At today’s online game portal, Dragon Tiger is a very popular game among gamers. With simple rules, high reward rates and big winning opportunities, you can easily earn huge profits when select on dragon tigers. However, not all participants can easily win big because the risk in this game is also very high. In the article below, Link New88 will share the 4 most effective ways to predict dragon and tiger gamers, apply today.

Overview of Dragon Tiger game rules

Dragon Tiger is a very familiar reward game in online game portal today, also known as Dragon Tiger. Before learning how to predict dragon and tiger, you need to firmly grasp the rules of this interesting card game.

On the dragon tiger table there are three select options: dragon, tie and tiger. Initially, the player will predict the outcome of the hand and place a gamers. Each dragon and tiger door will have a different winning probability and payout level, specifically as follows:

  • Dragon – Tiger Door: The payout ratio for these two doors is about 1:1 with a very high probability of winning.
  • Tie: The payout for this gamers is about 1:8, but the possibility of a tie is low.

After all members have completed their game, the dealer on the table will give each Dragon and Tiger one card and compare the scores. The way to calculate points in the game Dragon Tiger is as follows: card A is 1 point, card 10, J, Q, K count as 0 and cards from 2 to 9 are calculated with the correct value. The side with the higher score will win, and the person following that game will receive all the prize money.

Basically, the rules of playing Dragon Tiger online are quite simple, anyone can experience it easily. However, the risk of loss when select on dragon tiger is still very high, you need to have your own money investing strategy and prediction technique to increase your chances of continuously winning.

4 unbeatable ways to predict dragons and tigers from professional experts

Although the rules of playing Dragon Tiger game are not difficult, to win and gain valuable profits, gamers need to master the prediction techniques. Below are the 4 most accurate ways to predict and predict Dragon Tiger results that gamers should not miss. As follows:

Observe the bridge

The most effective way to predict dragons and tigers, successfully applied by many experts, is to rely on the flat bridge. The bottom line is simply understood as a series of consecutive results of a game that can be either dragon or tiger. When looking at the results of previous games, if 3 to 4 times a single door comes in, this is a sign of winning money. You should game on the winning hand and stop when the bridge breaks.

When applying the technique of observing flat bridges, players need to pay attention to managing their capital. Because the bridge can break at any time, strategizing how to use games for each game helps you preserve the profits you have earned.

Based on 1 – 1 bridge

The 1 – 1 rule is a very popular way to predict dragon and tiger chosen by many players. You also rely on the results of previous rounds, if you see the rule “Dragon – Tiger – Dragon – ….” This is a sign of making money. At this time, gamers should game¬†money according to that interwoven bridge and only stop when the result is against that rule.

In fact, there are many cases where bridges 1 – 2 or 1 – 3 appear. Therefore, you need to carefully observe the real results of previous Dragon Tiger rounds before making a decision to place money.

The bridge leans towards the dragon or tiger

Another way to predict dragon and tiger predictions that gives players a chance to win big is to game on one side. Because on the actual Dragon Tiger table, the probability of winning between the Dragon and the Tiger is different, not exactly 50 – 50. So if you see signs of which door comes back a lot, boldly game on that door to increase your chances of winning. increase your chances of winning.

Then people combine it with the strategy of folding money to easily earn valuable profits. This means that every time a game loses, the gamers should double his capital and still follow that game. Everyone perseveres until the end, surely when that game appears, the reward will be huge.

Predict the dragon and tiger 2 – 2

Similar to how to predict dragon and tiger 1 – 1, we also check whether the result has the sequence 2 – 2 appearing or not. If you see the result “Dragon – Dragon – Tiger – Tiger – Dragon -…” appear, boldly game big to increase profits. You should game until the bridge breaks, then stop and continue to find the rules for playing Dragon Tiger undefeated.


Above are ways to predict unbeaten dragons and tigers for gamers to refer to. Hopefully everyone can successfully apply those techniques and predict dragon tiger accurately, earning huge profits. New players who want to try this interesting online game should visit the New88 homepage and create a member account today.


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