Shoot fish and get prizes in 3D –The online prize exchange game is the most popular today. With a beautiful interface and attractive rewards, the game has won the hearts of players. So what is 3D fish shooting like? How and what are the rules of the game? Next article Trang Chủ Jun88 Will share more details about this game series.

game official 3d fish shooting and prizes tat Jun88

If you have gone into the city center, or the shopping area of ​​the supermarket. Surely you will not be unfamiliar with the image of fish shooting games with bright colors and many people gathered around to play.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, players can play right on their smartphones. A type of game played on an app that is available on all smart devices. From there, it helps all players easily experience the game anytime, anywhere shoot 3d reward fish.

Detailed instructions on how to play

Players need to take the following basic steps to play the game shoot 3d reward fish

Step 1: Choose a fish shooting room. Each room will have different bet levels and different plays. Including play rooms: noble room, millionaire room, boss room. You should choose a room with low stakes to practice your skills if you are a new player.

Step 2: Choose the number of weapons and ammunition for one shot. The + and symbol allows the player to add or subtract the number of bullets. Some additional support functions include:

  • Additional skills: This function will help enhance skills while shooting, for example: Adding thunder, laser, grenades, lightning,…
  • Money bag: When playing 3D fish shooting, there will be times when you hit items. You can store items in those places if you don’t want to use them right away.

Step 3: Shoot down the fish and win gifts. You will have an additional number of coins equivalent to the dead fish each time a fish dies. Coins will automatically be charged directly to the player’s account.

Strengths of fish shootingJun88

Compared to other game series Shoot fish and win prizes in 3D At Jun88 there are many more outstanding features, which can be mentioned as:

  • Experience clear, highly realistic images, bringing a feeling no different from a vast ocean.
  • Every day, free coins are given to players.
  • There are many different types of fish, large and small, and super big bosses to help players enjoy hunting.
  • There are up to 10 different types of weapons, guns and vivid sound systems.
  • To help players not get lost while shooting, there is an additional feature of locking fish while shooting.
  • There are many different sniper skills: 3-ray bullets, laser bullets, smoke bullets. . .
  • Every level has many huge bosses including: shark, golden turtle, golden toad, fish god. . . Everyone shoot freely.
  • Players can proceed to receive free rewards 24/7.
  • While playing, the internet signal is still normal, does not cause jerks or lag.
  • There is an additional coin-eating fish ranking table.

Fish shooting experience from expert Jun88

Playing 3D fish shooting is extremely easy, but winning this game is not easy. Many people have practiced but cannot play to ensure capital safety. How to shoot mackerel for a lot of money, please refer to the experience below.

Shoot fish in groups

Fish swimming in groups will shoot more accurately than single fish. Therefore, remember to aim and shoot the whole herd Shoot fish and win prizes in 3D. To collect large amounts of money, shoot 4-5 bullets. To shoot larger bullets, use them in the center of the school of fish. However, you should also note that a school of fish can swim past a large fish. This will hinder your goals. Therefore, you should wait for the right time to shoot.

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Shoot big fish – Shoot fish for 3d rewards

This is the method that goldfish shooting experts use. However, you must have a certain amount of bet to use this method. Players will prioritize shooting big fish, big fish and fairies at the start. Besides, you will miss fish as small as 1-2 coins.

In addition, players also need to use bullets with the largest size because if they want to kill big fish, they need big bullets to be able to shoot them. In particular, the bonus on each fish can be 100 – 200 times the number of bullets. that you fired.

Watch and shoot each 3D fish

Although it looks quite similar to the above two strategies, you need to have a reasonable strategy for each shot fired when Shoot fish and win prizes in 3D. That way you can be sure that the amount of fish collected is profitable. Keep an eye out for slow-swimming fish that have just arrived on the table. At that time, combining it with aiming and shooting will help you “hit every shot”.


With playing experience Shoot fish and win prizes in 3D For many years, Jun88 experts have suggested the above playing methods to you. However, in order to be able to apply it most proficiently, I hope this article will help you get useful information for yourself.


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