Simply put, we live in a day and age where we can’t exactly get proper vitamins and nutrients sufficiently the way that people used to. The grocery stores have fruits and vegetables that are filled with pesticides unfortunately and the only way to avoid it is to buy organically grown fruits and vegetables or even grow your own. That’s just not always possible for many people. It’s also just very difficult to know for sure that you are fuelling your body properly in any situation. If you go out to eat at a fast food restaurant, you are likely eating a lot of processed foods, as well as when you buy processed foods from your grocery store. It’s much more difficult these days to be sure that you are getting the correct and proper nutrition for your body than it used to be back in the day. Something that has become widely known is IV drip nutrition (also known as nutritional IV therapy) which is a way to infuse your body with vitamins directly to the needed location in the body. Here are 5 benefits of IV therapy vs vitamin pills: enhanced effectiveness and faster absorption, zero side effects, customizable nutrient blends, enhanced hydration, and no more large-pill swallowing.

Enhanced Effectiveness and Faster Absorption

Vitamins that are taken in pill form are only 50% effective through a tedious process throughout the digestive system. When you do IV therapy, you are able to receive nutrients directly into the circulation and that way your body is able to absorb the nutrients not only quicker but so much more effectively.

Zero Side Effects

Unfortunately, even when we are trying to do our best and take our daily vitamins, the act of swallowing pills into our body can do a number of things. It can irritate areas of the digestive system and stomach and can cause inflammation on the stomach wall. When you receive iv therapy, all of that would be avoided by going directly to the source.

Customizable Nutrient Blends

Usually people have to go with a one-size-fits-all blend of vitamins and even end up taking multiple vitamins to achieve the desired effectiveness. With IV therapy you would be able to have a completely customized blend that is meant for only your body. It can also be done in one single infusion.

Enhanced Hydration

All IV therapy starts with fluid. It’s the delivery system for the nutrients and also serves as a hydration for your body in general. The liquid makeup is calcium and sodium lactate, sodium chloride, and potassium lactate which are highly hydrating.

No More Large-Pill Swallowing

It’s no surprise that most people would much rather avoid swallowing large pills if at all possible. In a recent study, 40% of Americans struggle to swallow any size of pill. Most vitamins come in large, hard-to-swallow capsules. And to make matters worse, most people typically need a concoction of vitamins, so they end up needing to take multiple pills every day. Going the IV therapy route is highly better than taking a handful of pills every day Netizens report.


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