Quite a lot of southern states are ideal destination spots for snowbirds. Texas happens to be one of the very popular options for several reasons. Its affordability, diverse geography, outdoor activities, cultural attractions, quality medical care, and the hospitality of its residents are some of the reasons.

When snowbirds decide to move down south, auto transport services may be engaged. This is considering how auto transport to Texas makes the transition smooth, among other benefits.

However, snowbirds that use these services need to be aware of certain things. Some of them will be covered in this article. So, keep reading to find out about them.

A Snowbird’s Guide to Car Shipping to Texas

People who use auto shipping services for seasonal movement to Texas do so for convenience, among other reasons. This is why the service should be convenient at the very least. To make certain of this, here are some tips to bear in mind:

Choose the Right Auto Shipping Company

A smooth auto transport experience down south or up north starts with engaging the servicing of the right car shipping company. So, identify and choose the right service provider for this task.

This would require comparing several options and ruling out the possibility of working with some of them. For example, options that are not duly licensed and insured are likely to be very questionable. So, do not even consider the possibility of working with such companies.

Furthermore, make sure the options you are considering take direct routes to Texas. This is important as some companies have stop-overs at various places to unload or pick up additional vehicles. This can sometimes mean paying for unnecessary distance covered or delayed delivery, at the very least.

Choose the Right Shipping Service

There are basic as well as additional services rendered by these companies. Start by understanding your needs and then choose an auto-shipping service that meets your needs.

For example, some clients will not be available for immediate pickup of their vehicles. This calls for storage services offered by some of these companies. So, such clients should only consider auto shipping companies that offer this additional service.

In the same vein, some clients would not like, or cannot afford to pick up their vehicle at the company’s terminal. Such clients can use door-to-door services offered by some of these companies.

On the whole, clients would have to choose between open or enclosed shipment of their vehicle. Both options have their unique pros and cons. For example, while the open shipping method is cheaper, it exposes transported vehicles to harsh weather conditions during transit.

This can be a bad idea, especially in the peak of winter. To find out more about the pros and cons of the open and enclosed auto shipment methods.

Book in Advance

It is strongly advised that snowbirds book their auto shipping service in advance. This is especially true if you have plans to ship your vehicle during peak seasons.

For starters, this makes it highly likely that your vehicle will be shipped to or from Texas on the desired date. This is important as peak season can be very busy for car shipping companies. As a result, some of them cannot meet the seasonal demand.

Secondly, clients who book ahead of time are very likely to pay less than what people who book in a rush would pay. By the way, the period in which snowbirds move down south is usually a peak period for these companies. As a result, the prices of services are usually higher.

However, booking ahead of time means that you would be paying at the current rate. This is even though the price is likely to rise later on. So, the aforementioned points are good enough reasons why you should book ahead of time.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Transportation

Having your vehicle properly prepared for auto shipment is important. To this end, some of the things to be done include:

  • Having the vehicle thoroughly washed and cleaned
  • Inspecting it for personal items
  • Inspecting it for leaks
  • Securing loose parts
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Disabling alarms, parking passes, and toll tags
  • Reducing fuel level – You only need enough for loading and unloading
  • Checking and signing the bill of lading
  • Weather preparation – Especially if you opt for the open shipment method
  • Taking pictures or having a video of the vehicle’s state before shipment
  • Battery check
  • Fold in mirrors
  • Vehicle maintenance & repairs (if required)

Adequate preparation of your vehicle for auto shipment is particularly important for two major reasons. The first is ensuring that your vehicle does not get damaged during transit, while the second is reducing auto transport service costs.

In Conclusion

Driving through the journey down south and back up north can be too strenuous for snowbirds. As a result, it is better to use auto-shipping companies.

However, snowbirds need to be aware of some car shipping tips to have a smooth experience. 4 of such tips have been shared here and should be taken seriously.


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