As women gracefully transition into their 50s and beyond, they often seek hairstyles that complement their unique style, enhance their features, and offer a youthful and refreshing look. Medium length layered hairstyles are an excellent choice for women over 50, particularly when paired with eyeglasses. These hairstyles are versatile, easy to maintain, and can provide a flattering and contemporary appearance. In this article, we will explore a range of medium length layered hairstyles that can beautifully complement the elegance of women over 50 who wear glasses.

Choppy Layers with Side Bangs:

A choppy, layered haircut with side-swept bangs can add a touch of edginess to your look. The layers create movement and volume, while the side-swept bangs frame your face and draw attention to your glasses. This style works well with both prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, enhancing your overall appeal.

Classic Bob with Layers:

A timeless classic, the bob hairstyle can be updated with subtle layers. For women over 50 with glasses, a medium-length bob with layers can offer a sophisticated and chic appearance. The layers provide texture and body to the hair, and this hairstyle works seamlessly with various types of eyeglass frames.

Textured Shag Cut:

The shag haircut is back in vogue, and it’s perfect for women looking for a carefree yet stylish look. The medium-length shag with layers and fringe creates a textured and tousled effect that is effortlessly attractive. This style pairs well with both delicate and bold eyeglass frames, making it a versatile choice.

Long Pixie with Layers:

If you’re looking for a shorter option, a long pixie cut with layers is an excellent choice. This style offers a bold and youthful appearance while keeping a degree of sophistication. The layered top can be tousled for a playful look, and it pairs wonderfully with different glasses styles, adding an element of chic flair.

Layered Lob (Long Bob):

The lob is a popular choice among women over 50. A layered lob provides a fresh and modern style without sacrificing length. It’s versatile enough to suit various face shapes and pairs beautifully with glasses. The layers can be styled in waves or kept straight, offering flexibility to suit your preferences.

Feathered Layers with a Fringe:

Feathered layers can add softness and dimension to your hairstyle, making it an elegant choice for women over 50. Combining these layers with a light fringe helps frame your face and draws attention to your glasses. This look exudes sophistication and works well with rectangular, cat-eye, or round eyeglass frames.

Blunt Cut with Subtle Layers:

A medium-length blunt cut with discreet layers offers a sleek and polished appearance. It is especially flattering for women who prefer a more structured and refined style. The layers provide a slight lift to the hair, and this hairstyle complements both simple and bold eyeglass frames.

Shoulder-Length Layers with a Middle Part:

Embracing a middle part with shoulder-length layers can create a timeless and balanced look. It’s a versatile style that suits various face shapes, and the layers add volume and movement to the hair. This hairstyle pairs well with eyeglass frames that highlight your eyes, drawing attention to your facial features.

Asymmetrical Bob with Layers:

An asymmetrical bob with layers is a modern and unique choice for women over 50. The asymmetry adds an element of excitement to the hairstyle, while the layers provide texture and depth. This edgy look complements both minimalist and daring eyeglass frames.

Wavy Layers with Side Part:

If you have naturally wavy hair, consider medium-length wavy layers with a side part. This style embraces the beauty of your natural texture while adding layers for volume and movement. The side part complements a range of eyeglass styles, and this relaxed look is effortlessly chic.

Tips for Enhancing Your Hairstyle with Glasses:

Choose the Right Frame: The shape and style of your eyeglass frames should harmonize with your hairstyle. Round frames may complement angular hairstyles, while angular frames may work well with softer hairstyles.

Consider Your Face Shape: Be mindful of your face shape when selecting a hairstyle. Your haircut should accentuate your best features and complement your face shape.

Layer Placement: Discuss with your hairstylist the placement of layers to ensure they enhance your face and flatter your glasses.

Eyeglass Color: The color of your eyeglass frames can influence your overall look. Consider whether you want your glasses to match or contrast with your hair color.

Maintenance: Choose a hairstyle that aligns with your lifestyle and maintenance preferences. A style that suits your daily routine will keep you feeling confident.


Medium length layered hairstyles offer an array of options for women over 50 with glasses, allowing them to showcase their elegance and style. When choosing a hairstyle, it’s essential to consider factors such as face shape, eyeglass frames, and personal preferences. With the right haircut, you can effortlessly balance sophistication and modernity, highlighting your unique beauty. Whether you prefer a classic bob, a textured shag cut, or an edgy asymmetrical style, your medium length layered hairstyle can be an expression of your timeless elegance.


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