Entry Test of Agha Khan Medical College – Preparation Guidelines

Every student has the dream of earning their MBBS at Agha Khan Medical College. As long as you adequately study for the entrance exam, pursuing this desire is extremely simple. The main goal of the admission test is to evaluate your conceptual learning. To pass the admission test, you must be a genuinely curious student. All preparation instructions for the admission test are provided in this article.

Preparation for MCQs of Biology, Physic and Chemistry
The majority of the admission test is comprised of these three subjects. As a result, when studying for the exam, students should pay more attention to these courses.

For most students, the Intermediate (FSc) textbooks are sufficient to prepare for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. It is better to also study certain international relevant books like the SAT and MCAT because the test is meant to evaluate your in-depth learning. These books were specifically created by subject-matter specialists to provide MCQs that address the conceptual learning areas. These multiple-choice questions (MCQs) differ from typical MCQs since they were created (or extracted) by professionals with a deeper understanding of their subject matter.

Most students never bother to understand the topic. Students normally accept, what is written, as it is; and never ask any question. When you attempt to understand a topic, your mind will start generating many questions. These are the questions generally asked in the assessment tests (including this entry test). This is the correct approach to learning.


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