Tien Len Nam uses a deck of 52 cards, each card includes a number and a suit. As for the numbers, the values ​​gradually increase in the order of 3, 4,…, 10, J, Q, K, Ace, 2. As for the suit, the values ​​are arranged as follows: Spades < Clubs < Diamonds < Hearts .

Some terms in the game

Southern card game has a number of terms that you must understand before playing:

Terminology about how to arrange cards

  • Pair: Two cards with the same number. For example: K heart, K ​​check
  • Repentance: Three cards have the same number. For example: Ace of Spades, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts
  • Straight: 3 consecutive cards, regardless of suit. For example: 4 hearts, 5 diamonds, 6 spades. However, there is no Straight: K, Ace,,2 or Ace,,2,3 or 2,3,4
  • Trash: odd cards.
  • Pine pair: Three or more pairs adjacent to each other. For example: red J pair, red Q pair, red K pair
  • Four of a Kind: 4 cards of the same number, with the effect of cutting 2 in half. For example: Four of a Kind 9

Other terms

  • Blind Put: If you play the last 3 spades when coming in first, all remaining players will lose.
  • Rotten: When one person returns, the remaining player holding a 2, pair of cards or four of a kind card in hand is called Rotten.
  • Freeze: The player from the beginning until someone returns cannot play any card.

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How to play Southern card game

A game of Southern Tien Len is conducted as follows:


The number of players is limited to a maximum of 4 people, a minimum of 2 people. At the beginning, each player will be dealt 13 cards.

Conduct the game

The game proceeds in turns for each person, counterclockwise. In the first game, the person going first is random. From the next game onwards, the person who finished first in the previous game will have the right to go first in the next game.

The first person has the right to play cards of their choice. Taking turns counter-clockwise, the other player has the right to cut the card of the person on their left. The next player must play a card of the same combination and larger than the previous player’s hand.

In the same turn, overriding can take place in many rounds, not limited to a single round. However, if in the previous round the player skips a turn, the next round of that turn is no longer allowed. The right to override will be restored when a new hand turns.

When no other player cuts or presses anymore, the turn ends. The last player can play any card and start a new turn.

If someone has played all the cards but none of the remaining 3 people can catch this turn, the person next to them will be given any card (called the “enjoy the wrong” rule).

End the game

The game ends when 3/4 of the players play all their cards.

Law to white

Players can win immediately after dealing cards if they own one of the following special sets:

  • In the starting games: Four of a kind, 3 pairs of pines have 3 spades
  • In other games: four of a kind Pig, 5 pairs of pine, 6 pairs of pine, any 6 pairs, dragon straight, 12 cards of the same suit.

If there are more than two white people (this is almost never the case), the person sitting closest to the first person will have priority.

Strict rules in card advance in the South

Pig is the highest card in the Southern advance card. “Cut” is a concept that describes players using special combinations (four of a kind, double pine,…) to fight Pigs or goods. The principle of chopping is as follows:

  • 3 pairs of pine trees will cut 1 Pig or 3 pairs of smaller pine trees.
  • Tu Quy cuts 3 pairs of pine trees or 1 pig.
  • 4 pairs of pine trees can cut four quarters, 3 pairs of pine trees, 1 or pair of pigs.

There are exceptions, when a player has passed the round, he can also play 4 pairs of information to block the pair of Pigs. This is the only case that does not include the inner circle article to advance to the South.

Special rules for Pigs

  • Can be hit last.
  • Do not arrange in rows, for example K, Ace, 2.
  • Winning white: winning immediately after dealing if you have 1 string from 3 to Ace, 5 pairs of pine, 4 pairs of cards, 6 pairs, four of a kind Pig.

Penalties for rot and chop in the article moving to the South

  • The penalty for rotten pigs is as much as the penalty for chopping pigs.
  • If you take 1 bottom game as a unit (1 bet), then: Black Pig is 1/2 bet, Red Pig is 1 bet, 3 pairs of numbers is 1.5 bets, Four of a kind is 2 bets and 4 pairs of numbers is 2.5 bet.
  • If points are taken as a unit, then: Pig of Spades corresponds to 1 point, Pig of Spades corresponds to 2 points, Pig of Diamonds 3 points and Pig of Hearts 4 points, Row 4 points.
  • If the last person to be cut off comes right away, no one will be punished or rewarded.

Above are instructions on how to play and the rules of the game article to advance to the South Full details of Nhà cái Jun88. Hope you have moments of entertainment and relaxation with the game.


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