Go is an ancient game originating from China, this game is famous because players need intelligence and strategy when participating. In just a short time, Go became known not only in Southeast Asian countries but also throughout Asia. So how to play Go, please join Nhà Cái Hi88 to learn through the following article.

Special Features of Go

It can be said that Go has characteristics that other forms of entertainment cannot have. They are a harmonious combination of simplicity and complexity, balance and uncertainty, and both harmony and opposition.

Go has quite simple rules and how to play Go, players only need 5 minutes to memorize them all. However, they have a high level of difficulty because the player can create millions of next moves. Each move will affect the entire chessboard, so the player needs to have sharp thinking.

Introduction to the Official Go Board

Before learning how to play Go, you need to understand information about the chess board and how to play the pieces most accurately:

BAn Co

The official Go board has dimensions of 19×19 lines, creating 361 intersections. This is the standard size for Go competitions, requiring players to have high concentration and long periods of time. The formal Go board can be divided into smaller regions, such as corners, edges, and centers, each with distinct characteristics and ways of playing.

Chess Pieces

Go chess pieces come in two colors: white and black, each color has 181 pieces, they are shaped like round marbles, placed at intersections on the chessboard. Each chess piece when placed on the chessboard cannot move or change position, unless it is captured by an opponent’s piece.

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CThe Most Basic Way to Play Go

Go is an entertaining, creative game represented by pieces on a board with horizontal and vertical lines. The goal of this game is to capture as much of the opponent’s land by placing your pieces, the easier it is to win. This type of chess also has the following rules and rules for capturing pieces:

QUy Tac Play

  • The standard size for competition is 19×19 lines. However, Go can also be played with arbitrary table sizes, such as 9×9 or 13×13.
  • Normally, with an empty chessboard, the black piece has the right to start first. If the white chess piece goes first, the black piece has the number of handicapped pieces placed on the board.
  • Place the piece at the intersection of the lines. Once the piece is placed on the table, it is no longer allowed to move and is eliminated.
  • At the necessary time, players have the right to skip their turn and not continue. The match ends when both sides skip their turn at the same time. At this time, the player will count the land to determine win or loss.

The Rule of Winning Pieces

  • Each piece on the board has an amount of air, which is the number of empty intersections adjacent to it. If a piece has no air, meaning it is surrounded by an opponent’s piece, then that piece is captured and removed from the board.
  • If a group of pieces of the same color are linked together, then the amount of air in that group is the total number of empty intersections adjacent to all the pieces in the group. In case the pieces do not have any energy, they are surrounded by the opponent’s pieces and will be eliminated.
  • A move that causes a piece or a group of pieces of the opponent to lose all its energy is considered valid. And vice versa, if that move causes your piece to lose air, it is illegal and not accepted in the game.

MTips for Playing Go – How to Play by Experts

To win every bet, experts have the following way to play Go:

Opening at the corners and edges

When opening at the corners and edges, you will easily protect your land, create solid groups of troops, and avoid opponents from invading and taking over the land. Players should place chess pieces on the stars on the board, these are the most beneficial positions to open. Then place chess pieces on intersections with 3 or 4 stars, these are positions with high survival potential. best.

Create groups of troops linked together

When playing Go, you should create groups of troops that are linked together, share energy with each other, and assist in defending and attacking. These groups will have a larger amount of energy, a higher survival rate, and a greater ability to capture the opponent’s pieces. Players need to leave the pieces isolated, without energy, making them susceptible to being eaten by opponents.


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