PDF summarizers can be highly useful for you to have a quick review of lengthy reports or research papers. This will help the users to absorb the information quickly rather than reading the whole document. Moreover, PDF summarizers provide a simplified version of a lengthy and complex PDF file. It can help students and researchers understand the document’s context easily.

In this article, we will descriptively introduce a famous PDF tool called UPDF. Reading this guide lets you learn how to use UPDF proficiently to summarize lengthy PDF documents within a few clicks. It uses advanced AI technology to generate the most accurate results. Moreover, UPDF is offering a 63% discount at the end of this article to allow users to use all its AI features at a cost-friendly price.

Part 1: What is the Best PDF Summarizer with AI

UPDF is the best PDF summarizer with AI-enhanced, and it is an advanced tool to summarize long PDF files efficiently in 2 seconds. It has a robust user interface that lets you enjoy the summarizing process. With this AI-integrated tool, you can also summarize the selective content efficiently, along with summarizing the whole file. Furthermore, this AI feature extracts the main arguments from the document. It can also summarize the numerical work and methodologies quickly.

Moreover, UPDF utilizes advanced technology that can summarize the essential parts of your PDF file. With its additional AI features, you can translate the PDF file into the desired language. It has ChatGPT integration that can help the tool efficiently summarize the content of any language.

Once done with summarizing the PDF file, you can also execute basic editing according to your preferences. UPDF is a top-notch PDF summarizer that meets all the requirements.

Part 2: How to Summarize PDF with UPDF AI Step-by-Step

There are two methods through which you can summarize PDF files on UPDF. In this section, we have highlighted both ways in a brief manner. Thus, check this part of the article to learn how to summarize PDF with UPDF AI.

Method 1: Summarize the Whole PDF File

In this section, we will learn how to make a summary of your complete PDF document instantly. Here are the simplified steps that you can follow to summarize the document with the help of UPDF AI:

  1. First, install and launch the latest version of UPDF on your PC or MacBook successfully. Following this, press the “Open File” option to locate and open the required PDF document. Once the document is completely loaded, click “UPDF AI” at the bottom right corner.
  2. Now, select “Ask UPDF” and hit the “Get Started” button. By doing so, the tool will automatically generate a summary for your added PDF document. You can also give special instructions to summarize the main objective, key arguments, and numerical data proficiently.

Method 2: Summarize a Specific Part of the PDF File

Do you want to create a summary of a specific part of your PDF document? Here are the simple instructions that you can use in this regard:

  1. To summarize any particular PDF file part, go to “Comment” or “Reader” mode. You can navigate these modes from the toolbar on the left side of the UPDF’s interface.
  2. Now, select any specific part of the PDF document by highlighting it. From the appearing toolbar, hover over UPDF AI and access its features to choose the “Summarize” option. This will quickly summarize the selected part of your file. You can save the summary as a simple sticky note or a highlighted text with a sticky note. Doing so will allow you to review the attached summary quickly.

Part 3. Other Key Features of the Best AI PDF Summarizer

Other AI Features Except Summarizing PDF

UPDF AI also provides various AI features to ease the workflow of all types of users. It includes translating the document into any language, getting an explanation of the complex terms, and asking any questions about your PDF document. This feature helps you read and understand any book, business report, law case, etc. with ease.

Edit PDF and Sync across Devices

You can also modify the document’s content, such as adding, changing or removing the text, customizing the image properties, or changing the incorrect links in the document. After editing the document, you can upload it on UPDF Cloud to access the edits from all the devices.

Convert PDF and OCR

This AI PDF summarizer also allows you to convert the document into different features such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Text. With this tool, you can also enable the OCR feature while turning a scanned or image-based PDF document into editable and searchable. The OCR text recognition is accurate and you can rely on it.

Part 4: Comparing UPDF AI with ChatPDF

ChatPDF is another emerging PDF summarizer through which you can generate summaries with AI technology. It’s an online tool that functions effectively to bring summarized content to your uploaded PDF file. After uploading the file, you can also ask related questions about your uploaded PDF file to its ChatPDF.

Being a beginner, you can try ChatPDF to make quick summaries for your PDF files. However, UPDF provides more accurate results in creating summaries of PDF documents. This tool supports the automatic generation of summaries along with page number dialog. It also provides an accurate and elaborative response as compared to ChatPDF.

Moreover, UPDF AI has an intuitive interface with abundant editing options. You can save the created summaries in the form of comments, text boxes, and sticky notes. Also, it allows you to create an overview of the selected part of a PDF file.

Benefits of Using UPDF AI over ChatPDF

  • Unlike ChatPDF, UPDF allows you to translate the whole PDF or the specific content into any
  • UPDF AI also provides the feature to explain the difficult terms present in the documents in the easiest way possible so that everyone can understand the meaning.
  • The AI-integrated algorithms of UPDF AI also allow you to brainstorm ideas, check grammar, or remove spelling mistakes in the content. It even lets you write new articles with no plagiarism within a matter of seconds.
  • The algorithms of UPDF AI are constantly updated to provide users with a smooth experience because the chances of mistakes become lesser in the updated version.
  • UPDF AI can even work on scanned or image-based PDF documents because you can convert them into editable or searchable files using the robust OCR feature.


PDF summarizers are incredibly beneficial for researchers and students to go through lengthy documents. UPDF contains all the necessary functions to create flawless summaries in an automated manner. Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective tool, offering multiple affordable plans for beginners.

You can use a single account of UPDF on all your platforms. Currently, it is offering a 63% discount that can be ideal for freelancers, small-scale businesses, students, and researchers. Thus, you should buy UPDF to easily summarize PDF documents with its innovative AI powers.


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