.

It can translate text segments with no more than 1000 words each time, and the site of SistrNet translates the word files with good accuracy compared to other sites.

4. Worldingo translation site

site is one Worldlingo of the most famous translation sites, and this site is characterized by the fact that it translates texts without a limit on the number of words.

That is, you can translate long text passages without having to split them and translate them into multiple paragraphs.

As for the translation of articles, Worldlingo can translate a maximum of 500 words at a time.

Worldlingo translation only supports 15 languages, including Arabic.

Worldlingo translation site also ranks among the best translation sites due to the quality of the translation it provides in addition to the good speed.

5. Translation Reference Site

is also ranked Reference among the most prominent translation sites, and provides high-quality translation.

But this site is limited to a certain number of characters (only 300 characters) at a time, so you have to divide the texts you want to translate into several paragraphs.

The Reference dictionary for translation supports 42 languages, including Arabic.

The Reference site for translation is distinguished by providing an application for smartphones

This site offers text translation, but it has a maximum translation limit of 300 characters.

It supports more than one language, and the number of languages ​​reaches forty-two, including the Arabic language.

The site also offers an application that is downloaded to smartphones so that its users can simultaneous translation, and the application contains a distinguished dictionary with some rules for the data.

6. Babelxl translation site

site is Babelxl translation

The Bibilex site user may create an account on the site to better benefit from the site’s features and services

Babelxl for translation also supports approximately 65 languages, including Arabic, and this site also provides the feature of saving texts on Google Drive after translation.

7. Day translation

The site provides text translation with an unlimited number of words and supports more than 30 languages ​​around the world, including Arabic.

website provides Day translation consistent and clear translation and also offers its services by providing dictionaries for mobile smartphones.

8. Cambridge translation site

supports the Cambridge translation of vocabulary and terms in the exact sense so that the user of the site and its distinguished dictionary can learn the meaning of vocabulary and terms in different contexts in the conversation.

Cambridge Translation provides copies of dictionaries for smartphones and computers.

Supports most of the world’s official languages, including Arabic.

9. Google Translate

It is one of the most important free electronic translation sites. It also provides translation of texts with a word count of up to 1500 words in each text or article.

It provides good translation and Google is constantly working on its development, as the site benefits from the participation of members in various translations in languages. Therefore, we notice a continuous change and improvement of this site, and it is considered the most used site in translation and daily life.

Translation can be done via Google Translate via the website or via an application on mobile phones.

Google Translate also offers the feature of voice translation and translation of documents and images, and this makes it the most popular site among people.


10. Babelfish Translation Site

provides Babelfish translation service through its site through three steps:

  • 1. Identification of target and source languages.
  • 2. Select the text to be translated.
  • 3. Click on the “Translate” button.

The site also supports the main official languages ​​and provides good translation of texts and vocabulary.

11. Yandex translate website

provides Yandex translate free online translation from French, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian and a number of other languages ​​into English and back.

It also offers its services through an electronic dictionary that supports pronunciation and examples of usage. Yandex supports the translation of words, text and web pages.

12. Reverso translation site for contextual translation

It is one of the best professional translation sites and Reverso is a site that specializes in translation tools and language services based on artificial intelligence.

This online translation is based on NMT (Neural Machine Translation), contextual dictionaries, online bilingual syntax, grammar and spelling checks, and pairing tools. Reverso provides contextual examples for every single word you type based on a huge database of vocabulary and examples.

13. Say Hello translator for translation

provides Say Hello translator easy and simple translation and language specialists or translators can register on this site so that they can become certified translators by the site.

14. Trados Translation

tool helps CAT Trados Studio translators and language service providers to translate faster.

Providing consistent quality translation services based on translation memory and machine translation. Trados provides a “paid” translation application that can be installed on smartphones and computers.

Trados is used by translators, companies and many organizations.

Conclusion on the best translation sites

In fact, as it is clear in our article above that there are many professional translation sites and there are many translation sites.

It is also considered good, but we would like to highlight the most famous translation sites, which are considered the best according to international ratings.

According to the number of daily visits to these sites, we certainly do not deny that there are many good translation sites that provide their services free or paid.

The user can try these sites mentioned in our article and choose what suits the nature of his work or study, or the desired purpose of the site and the applications and dictionaries attached to it, so that he chooses the most appropriate site because all of the translation sites mentioned are a good choice


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